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Posted by Ava

As a first time voter, I couldn't be more proud of my candidate
or more hopeful for the future of this great nation. We've had a rough past 8 years, and I've grown up during that time. I just turned 18 last week, and was excited to get my voter ID card in the mail. This campaign has been inspiring from the start. Friends of mine who were never interested in politics before started reading the news and keeping up with the issues. I've seen houses in my small Alabama town with Obama signs, and I've seen pick-up trucks with rebel flags that have Obama bumper stickers.

Tonight I cried watching Obama's special. Part of the reason I cried was because of the touching stories of average Americans struggling to get by during this economic crisis. I think the biggest reason I cried though, is because while this campaign has had a slogan of "yes we can" in reality it is "yes we MUST." We absolutely must elect obama, because if not things are either going to stay the same or get worse. The struggling retired couple, the single Mom with two kids, the Dad that works in a factory and has had his hours cut back, and the middle-class Mom that carries her kids to school and football practice while worrying about paying the bills that we saw tonight shouldn't have to suffer anymore... America shouldn't have to suffer anymore. Tonight I cried because I have hope in this country and in our candidate. Hope won't win this election though, and we MUST make sure to cast our votes and encourage our family members to not stay home on election day.. to get out and vote.

So I'll be casting my first vote next week, along with many other young people. This time we cannot let our candidate down.. we cannot let our country down.

If you missed Obama's 30 minute special tonight, you can watch it below:

Posted on Wed, 29 October 2008 08:17
garcia @ Thu, 30 October 2008 07:37
For the last eight years, the citizens of this country and the world have seen the darkest most vile of mankind in the humans sitting in the seats of Pres.VP, and entourage of criminals that they call friends. They have tried to cause fear, to tear apart our citizens to each other and have been the cause of millions of deaths. Our constitution has been ripped apart and our citizens suffer daily. Now I see a hate mentality in supporters of McShame that I had hoped no longer existed. Such sad, pathetic people. I have watched as the GOP stirred this hate as they have for eight years.
I watched Obama last night on TV. What a good man. Something we have not seen in so long. I cried at the end and prayed to God to please be by his side and help him.
This country has become so sad and sick. We need him.
I will be there as a poll worker. I have already voted proudly.
Tuesday, our country again belongs to us, the citizens of this country.
anna @ Sun, 02 November 2008 02:31
I think there will be many millions of people hoping for an Obama win.

To Kill a Mocking Bird was written about a small Alabama town. In your own time you to have shown that caring thoughtful people still exist there.

Obama has a massive job on his hands, but that doesn't mean that we can all stop trying to improve our own communities and this poor old weary world.
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