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New Video: Confront the War President

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Close to 4,000 U.S. troops have been killed in the war in Iraq and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the war. What for? This is the legacy of the War President - George W. Bush. On October 27th make it known that while this may be the legacy of George W. Bush it is not the legacy of the American people. Stand up and confront the war President. Stand up for peace!

Please visit and contribute what you can to the first PeaceTakesCourage fundraiser.

Posted on Mon, 01 October 2007 09:26
Alan Charles @ Mon, 01 October 2007 08:04
Once more you have done an excellent job of showing anyone willing to watch, this president's willingness to ignore all common sense just to have his own way.

We simply must do everything we can to ensure a Democrat in the White House in January, 2009, otherwise this dreadful situation will continue without end.

Please don't ever stop doing what you do.
Spiny Norman @ Tue, 02 October 2007 02:00
I thought the video was great. I checked out the Chicago rally site and I'm going to try to get a Sparta group together and go down there.
Homer @ Wed, 03 October 2007 09:39
angry This 'war president" calls himself a Christian and all the evangelical right wing Christians support him. I wonder what Bible they read? Mine has the word of Jesus saying "BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS".
Thaanks Ava for showingthat the Iraqis are human too and their heavy losses of life and also for keeping the facts out there that we are still losing young Americans every single day .
The best of luck on making the documentary! I know it will ROCK!
Chuck Miller @ Sat, 20 October 2007 01:52
You just keep getting better and better at this!
One day, this country as a whole is going to have to have to confront the awful truth. George W. Bush is not merely a "bad president," and the invasion and occupation of Iraq wasn't a "blunder." Bush is a criminal and the invasion was a crime. And still is-- and it's being further compounded every day. You and people like you aren't afraid of this fact. But when the time comes, there will be a lot of people who will wish they had listened.
JAY93 @ Mon, 22 October 2007 01:36
Robert @ Wed, 24 October 2007 11:16
Once again you have made a great video.
Your videos should be "required watching" for everyone in America.
I'm ashamed to admit that I'm from the state that Bush claims as his home. To me, Bush is the real threat to the
rest of the world, not Iran. He and Cheney are the real terrorists.
jordan @ Wed, 31 October 2007 06:23
laughing hi i saw you on nick news! thats amazing! thats so nice what u do 4 people! tongue
sally @ Wed, 31 October 2007 06:24
war is ugly!! george bush is wrong!!! killing all those family. angry
im mean how could he not look at those little children faces and not be sad? crying how would he like it if those were his kids?!
but the whole reason 4 this is that war is evil.
Maricristian aka Mary k @ Wed, 31 October 2007 06:44
my brother was in war he saw from experince and when he came back he could beleave what he saw he hated how people kept getting hurt nd children getting hurt & dyinged he hated it but the reason he said he want was becuz fto fight for his contry but he told told me that he wanted to help those kids & familys and soo he never want back to war because he didnt want to go through the pain the sadness nd he didnt want to hurt other people when they got caught n the cross fire but he wishes wat we all wish for peace and no war
Sgt. Allen Brown @ Wed, 31 October 2007 10:38
angryI just want to say a few things to all of yu that spend all your time trying to find fault in the way that the country is run and who is running it,first of all its wonderful that you voice your oppinion that is one of the reasons that we as soldiers do what we do everyday in Iraq, so you can. I really dont know what these so called soldiers say that saw or witnessed but I was there and if and of you want the truth about the war and what is really going on just e-mail me. Just remember,,,some stories are too hard to believe ,,,so dont,everyone has one just like the old time fish store.You know THE BIG ONE GOT AWAY. I suport my commander in chief,as a real soldier will and does. By the way just in case you are interested in the truth most of the Iraqis die by there own hands, because that is the way they believe, and all of our brave soldiers die from there hands also, along with the 3000 from 911....HHHHHH????? The question should not be "How many more need to die over there?" But "How meny do we want to die HERE?" Want to Know??? Just bring our MEN home and you will find out.
Sgt Allen Brown @ Wed, 31 October 2007 10:42
For all of you that want to chat feel fre to e-mail me also you can check out some of my vids on my space I welcome you.
Alan Charles @ Wed, 31 October 2007 10:19
Allen, I have written you at the address shown above to show you why most of us posting on this site will disagree with you on much about this war with no apparent end.

