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New Video: Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Watch Video: Windows Media Player | QuickTime | YouTube

Check out the newest PeaceTakesCourage video and let me know what you think! If you like the video be sure to pass it on to others.

The music is by an awesome band called Ten Story Relapse. Check them out online and pick up a copy of their new album here:
Posted on Tue, 24 July 2007 07:37
Rev. Robertn L. Barker @ Tue, 24 July 2007 11:32
smile wink Effective, to the point. I liked the vintage film footage.
alancharles @ Wed, 25 July 2007 07:00
Great work, Ava!
garcia @ Wed, 25 July 2007 07:59
Homer Wiggins @ Wed, 25 July 2007 09:48
Ava, in my opinion you can do no wrong!
Great video as usual!
I would like to share a poem I wrote in my book Musings of a Mixed Blood Mvskoke Man's Mind, by the same title


They beat their chests.
They raise their hands.
They want you to see them pray.
Concealing their weapons of hatred behind the signs of religion,
They know that Almighty God is on their side.

Is this the same God who sent them to wipe out indigenous people in his name?
Is this the same God who smiles on the electric chair but frowns on abortion clinics?
Is this the same God who created all, who loves all, no matter what or who you are?
Is this the same God who sent his son down to save us all from this?

They say God is love
They say God is power
They say God is light

They say Jesus Christ is the Savior
They say Jesus is the Prince of Peace
They never answer me when I ask them,
Who would Jesus bomb?

Homer Wiggins 2006
robert @ Sat, 28 July 2007 04:20
Very intersting video. I always wonder where is it that you get your stuff from. I am rather confused if you are suggesting that we are ready to use nukes on the Iraqis. Just a bit curious.
Ava @ Sun, 29 July 2007 01:42
Robert, I never said that this video was about the war in Iraq. If you watch the video you will see no mention of it. This video instead is about the horrible results caused by our own weapons of mass destruction.
robert @ Mon, 30 July 2007 07:01
Ok, I gottcha
Nikki @ Mon, 30 July 2007 11:58
I really like your website. Everyone has their own opinions; but don't have the courage to speak up. I have a couple questions. Why do you only focus on the war in Iraq and not on other issues? Have you ever thought about making a video about the border patrol or immigrants?
anon paranoid @ Wed, 01 August 2007 09:47
Another good video Ava. And yes we do have many such bombs at our disposal that I believe Der Fuhrer {Adolph} Bush would use.

He is after all insane.

Keep up the good work and ...

God Bless.
Englishman in America @ Fri, 03 August 2007 11:46
Nikki: I too would like to see videos on other issues, such as climate change and universal healthcare. But Ava has said that this would dilute the central focus of this anti-war site. I can see where she's coming from, but it's a shame nonetheless.
Nikki @ Tue, 07 August 2007 11:12
Well thank you Englishman in America. I do think it is a shame but I don't think everyone understands that a war effects everything and everyone. Take a second and think about it; if it wasn't for the war and the other issues in the white house would there be security everywhere and would people assume that if your a certain race you do or are thinking of doing something wrong. Things sure have changed over the years. Would you rather give up your "safety" for "freedom" or you "freedom" for "safety".
karen @ Wed, 15 August 2007 03:33
Ava - you did it again! Brilliant...
ydd @ Fri, 17 August 2007 03:34
Health care and climate change will not matter if we lose our civil liberties, which we are because of so-called homeland security. How would you feel to be arrested and locked in a cell just because some law enforcement officer decided on his own that you were a threat. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!
robert @ Fri, 17 August 2007 11:56
When has there been a case of an over zealous security officer arresting someone because he decided on his own that they were a threat. Let's see was Padilla convicted by an over zealous jury?
ydd @ Sat, 18 August 2007 09:25
Padilla was quilty, whats your point?
Philip Brzezinski @ Sat, 25 August 2007 10:55
Per usual, an excellent video with good choice of music!

I remember the days of "Duck and Cover" where if there was a nuclear attack, and we were at school, all we had to do was duck under our desks and cover our heads. I was only 6 or 7 at the time, but I remember wondering if it really worked, seeing that my school was only 2 miles from the Ford Rouge Plant-one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world and a very likely nuclear target...

