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New Video: 5 Years Too Many

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With the 5th Anniversary of start of the war in Iraq approaching we all need to take a moment to think about what this war has cost us: Almost 4,000 American lives, Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths, and $275 million every single day.

This anniversary of the war let your voice be heard and join one of the actions going on across the country. Visit for more information and to sign up for an event.

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Posted on Sat, 23 February 2008 12:53
Alan Charles @ Sat, 23 February 2008 06:35
As always, you have managed to say in a video
what so many of us continue trying to say in words.
Please don't ever stop doing what you're doing, Ava.
garcia @ Sat, 23 February 2008 09:36
Ava: Alan Charles is correct. We have such pride in what you are doing for everyone.
L Sinclair @ Sat, 23 February 2008 11:49

Well, well, well. The first magazine to run with the story arrives to town:

Obama Firestorm

BARACK Obama has been gaining momentum in his historic bid for the White House, but a shocking new scandal could derail the Democratic Party's charismatic frontrunner. Find out how an outrageous video made by a dying Minnesota man has triggered a lawsuit against Obama's organization - and read his stunning exclusive GLOBE interview about drugs and forbidden sex.
Ava @ Sun, 24 February 2008 12:52
L Sinclair.. you are aware that the globe is a TABLOID. next thing we know you'll be citing weekly world news as a source.
botto @ Sun, 24 February 2008 09:45
Google the web "larry sinclair" obama

+ 60 pages of hits.

Larry's video has over 520,000 views on youtube and a dozen clones on the internet. Obama needs to come out and address this story. Many are perceiving his ignoring the story a major mistake. It is getting legs fast.
garcia @ Sun, 24 February 2008 10:33
angry Let us talk ALOT about McCain and his bed hopping with a lobbyist. Why am I not surprised Same old Republican hypocratic tactics.
botto @ Sun, 24 February 2008 10:57
garcia, even NYT Ombbudsman says story was mistake:

New York Times ombudsman slams article on McCain 16 hours ago
WASHINGTON, Feb 23, 2008 (AFP) €” The New York Times' ombudsman strongly criticized the newspaper's insinuation this week that White House hopeful John McCain had a tryst with a female lobbyist 31 years his junior, nearly 10 years ago. Although it raised one of the most toxic subjects in politics -- sex -- it offered readers no proof that McCain and Iseman had a romance," NYT editor Clark Hoyte wrote.
garcia @ Sun, 24 February 2008 11:03
angry The more I am thinking about this the more upset I get.
Anyone that even considers themselves a Republican should be so ashamed and repulsed. What kind of life form are you? Where have you been all the years that these disgusting criminals have been in Washington? People in our country left to die and two years later still dying.Levee money stolen for five years in a row to a city that desperately needed levee control. Programs that we pay for for our people dissolved so that money can be used to kill innocent people in another land. Spying on our own. Look what they have done to Valerie Plame. People taken prisoner only to be tortured and killed on a whim. College federal aid taken away to try to force young people to enlist and probably die just because they do not have the money to continue in school. I know that I do not have enough space to claim everything. People make me sick when they know that people are dying due to them and they LIKE it.
garcia @ Sun, 24 February 2008 11:22
Let us be honest about McCain. He is an unattractice short old man. A woman so much younger would have sex with this person for power, money or status. Let us not forget the fact that her program would then own this pervert. He is not screwed on tight upstairs either. That is what we need, another mentally deficient programmed pervert that likes killing.
Because not everything was put in this article,you want to believe that it did not happen and is not happening. Grow up.
bimboy eruption @ Sun, 24 February 2008 12:41
Garcia, bad mouthing the GOP, writes "I do not have enough space to claim everything". Garcia, your "claims" and 75 cents will get you a cup of coffee! Your problem is you actually appear to believe most of the garbage you repeat from the BDS crowd.

Good luck with Obama. Maybe Larry Sinclair can be his VP nominee....

Shame that you speak so poorly of a war hero that spent 5 years being tortured by your friends, the communists of North Vietnam. Such antics make me think you are the son/daughter of a burned out old San Francisco hippie.
garcia @ Sun, 24 February 2008 01:25
Alan Charles @ Sun, 24 February 2008 04:35
Oh my goodness, a whole new list of new names trying to show us all the error of our ways.