As a former Sgt myself (1968 TET offensive), I hope you will take the time to consider my comments in that letter.
Carolyn @ Thu, 01 November 2007 12:45
I'm saddened that I didn't see any of these pictures on your video:

Oh yes, America is the problem! America is evil! angry
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 03:06
Oh please, Carolyn. Everyone acknowledges that Saddam was a vile, evil dictator, however, he posed no threat to America as the administration claimed.

The farthest any of his rockets could travel was about 90 miles, hardly far enough to get to American soil.

Please don't forget that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 held SAUDI passports.
Why didn't we attack Saudi Arabia?

The world is full of other vile, evil dictators we continue to ignore. Is it unfair of me to ask why?

I don't think you'll have much success peddling your support of Mr. Bush on this site.
cory shawn @ Thu, 01 November 2007 04:23
Is everyone on this BLOG crazy? Are you seriously saying that the world would be a better place with Sadam in power? Let's not forget, there was a vote to go to war, not Bush just pushing a little button. Everyone had the same info and the vote was made. We are there, we need to finish what we started!
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 04:55
Perhaps you have not been keeping up with current events, Cory.

There was a vote yes, however, it has been proven fairly extensively that not everyone saw the same intelligence.

You may not recall that the rationale for attacking has been changed each time one has been debunked, for a total of around 27 times.

No one has ever argued that Saddam was not a vile, evil dictator. What we have argued is that America was misled into attacking a sovereign nation without provocation.

The easiest way to put an end to all this arguing on Ava's website is for me to ask you this one question: Would you stand still if ANY Democratic president had done and continued to do what George Bush did and is continuing to do?
cory shawn @ Thu, 01 November 2007 05:29
Alan, very easy...YES! This is the difference, the left thinks the right is wrong and evil, the right thinks the left is just wrong
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 05:44
Forgive me for doubting you, but if that were true, why has the right continued their incessant bashing of Bill and Hillary and everyone not on the Bush bandwagon?

24/7 talkmeisters like Neal, Rush, Sean, Ann, Michelle and Laura would have you believe no "liberal" is worth talking to, much less paying any attention to. And let's not forget the way the Bush administration has treated even those in the Republican party who dared disagree with him.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 05:52
Might I be allowed to suggest "a googling exercise," Cory?

Why not google any of the names above and see what they are on record as having said about Democrats.

Then google Bill Clinton and see how the right treated him when he sent troops to Kosovo.

Then google the Project for a New American Century and perhaps you will see why many of us feel the way we do about this war with no apparent end.

Have you ever considered that the only people "sacrificing" are the troops and their families? Think about it, what "sacrifices" do you see most Americans making because of this war?

Can you call gutting and cutting active-duty pay and benefits of those troops and retirement pay and benefits of America's veterans "supporting our troops?" Google Mr. Bush's actions immediately upon his taking office in January, 2001 and see that is exactly what he began doing.

It often seems Republicans think there should only be one political party and that it should be them. I don't think that's what our founding fathers had in mind.
Doylene Mull @ Thu, 01 November 2007 05:54
I am a 62 year old grandmother. I have lived through a lot of things but I never thought I would see a time when this country would be in the mess we are in today. It is so shameful what we as a country have done in Iraq. I hear people comment about good things that are going on in Iraq - building roads, schools, etc. Well, it would make sense to me that if you are the invaders responsible for going into a country and destroying so much ("shock and awe") then maybe, just maybe, you should try to repair the destruction you have caused for no reason - except we have an insane president. The "good" that we are doing is making George Bush's cronies richer and richer. It amazes me how Bush and his gang have no respect for the people of this country or the laws of this country. How could we possibly expect them to respect the people of Iraq and care that thousands and thousands of them are dying because of what this country started - regardless of who is killing whom. I don't know what it will take to ever get this country back to where we need to be but I think there is no way it can get worse. I am looking forward to the election and hoping that the citizens of this country will be wise enough to think about the intelligence of who they vote for - we have seen what happens when someone with no intelligence is trying to run the country - CHAOS. I saw a wonderful bumper sticker that said "I have never seen a good war or a bad peace." That seems to say it all.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 06:00
Hear! Hear! Thank you, Doylene!

