PeaceTakesCourage has taken me on an amazing journey over the past year. I went from being a frustrated citizen that felt like I couldn't make a difference to being proof that every person can make an impact - even if it's just a small one. Now I'm beginning a new journey, making my first documentary. Over the past few years I've been creating short videos about the war in Iraq. Now I want to expand that into a full-length film to help bring awareness about this war and it's effects.

      This is an exciting move for me since I have a passion for film and an even bigger passion to end this war, but I need your help. Please consider buying a peacetakescourage I.D. tag to help fund an exciting new future for PeaceTakesCourage.

Thanks for your support,
Ava Lowery

If you are an Iraq war Veteran, have a family member who served, or just think that you would make a great addition to the documentary and are interested in doing an interview please contact me via email at or by phone at (334) 524 - 6193 . We are still in the development stage of this film but we would love to hear from you!