Let's take one item at a time. If "L Sinclair" is the Larry Sinclair in the video he links to,
he should not have linked to because it states quite clearly that
"there was deception involved in his responses to the questions asked."
This is just one man's slimy attempt to bring down Mr. Obama.

If botto had read on down the page on the link he provided, he would have seen that
[a] it was just the ombudsman's opinion and [b] that ombudsman addmitted that
there was much more involved than the sex. It was the impropriety of his links
to lobbyists, something that has been public knowledge for several years.
Perhaps he should ask what it was those closest to him back then
found "improper" enough they should want to keep her away.

It's one thing to come here to disagree with Ava's videos and our positions on the war,
but to attempt to slime people willing to step up and try to make a difference
using statements taken completely out-of-context only goes to show
we still have a lot of ignorance to overcome.
Alan Charles @ Sun, 24 February 2008 07:00
The situation with the pretty blonde lobbyist may not be John McCain's only problem.

One of the problems policitians have with the internet is the speed with which
things catch up with them, unlike the good old days when they could be
elected and in office before things like this would come out.
garcia @ Sun, 24 February 2008 07:45
I have sent this article to quite a few people. Very, very interesting. Not at all surprising. Business as usual for these people.
I just watched a segment of 60 Minutes regarding Gov. Siegelman of Alabama.
From Bush, Rove on down this was a deliberate staging to take down a good governor in order to get a Republican in office.
A man stating to be a Republican stated it best when asked why he is investigating this deliberate staging of lies by so many Republicans to get rid of this man.
"I am a American first"
All too many of these people have forgotten this.
Alan Charles @ Sun, 24 February 2008 08:00
It may be that too many people on both sides of the aisle have forgotten that, garcia.
If everyone in politics began thinking about what was good for America instead of supporting
people and ideas they knew was not in our best interests, most of our problems would be solved.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 25 February 2008 08:45
While we bicker and squabble over the rightness or wrongness of the war,
our soldiers and their families continue to pay an awful price.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 25 February 2008 11:50
Ever since George Bush began his runup to his war in Iraq,
I have been ranting about Fox News and their biased "reporting"
of administration shenanigans concerning "supporting the troops" and
universal healthcare, so I take a lot of pleasure watching Ben Stein take on
Neil Cavuto ~ and some of Neil's other guests ~ on the issue of universal healthcare.
jack @ Mon, 25 February 2008 09:41
jackalopes aren't real. neither is obama
watta @ Mon, 25 February 2008 09:44
garcia: Jill Simpson, Rove's accuser, is a Democrat in jail for bribery:

The Associated Press reports Simpson has never made that allegation before --despite several hours of interviews with congressional lawyers, reporters and a sworn affidavit.€ As for CBS€™s claim they had €œcontacted Rove€ for a response, it was noted that Rove and his lawyer, attorney Robert Luskin, say CBS brought up the allegations only in an off-the-record telephone interview last October. Luskin says, quote: "After 60 Minutes made the decision to publicize these charges, no one from 60 Minutes approached Mr. Rove or gave him an opportunity to respond on the record," end quote.