I am a 62-year old grandfather who doesn't want to consider the possibility my grandchild might grow up to be sent to find in a war with no apparent end planned.

Many people here don't realize I used to be a Republican (40 years worth) who supported and voted for Mr. Bush in 2000, but changed parties in August, 2003 and wrote him and told him he was the reason why.

I posted a piece on All Hat No Cattle showing how I got to that point. You can read it if you like at
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 06:07
One of my favorite links is which lists lots of antiwar slogans like the one you quoted. I try to draw one down each day to share with my friends.

A couple of other sites I like are and showing the thoughts of a whole lot of Iraq and Vietnam veterans who've actually had to stare down the barrel of a rifle for the sole purpose of having to take another human being's life. You may note that not many of those raging FOR war have ever actually done that. In fact, only about a dozen of our representatives have
cory shawn @ Thu, 01 November 2007 06:57
You asked a question and I answered it honestly.

I voted for Clinton twice. Not because I thought he was great, but becasue i thought he was the best choice at the time. My vote goes to who can direct this great country in the best direction.

We are in a war, I would hate to "give up" now. People bring Iraq up like it has never been done b4. WW2 ended 60+ years ago and we still have 60,000 troops spread out over there. That's what war does, and thank god the USA loooks out for the best of the entire world. Right or wrong we entered this, it is up to us to atleast make sure they have a fighting chance to have a safe life in the future.
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 07:37
Even if it means keeping our troops there for longer and longer tours? The military commanders tell us they won't have the manpower after the spring of next year without extending the tours of the troops who have already been sent back for their third and fourth tours.

So ... how would you go about keeping our troops there ... and for how long? Please keep in mind that about half of them are National Guard who signed up for one weekend a month and to help out during national disasters here at home.

Mr. Bush talks much about "spreading democracy" in the middle east, touting the "free elections" the Iraqis held. Well those "free Iraqis" have repeatedly said they want us out of their country. So why aren't we?
Alan Charles @ Thu, 01 November 2007 07:46
For those who honestly believe this administration gives a rats behind about our soldiers other than as backdrops for Mr. Bush's rah rah, stay-the-course speeches, I would ask you to read this article that was just posted about veterans care As a veteran myself, I often get angry with the way America tends to forget our veterans once they return from the battlefield.

It takes a whole lot more than a cute little bumper sticker on your car to "support our troops."
Eddie J @ Fri, 02 November 2007 12:09
Wow... how short our memories truly are as americans. Alan, have you completely forgotten the original reasons for the war? And Ava, have you forgotten as well?

Or are you 2 so busy talking about PEACE that you've forgotten what was going on over there BEFORE we got involved? Iran and Iraq fighting... did you cry for peace then? Kurds gassed... did you cry for peace then? Ba'ath party torture cells... did you cry for peace then???

Your hypocrisy is sickening. We have had one of the cleanest and blood free wars in American history and you 2 (and others) are whining about it. Maybe you don't believe that we're helping anything, but the Iraqi's do. That's why they're asking us to stay as long as we do. Or do you not listen to Karzai either?

Peace is desirable, but sometimes you have to fight for it. Why? Because evil, real evil, exists in this world of ours.
Alan Charles @ Fri, 02 November 2007 03:27
My oh my, a "true believer."

I believe the ORIGINAL reason was WMD, which have never been found. After that, the rationales have been changed 27 times.

Have you opened any of the links I' ve referenced above? Any one of them should show you a completely different view of actual events.

Blood free?

America dropped 5,000 bombs on Baghdad in one week of "shock and awe." What would YOUR hometown look like after 5,000 bombs had fallen on it?

