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New Video: 2008 Democratic National Convention

Watch the Video: YouTube | QuickTime(High Quality)

A few short clips from the footage I shot at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Here's a short summary of each day:

Day 1 - I sat on an airplane parked on the runway for an hour, so my flight was late getting in. I managed to make it into the convention during Senator Kennedy's speech and was able to catch most of the major speeches on night one.

Day 2 - I got onto the floor for the day, and went to the "Sweet Home AlObama" state party convention headquarters for a watch party during Senator Clinton's speech.

Day 3 - That morning Former President Jimmy Carter spoke to the Alabama and Georgia delegations. The rest of the day I got to see a little bit of Denver. I spent most of the day checking out some of the political activities going on in downtown Denver, and there were a lot of them! The 16th Street mall was filled with convention goers, protesters, and lots of political swag. After checking all that out, I headed back to "Sweet Home AlObama" for the night's speeches.

Day 4 - It took three hours of standing in line to get into Invesco Field. During that time I ran into the "God Hates Fags" folks, who were singing "God Hates America" instead of "God Bless America." Absolutely disgusting people. I did run into some nice protesters though. There were some young guys there protesting for "World Can't Wait." Though I disagree with them on supporting third party candidates, they were very polite to the people passing and certainly weren't disruptive at all.

I can't really describe how amazing it was to be there in Invesco Field. The energy in the audience is completely undescribable. It was the most inspiring thing I've ever witnessed. An absolutely amazing end to an amazing and inspiring week.

If you aren't registered to vote, make sure to register ASAP. And let me just stress to my fellow young people how important it is for us to get out there and vote on November 4th. Voting isn't just a right, it is an obligation. We cannot afford to let this country have 4 more years of the last 8 years. We MUST bring about the change that our country desperately needs. We MUST elect Barack Obama. We can do it, but you have to get out to the voting booth on election day. VOTE!

"Ghostwriter" by RJD2 -
"You Fly Me" and "Rock the Whole Planet" by Fingathing -
"Music For A Found Harmonium" by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
"They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!" by Napoleon XIV -

Posted on Sat, 27 September 2008 11:16
Alan Charles @ Sun, 28 September 2008 07:52
Thanks for the video, Ava! I have been phone-banking for Senator Obama for about two hours a night each night for the last two weeks, and was out knockin' on doors for about 5 hours yesterday as part of the "100,000 Knocks in North Carolina" event for Senator Obama.

I am encouraged by the number of dyed-in-the-wool conservative Republicans who are telling me they're going to vote for Senator Obama. I always thank them and remind that this is one election Democrats cannot afford to lose; if they lose, America loses.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 29 September 2008 06:55
I just got back from the VA Hospital where Mr. Bush's cuts to the VA budget (which Mr. McCain supported and voted for) was in evidence by the fact they only had one physician on duty in the walk-in area for a roomful of old veterans. I walked in around 1 o'clock and was seen around 4:15; others who had come in after me were still waiting when I left. Remember this story you next time you hear John McCain say he supports our military and its veterans. Just google his voting record on veterans and decide for yourself.

On an "up" note, I just got a call from the local coordinator of the "100,000 Knocks for Obama in North Carolina" event this weekend, telling me we North Carolina volunteers had knocked on 107,000 doors this weekend.

On an additional "up" note, I see where most polls are showing substantial margins between Senator Obama and Senator after last week's debate, and I am hoping to see those margins increase between now and November 4th.

While Ava is doing all she can to encourage the younger voters to get out there and vote, we "older folks" need to be doing our share to get out and vote too. This may very well be THE most important election in our lifetimes, and we simply cannot afford to lose this one.
avasmom @ Tue, 07 October 2008 04:57
ava, i'm so proud of you! great video, invesco field/obama speech footage shows the grandeur that was not caught in t.v. footage.

keep hope alive! we are almost there...

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