garcia, this is just more of your DU, Daily Kos, Media Matters, Huntington garbage that you rejurgitate here with regularity. Please stop posting it.
watta @ Mon, 25 February 2008 09:48
Obama's & Hillary's negatives on rise while McCains are dropping: ^ | 2/23/08
Thirty-four percent (34%) of all voters say they will definitely vote for John McCain if he is on the ballot this November. Thirty-three percent (33%) will definitely vote against him. Barack Obama has the same number who will definitely vote for him--34%. But, more people are committed to voting against him than McCain. Forty-three percent (43%) say they will definitely reject him at the ballot box. For Hillary Clinton, 32% will definitely vote for her if she is on the ballot and 46% will definitely vote against.
garcia @ Tue, 26 February 2008 01:11
It amazes me that there are still anyone on this globe that still falls for the propaganda that this administration puts out. Have you no respect for yourself that you keep getting slapped in the face by what these criminals have done to this world and you just say "Thank you Sir - Can I have another".
What must they do before you understand that they are pathological psychopaths that just want to kill and put billions in their pockets while they do it.
It seems that people like you want the wars and want the deaths as long as you are not the ones that do it. You stay safely in your closet.
You believe anything as long as the Bush/Cheney propaganda network aka Fox states it.
watta @ Tue, 26 February 2008 03:55
garcia: Jill Simpson, Rove's accuser, is a Democrat in jail for bribery. Your derangement syndrome is obvious.
garcia @ Tue, 26 February 2008 12:55
Ava: Is this a another run of the same person using different names again. It is always the same.
Alan Charles @ Tue, 26 February 2008 08:10
Troll Alert:
Alan Charles @ Wed, 27 February 2008 07:16
While the trolls keep coming here to disrupt this site, the war in Iraq goes on.
Each time Mr. Bush says he listens to his commanders, I want to throw something.
Each time Mr. Bush doesn't like what one of his commanders has said, he replaces them.
I wonder what he will do about General Casey's comments about shortening tours.
Alan Charles @ Wed, 27 February 2008 07:21
This is the second time I've used an Army times link that didn't open from here.
If you'll copy the link and paste it into your browser, it will open to the Army Times item.
watta @ Wed, 27 February 2008 09:53
I found Obama interesting last night. On one hand he indicated he would send troops to a Nation with no strategic interest to the USA, Kosovo. Then he said that if after pulling troops out of Iraq Al Queda set up shop in Iraq again, he would go back to eliminate them. Obama then commenced to argue that he is not to the left of Senator Ted Kennedy as a recent study indicated. I thought Obama was PROUD of his leftist votes! This guy is a total JOKE!
watta again @ Wed, 27 February 2008 10:02
alwen: Army Times is a publication of Gannett Co. Editorials & articles appearing in Army Times and other military periodicals owned by Gannett try to suggest they represent the opinion of the ordinary soldier. In fact all of these publications are part of the Military Times Media Group, a subsidiary of the liberal Gannett Co. They do not speak for our service members and in fact are not read by the vast majority of the armed forces of this country.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 28 February 2008 12:05
So, if I understand your position correctly, wanna, because it was the Army Times that reported on
General Casey's comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee, the report was not credible?
It seems strange to me that an organization as large as Gannett, who also prints the Navy Times,
the Air Force Times and the Marine Times, would continue doing so if nobody was reading them.
It seems to me to be more of the old tried-and-true methodology of the right to demean any source
reporting anything not flattering to or agreeing with this president or his administration's comments.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 28 February 2008 12:15
Oops! It appears I clicked SUBMIT before I was ready. My apologies.

So, if I understand your position correctly, watta, because it was the Army Times
that reported on General Casey's comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee,
the report was not credible?

It seems strange to me that an organization as large as Gannett,
who also prints the Navy Times, the Air Force Times and the Marine Times,
would continue doing so if nobody was reading them.

It seems to me to be more of the old tried-and-true methodology of the right
to demean any source reporting anything not flattering to or agreeing with this president.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 28 February 2008 12:40
I must admit I agree with garcia that you do seem to write like JimBethMarkandStan, but
I don't want to judge too hastily, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now and
ask what you believe would be the better course of action for America's military,
given the shortage of personnel, without having to lengthen their tours.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 28 February 2008 01:05
While I've been sitting here reading back through some of watta's earlier posts,
I decided to google "jill simpson" and have concluded that it seems strange to me
that Simpson does not only NOT seem to be a Democrat in jail for bribery, but seems
to still be a Republican, who has given a sworn deposition in the matter concerning Rove,
while he and all those attacking her have yet to give any sworn statements concerning her.
It surely has all the appearances of Republicans going after someone exposing them.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 28 February 2008 01:20
Next on my list of items I questioned about watta's comments was the rasmussen report
he quoted above. As I read their home page, it seemed most of their articles were
written by well-known Republican-leaning writers against Democrats, so
I googled Scott Rasmussen and found him to be ... a Republican.