At least your comments remind us all what we poor lib'ruls are up against when attempting to put an end to this war without apparent end.
Alan Charles @ Fri, 02 November 2007 03:33
Since my original comments were too long for one post, I'll address some more of your comments here.

To answer your questions in your first paragraph, yes we WERE crying for peace then.

I don't know where you're getting YOUR information, but MY information sources say 70% of Iraqis ~ AND their parliament ~ want us OUT of Iraq.

When I enlisted in 1966, I took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign AND domestic, and as far as I am concerned, that is what I am doing now. Where and when have YOU served, Eddie?
cory shawn @ Fri, 02 November 2007 07:17
Eddie, finally a voice of reason. Iwas worried
Alan Charles @ Fri, 02 November 2007 07:22
A "voice of reason," Cory?

I would venture a guess that the only "voices of reason" you will find on this site will be other Bush supporters wanting to bash Ava and the rest of us for being against Mr. Bush's war.
Robert @ Sun, 04 November 2007 11:08
I have been back from Iraq now for two months. I love this site and thank Ava for giving people a forum to speak on what is going on "over there". I appreciate all the support that I got when I was there and hope we don't forget the brave soles who are there doing great things.
garcia @ Sun, 04 November 2007 11:12
I feel that the solution to this invasion and occupation of Iraq is this; the only people that should be sent to Iraq to kill these people and possibly be killed are ONLY the people in favor of being there. Of course all of their family members would also be sent there. This includes ALL family members including small children. Let them feel the horror of holding their dead child and wondering why this is happening. The people in favor of this massacre feel that the people of Iraq are sub human. Let them feel what they feel. I have no doubt that this would end immediately. We are basically talking of cowards.
What we personally are not doing we have caused.
It is sad to hear and read the coldness of heart of some people of this country. Thankfully it is less of them everyday while this corrupt administration is in Washington and still decent people are in the majority that care for human life.
Alan Charles @ Sun, 04 November 2007 11:22
The Bush administration has some very skilled wordsmiths convincing people if they aren't supportive of this war, they are somehow unpatriotic, unAmerican al-Qaeda lovers.

I am reposting the link I posted above so people can see who has actually served this country in uniform. You will quickly notice that not many Republicans are on that list.
garcia @ Sun, 04 November 2007 11:44
Yes I know. I call it the "SKY IS FALLING THEORY".
Keep the fear mongering going. It did work for a while but thankfully this is definitely on the decline. This only works on the people that are afraid of their own shadows while wishing death and destruction on others as long as it is in another country.
This war mongering GWB and puppets are trying the fear tactic again with Iran but I think intelligent people are not buying it again.
garcia @ Sun, 04 November 2007 11:56
I just went to the site that you mentioned. I will definitely be forwarding this to many. It just shows exactly what we have been stating all along. You definitely see where the coward line forms.
Alan Charles @ Sun, 04 November 2007 12:18
Remember 9/12, when Democrats and Republicans stood on the steps of the Capitol Building singing "God Bless America"?

One might wonder what happened to that spirit of unity unless one were aware of the PNAC document authored and signed by many of the men Mr. Bush had surrounded himself with after having been appointed president.

It is my belief these men used 9/11 as the catalyst to start their war against Iraq and have skillfully used talk radio hosts and Fox folk to keep people incited to be against anyone not on their warwagon. That may be why we see some of the comments we do on this site from Bush supporters.

"It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood...War is hell."

