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Posted by Ava

New Video: Up the Road

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Almost 4,000 U.S. Troops have died in the war in Iraq, and for what "noble" cause? Honor our fallen and demand answers and a safe return for the remaining U.S. Troops in Iraq.

The holidays may be the toughest time of year for our troops on the front lines and the families and kids they’ve left behind. Please consider making a donation to the USO to help get a care package to a G.I. in Iraq this Christmas. You can donate by visiting:

Posted on Tue, 27 November 2007 08:55
Alan Charles @ Tue, 27 November 2007 11:26
Thanks again for all you do, Ava!
CAROLE TOWNSEND @ Tue, 27 November 2007 03:33
im sending to everyone one i know. what a reminder.
Rick Wiles @ Thu, 29 November 2007 10:16

This I believe is your best video yet... It's beautiful in a way and at the same time heart wrenching. I have always liked Johnny Cash's music and never heard this tune but, it fits the video perfectly....
sue @ Fri, 30 November 2007 02:30
I agree with Rick, this is a beauiful video, but also it tears at your heart. You are truly amazing. Thank you.
MUPPET/CHANGE1995 @ Tue, 18 December 2007 05:40
I was told homosexual Iranians are hung. if anybody knows this is or isn't true PLEASE RESPOND! crying sad
garcia @ Tue, 18 December 2007 09:38
sad I know where the question that you are asking got started and it is very sad how corrupt our media is.
I cannot answer whether or not the homosexual population in Iran have any difficulty but the subject got started by twisting the answer that the president of Iran made. Before too long, with the media hype, everything got turned around and we have this happening.
Most of the media is run by right wing fanatics or sympathizers and they only tell us what they want to still up.
If you notice, we do not hear much on what is going on in Iraq and Afganistan or how many of our troops have lost their lives in each day. All the felonious things that this administration keeps doing just went bye-bye.
I feel that our gay citizens are treated very poorly and used as a diversion when some subject is wanted to be avoided.
How many of our gay citizens have been brutally murdered by some bigots in this country. Our own military are prejudiced.
I hope that your question has a negative answer but if it is up to this country they will lie about it anyway.
MUPPET/CHANGE1995 @ Tue, 18 December 2007 10:57
You are right garcia. you are powerful. and i found out it is sadly true and whatever i can do to change the beliefs of those who think homosexuality is wrong, i will do. Keep believing stay strong and fight for whats right!
burningrabbit @ Mon, 18 February 2008 01:53
Oh, my friend: Do not be so sure that a soldier prays for peace. Soldiers are by nature killers, lovers of high risk and masters over chaos. Boys and guns, soldiers and war, they will do what they are told, and all parents' tears will not slow down boys and their guns. I hold parents responsible for the war as much as Bush voters willing accomplices in criminal mayhem. For the sake of the truth revealed by your art, do not back down from confronting those responsible for the banality of war's tragedies. Love to you, peace, and happiness. Power to the People!
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