So, as a Democrat, does that mean I should discount any information coming from
Rasmussen Reports? Using watta's logic about the Army Times, maybe so.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 28 February 2008 01:36
To close out my debunking exercise about watta's comments above,
I would refer you to what Mr. Bush has been saying about Kosovo recently.
Apparently, he knows something more than watta about its worth to America.

One of Mr.Bush's statements I quote often has to do with Clinton and Kosovo in 1999.
"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the president to explain to us
what the exit strategy is." George Bush, April, '99 Well said, Mr. President.
Since you told Americans our mission was accomplished in 2003,
what is your exit strategy for Iraq five years later?
banana @ Thu, 28 February 2008 09:36

African-American superdelegates said Thursday that they€™ll stand up against threats, intimidation and €œUncle Tom€ smears rather than switch their support from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama.

€œAfrican-American superdelegates are being targeted, harassed and threatened,€ said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), a superdelegate who has supported Clinton since August. Cleaver said black superdelegates are receiving €œnasty letters, phone calls, threats they€™ll get an opponent, being called an Uncle Tom.

€œThis is the politics of the 1950s,€ he complained. €œA lot of members are experiencing a lot of ugly stuff. They€™re not going to talk about it, but it€™s happening.€

Rep. Diane E. Watson (D-Calif.), a black lawmaker and Clinton backer, said the intense lobbying for Obama would not alter her vote.

€œI€™ve gotten threatening mail,€ Watson said. €œThey say, €Your district went 61-29 Obama and you need to change.€™ But I don€™t intimidate. I can hold the ground. €¦ I would lose my seat over my principles.€
Alan Charles @ Fri, 29 February 2008 09:15
With cable television "news" outlets keeping us informed almost hourly about Britney, Paris,
Lindsay and Natalie, we might be tempted to forget there is a war going on in Iraq, and
how it is we came to be embroiled in that war.

Ava's videos do in a few moments of video what most of us fail at miserably,
and that is expressing our distaste and disgust for what it is doing
to everyone involved in it, from our soldiers to Iraqi citizens.

This site allows those of angry and frustrated with the lack of American concern
the opportunity to express that anger and concern for anyone visiting here to see.

It also allows us to see that we have a long way to go in reaching the many people who
seem quite content to have us embroiled in war even though it may be destroying families,
destroying our economy and destroying any goodwill we may have once had in the world.

Thank you, Ava, for all that you do to provide us this outlet.
watta @ Fri, 29 February 2008 07:09
alwan: Barack the hawk said he would go back into Iraq if after (stupidly) yanking our troops out and away from victory, Al Queda set up shop again in Iraq.

How STUPID is that? We are there. Al Queda is there. We are winning. Let's finish the fight and not run with our tales between our legs again a la Vietnam. Millions still rot under communism because the Communists convinced the American people we had lost even though we were winning militarily.
Alan Charles @ Fri, 29 February 2008 09:35
58,000 names are on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.
America brought back an additional 350,000 wounded soldiers.
One might question whether that could be considered "winning militarily."
Perhaps the American people then began seeing through all the war hype
much as they have (finally) begun to see through it now and support ending it.

So far, almost 4,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in the Iraq war,
while an additional 30,000 or so have come home wounded. One might question
whether that too, might be considered "winning," when in order to keep troops there,
we have to continue extending the deployments of more and more American troops.

It seems such a shame that people willing to post on sites such as this
are (apparently) either unwilling or too lazy to google these things and
see how talk radio hosts are misleading their listeners every day.
Alan Charles @ Fri, 29 February 2008 10:10
I often wonder what it is that makes some people support Mr. Bush no matter what,
but then I google his support and see that he's losing even many Republicans
and I am encouraged, knowing his time in office is almost up.
watta @ Fri, 29 February 2008 11:32
Blacks in this country are lucky you were not in charge during the battle of Bull Run. You would have said this is a catastrophe, it isn't worth it, the blacks are happy as slaves, lets all go home. If you were at Normandy you would have said "Who screwed up, they were ready for us, put your gun down soldier, turn and start swimming back to England". I could go on but what is the use; you think hugs & kisses can turn evil into mush.
watta @ Fri, 29 February 2008 11:36