~General William Tecumseh Sherman
garcia @ Sun, 04 November 2007 12:55
If a person has followed what has actually been happening and not blindly followed, they would have seen a pattern to these criminals in Washington.
It was well known that Iraq had nothing to do with any negative situation over here. It was a way to go in and steal this countrys' natural resources along with building a large base and starting a spiral hell in the mid east while we the people stood frozen in fear.
Hundreds of thousands of people have payed with their life, injury and destruction of country.
Our country people have been neglected and our country history of what this place was founded on is being destroyed by thieves. The weak of mind and heart have allowed this to happen. No More.
I have been where the assembly of people have formed and it is many. The media does not give accurate accounts but I know different.
garcia @ Sun, 04 November 2007 02:12
It is against the policy of this country to attack any country unless they have attacked us first.
With this said since Iraq did nothing to us, we have become murderers and continue to be said with every life lost in that country.
As for the website regarding the gassing of the people of Iraq in the 80's. This was a horror of such a great magnitude. Please go on that site and look long and hard at the faces lying there. Now realize that history has repeated itself in our name. We have sent so many bombs of every kind including cluster and chemical bombs. Everything you see on that site we have done to this country and people and more. Open your eyes. Babies are being born looking like little martians with very large heads and tiny bodies. WE ARE DOING THIS. NO ONE ELSE. Quit living in a fantasy world. No matter how many times you repeat it Iraq and Saddam did nothing to us. Wake up from the propaganda.
Alan Charles @ Sun, 04 November 2007 02:40
One of the reasons I have been so thankful that Ava has this site and allows us this free forum is so we can express our anger and frustration for all to see and to show Bush supporters WHY we feel the way we do.

I don't believe we "support our troops" by keeping them in harms way for three, four and five tours.

The reason I get so angry with talk radio hosts who have never pointed a weapon at another human being for the sole purpose of taking that human's life is their constant haranguing of those of us who want our troops home while they sit behind their microphones in their air-conditioned studios raking in the cash.

I agreee with Garcia's earlier post this morning that we should send those still supporting this war to Iraq. Perhaps their enthusiasm for the war might wane a bit after having been there a while.

The greatest protection against war is a well educated populace.

~L.L. Castetter

About the quote: Castetter was a WWI veteran; this quote is from the 1930s (from p. 178 of the book "A Page A Day," ed. by Kenneth Adams, published by
allen @ Sun, 04 November 2007 06:18
Garcia,,,,, I really dont know what to say to some one like you,,,,,,I guess that you have read all the bull from the press,,, You have a lot of nurve to say some of the things that you did,,I guess that is why I went to Iraq and got shot 3 times and blew up by there IEDs just to give you the right to hate me for fightting for my kids and yours,,,But be asured that we are not the ones that are killing there kids they are I personaly seen them kill 23 of there own up in a IED that weht off as we were protectting them on patrol in Baghdad, See the blew it off and killed 23 of thiers just to try to get one of us.. I really dont know what you you think you know but I know that you and yours will be safe as long as we are doing what we do for FREEDOM. Because you have to know that if we QUIT, 911 will be nothing compared to what WILL HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. BUT REST ASURED WE the ones that you want dead because we are protectting you and the Future of all tha Iraqi Kids and thier dream of FREEDOM. I am thinking of the kids,,,The Iraqi Kids that desierve the same freedom that you have to hate what we do for all the world.And EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD KNOWS THAT THAT IS WHY THEY ASK FOR OUR HELP!!!!!BECAUSE WE STAND FOR THE FREEDOM THAT ALL THE IRAQI CHILDERN DESIRVE. SO????????????? Think what you want. E-mail my if you want SGT Allen Brown
Alan Charles @ Sun, 04 November 2007 07:09
Allen, please don't think we hate our troops. Quite the contrary, we think you are having to "sacrifice" too much.

It's good that we are doing all these great things to a country we bombed the hell out of, but what about our own country?

It is said that foreign countries like China now hold about 52% of American debt. What would happen to our economy if these countries started calling our loans?

By borrowing the money to fund his nation-building exercise, Mr. Bush is able to hide the true cost of the ongoing war, but you can believer a day of reckoning IS coming.

So don't think we hate you or our men and women in uniform. Quite the contrary.
pam @ Sun, 04 November 2007 07:33
I have been reading what all of you have been saying. I am still waiting to hear some thing about the insurgents. These are the people that we are realy fighting. We are fighting for the Iraqies not with the Iraqies. Sadon lived in palaces with crystal shanderliers and marble floors, well his people starved to deathg, were beating and killed. What hope and dreams did these people have or their children for that matter. Sadom and his army was just like Hitler and their consentration cambs. Now that we are there these people and there children have hope and dreams, of freedom.
Alan Charles @ Sun, 04 November 2007 08:14
Pam, do you mind if I ask YOU a few questions?

