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New Project - Fred: The Town Dog
I wanted to share with you my senior thesis documentary film.

In 1993 a dirty and disheveled dog walked into the tiny town of Rockford, Alabama, where he was nursed to health, cleaned, and adopted by the town, becoming “Fred” - the town dog. Fred is a film about a struggling small town and its adoption of a new friend, exploring his relationships and the effect he had on both individuals and the community as a whole. Fred is currently in pre-production and shooting is planned to take place in October of 2012.

You can read more about the project here.

This project is about a lot more than just a beloved pet. Rockford is a small town of only 400 residents located in Coosa County, Alabama, where it is the county seat. This quintessential southern town has suffered in recent years; many of the town’s shops have been forced to close, and meanwhile many of the town’s inhabitants have moved away in search of job opportunities. Through Fred and the time he shared with the people of Rockford, Alabama, we will gain insight into the individuals who cared for him while exploring the town’s narrative - specifically the narrative of an increasingly deserted area on the verge of becoming another southern ghost town. We will explore exactly what Fred meant to the individuals who cared for him and why they were so willing to care for a dog that showed up as nothing more than a dirty mutt.

I'm really passionate about this project. As a liberal southerner, I have a complex relationship to my native-Alabama. There are many wonderful things about the south while there are also very negative aspects to the south. Moving to New York, though, I've realized this could by said for most (if not all) places. This film is a way for me to explore my relationship with Alabama and share the culture that I love while also taking into account the realities of small town life.

Please help me spread the word and pass along the Indiegogo page.
In order for this film to be made I have to raise the necessary funds first. Received funds would help cover the cost of transportation from New York City, where our crew is based, to Rockford, Alabama. This includes the cost of airfare and vehicle rental. It would also feed our crew and help cover the cost of equipment rentals. Please consider donating anything, even just a few bucks helps, and spread the link around to friends, family, facebook contacts, etc. Our facebook page is linked below. Thanks!!

- Ava
Posted on Tue, 14 August 2012 11:03
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