Overall, 20% of white Democratic voters say they would vote for McCain if Obama is the Democratic nominee.

alwan; Bush is not losing Republicans; those that differ with him WERE NEVER REPUBLICANS in the first place. GOD BLESS GW BUSH!
Alan Charles @ Sat, 01 March 2008 09:05
You must really be proud of yourself and the comments you post here, but
I consider you nothing more than an internet troll and not worth responding to.
When you are ready to write like an adult and offer something constructive here,
perhaps people might give you some respect. Until then, you surely don't have mine.
Alan Charles @ Sat, 01 March 2008 10:05
Perhaps everyone visiting this website needs to be reminded
this is an anti-war website. Pro-war posters will be met with resistance
to their views and to their comments. There are defninitely differing views
concerning America's involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in my opinion,
the PNAC sums up why we're there. Wingers want control of their oil.

For those suggesting that anyone against this war are peaceniks,
I would suggest they talk with returning Afghanistan and Iraq war vets.
watta @ Sat, 01 March 2008 12:01
alwan: Returning troops 4 to 1 are for the mission in Afganistan & Iraq. Stop with your winter soldier type propaganda. It won't work this time.

alwan: If it is all about the oil; WHY DIDN"T WE TAKE IT IN 1991! Why haven't we taken the Kuwait oil fields. Why haven't we BULLDOZED the ignorant oppposition to drilling in ANWR and just STARTED DRILLIN! Your flaky remarks about it being for the oil remind me of the same BS rhetoric when we were fighting to free South Vietnam from Communism. The Communist supporting antiwar left in America did everything they could to perpetuate rumors that HUGE oil fields had been discovered off the coast of Vietnam and that is why we were there. Your antiwar blather is just food for the Chaves's, Castro's, etc of the world. THEY LOVE YOU!
Alan Charles @ Sat, 01 March 2008 12:20
Here's an old memory for all of us old enough to remember
what war does to the soldier who fight it and their families
who have to wait for news of them while waiting at home.

I don't know where watta gets his 4-1 numbers quoted above, but
there are enough veterans speaking out against this war, that I doubt them.

I find I am now agreeing with garcia's assessment that
watta is indeed JimBethMarkandStan. If you're not, you're sure good at
parroting the same rightwing talking points as him in exactly the same words.
Alan Charles @ Sat, 01 March 2008 01:25
One of the problems with getting older is that some of us don't remember things
the same way others do, as evidenced by watta's comments above on 1991.

Of course, some of us aren't old enough to have lived through those times,
so we are dependent on men like Rush Limbaugh to mislead us about them.
Perhaps if Mr. Limbaugh and all the other rightwing radio hosts had ever served
our country in uniform instead of finding ways out of it, their memories might be
a little different than they are today.

How do Iraq vets feel about The Winter Soldier.

How do Vietnam vets feel about war?

How 'bout you, watta? Have you ever suited up?
You sure don't write like someone who has.
watta @ Sat, 01 March 2008 02:30
alwan: Your type lost Vietnam and now you want to lose in Afganistan & Iraq. Every day someone in one of those countries armed with an AK 47 reads your words and other words from people like you on the internet and takes heart that to them it appears America will power is crumbling and that costs US Soldiers lives. I don't know how you sleep at night. Like I said earlier, blacks would still be in slavery if after the Battle of Bull Run the military was comprised of people with your frame of mind.
Alan Charles @ Sat, 01 March 2008 03:01
You didn't answer my question, watta.
Have you ever suited up? Yes or No.
If no, don't judge my type, sir.
Answer it or shut up and go.
I have no time for you.
Alan Charles @ Sat, 01 March 2008 03:10
For garcia and ydd, my brothers-in-arms, an old memory.
Hope you enjoy.
garcia @ Sat, 01 March 2008 07:21
Alan Charles: You are a very wise and patient person. Under no circumstance would I tolerate hate mongering cowardly morons. If this is not the same person, that makes No.2 that likes murdering innocent people, and killing our own while sitting in their closet for fear of their own shadow.I think there are police profiles based on that type of mental disturbance.
I appreciate the memory.

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