The world is full of vile evil dictators. Have you ever wondered why we've never attacked any of THEM?

I have seen nothing that makes me believe Saddam had anything at all to do with 9/11. Do you believe he did?

We dropped 5,000 bombs on the city of Baghdad during the week of shock-and-awe. Do you think no one was killed or injured during that attack?

Reports say that about 1.75 million Iraqis have fled Iraq because of our presence there. Why do you think they'd do that?

It seems that everyone being killed in Iraq today is being classified as al-Qaeda insurgents. Given this administration's penchant for taking liberties with the truth, one might wonder what really happened. Have you ever seen any of the youtube videos showing our troops shooting at vehicles in intersections just because they were there?
garcia @ Sun, 04 November 2007 08:43
First of all, anyone in the country of Iraq that was not there before we came, can thank us for their entrance.
Allen - stop whining. As far as I am concerned you are a victim also. You were either forced over there or bought into the propaganda. We care very much for our military. That is why we do not want you over there on a lie. People in this country our becoming very wealthy on your body. I am sorry to hear that you were injured. I hope that medical care is better now that poor conditions were exposed.
It is funny to have someone talk about the palace of Saddam while the people starved. Sounds very familiar. An embassy is being built in Iraq by us with every luxury imagined. This is while our people die in the gulf coast and then two years later have no home. Programs are being denied for the poor in every avenue. Our children cannot get health care. People have poor paying jobs. People from many countries have died due to our governments lies. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands. GWB sounds very much like Hitler and Saddam and many others just like them that were not mentioned.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 05 November 2007 08:00
Our tax code has been written to favor corporations who take their business offshore, thereby cheating our government out of much-needed tax money. Add in the tax cuts for those who remain, and we have a government crippled by lack of money ~ except for Mr. Bush's nation-building exercise in Iraq.

That's why he has to go to countries like China to borrow money to fund his war. The obvious problem with that is their financial leverage over us, not an enviable position for us to be in.

This war was never about "spreading democracy" until each of the previous rationales for attacking had been debunked.

70% of Americans have finally realized that and are now against the war. The question now is, can we do anything to stop it during Bush's remaining time in office.

If not, it then becomes imperative we put someone in the White House who wants to see this war ended.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 05 November 2007 12:30
Just read this about waterboarding and thought I'd put up the link to see how many people are upset by it.

It will be interesting to see how the talk radio folk spin this.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 05 November 2007 12:34
It didn't all highlight.

Just copy and paste the whole link and it will open
garcia @ Mon, 05 November 2007 03:43
I wonder how this will be hidden or ignored.
Brigadier Gen. - U.S.Marines - retired
Major General - U.S.Army - retired
Rear Admiral - U.S.Navy -retired
Rear Admiral - U.S.Navy - retired
These men all agree that Abu Ghraib detainess experience abuse and torture and is illegal and constitutes a violation of international law to include Common Article 3 of the 1949 Geneva Convention.
Some people do not want to realize that the crininals in Washington are tearing this country to shreads. They are committing crimes against humanity. Because they look like us, dress like us, and live here some do not want to realize that they are the definition of "terrorist".
If any of this was done to one of our citizens, we would cry foul. There is no difference.
Thank you Alan Charles for the article.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 05 November 2007 05:29
Sadly, this administration will find a way to ignore this until it goes away.

How do they "get away with it"?

Because we still have too many people raging for their idea of "revenge" for 9/11 and they don't want to hear that Saddam had nothing to do with it.

It's sad that here's a new post that just popped up on Yahoo! News that most people will choose to ignore, too.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 05 November 2007 05:32
My apologies. My dog just walked over and laid his head on my mouse and voila'. Here's the link that didn't get attached to the above.

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