Fortunatly the Cuban Missile Crisis ended the way it did...
PJ @ Tue, 25 September 2007 11:42
smile smile
Fantastic video and website. Keep up the work of peace.
God Bless
Daphne @ Wed, 31 October 2007 09:26
wink I heard about this website on Nick News, and I think ur really brave, Your videos really hit home, keep up the good work,
~^^Daphne^^~ (Dae)
RAUL @ Wed, 31 October 2007 09:40
lisa @ Wed, 31 October 2007 04:12
Kay K. @ Wed, 31 October 2007 06:25
smile wink tongue I really like this video. My dad restores film like that, it you want to see is and maybe use some of it, go to
kameron @ Wed, 31 October 2007 06:31
what has r world come to theses poor people that suffer and people can stand that its insane wat if we bombed in america people would get a wake up call o wait we did because of that person we call president im suprised im not already an ilegal drinker because of him more power to yuo im with you all the way
Steve @ Thu, 01 November 2007 04:26
So is it never okay to go to war? How about WW2? Do you think we should have engaged in diplomatic talks after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor? Do you think Hitler would've been receptive to American efforts at diplomacy. Tragically, it was our isolationist policies that allowed the horrors at Auschwitz.
Randy Sandberg @ Sun, 04 November 2007 02:46
Ava, I just found out about you and your brilliant work at <>;. I look forward to watching all your films. Thank you so much for all that you do to end this awful illegal war AND please keep the films coming!!! smile
Joe @ Tue, 06 November 2007 03:58
Ava, you have a very good talent to touch the emotions of people. However, have you considered looking beyond what the press shows us? Yes we are there in Iraq for monitary reasons. Why do you think we entered WWI? Why do you think Iraq invade Kuiate in 1990? War is often about money but rarely only about money. I am a veteran. I know many military members that do not agree with what is going on over in Iraq. However I know even more military mebers that would and have volunteered to go. We are doing good work over there. Unfortunantly, politics often tie the hands of our military to prevent them from succeding. Don't attack the reason for being there but the way we are doing it because of the political hand cuffs in Washington DC!
cholito @ Wed, 07 November 2007 07:52
wassat hey i was early up today and i was watching nick news and they showd you and me and a couple of pals here at california wanted to say ur pretty and stuf and my bro syas he wants u to b his gf lol hes wierd well i wish i coulld donate but my parents are agaisnt you
Rachel @ Sun, 11 November 2007 05:06
smileYou are very brave. I saw you on nick news one day and i was determined to see the website. Don't let anyone tell you that what you're doing is wrong. I believen you.
Brent Roy Harringoton @ Wed, 14 November 2007 04:04
I Just wanted to let you know, I am right next to you with all your beliefs. I met a man who works in a pharmacy in lexington kentucky and he had on a dog tag that is supporting your cause. I want to know how to get one. I served five years in the U.S. Navy Seabees and would wear it proud to support your cause. THanks
Tauseef @ Tue, 20 November 2007 01:08
winkHi Ava
I always enjoy your videos b/c they remind me that, no matter what the right wing media keep bleating, there are still people of reason out there.
I'm currently struggling through a book entitled "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim" by Mahmoud Mamdani, a professor at Columbia. It analyzes the root of conflict from the cold war forward, and also provides some historical perspective on the origin of using aircraft to drop bombs. "The first bomb ever dropped from an airplane was Italian, and it exploded on November 1/1911, in an oasis outside Tripoli in North Africa. The first systematic aerial bombing was carried out by the British RAF against the Somalis in 1920" (p.7)These facts illustrate how indiscriminate bombing was initially used in lockstep with colonial ambitions, not in traditional conflicts with 'civilized' countries. When applied to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, it puts the administrations intentions in an unflattering light. I'm assuming you've seen The Fog of War, a documentary about Robert McNamara, which exposes more about how the minds behind the US Military operate than anything else I've ever seen.
Keep up the good work. You've been blessed, and we expect more great things from you.
God Bless.
Tauseef @ Tue, 20 November 2007 01:20
wassat About the above comments on Auschwitz, the good professor mentions in the very next sentence, "In WW2, Germany observed the laws of war against the western powers, but not against Russia. As opposed to 3.5% of English and American POWs who died in German cpativity, 57% of Soviet prisoners - 3.3 million in all - lost their lives. The gassing of Russians by Germans preceded the gassing at Auschwitz." He goes on to say the Germans were unique only in that they committed genocide in Europe - he quotes Sven Lindqvist in the following passage: the HOlocaust was born at the meeting point of two traditions that marked modern Western civilization: "the anti-Semitic tradition and the tradition of genocide of colonized people". On page 8: The first genocide of the 20th century was the German annihilation of the Herero people in South West Africa in 1904. One of the first experiments in race mixing was performed on these people by Eugen Fischer, who went on to write "The Principle of Human Heredity and Race Hygiene" in 1921, which Hitler read, and also taught Josef Mengele at the University of Berlin, where Fischer had been appointed rector by Hitler.
History is very interesting.
burningrabbit @ Mon, 18 February 2008 12:58
Ava,I get discovered you this morning, reading an article about your art in the Mother Jones during breakfast, trying to ignore the new fallen snow that is taunting me to engage with. I love your pursuit of justice and truth in these darkest years of Bush. I am one of the first victims of the nuclear age and born into the prototypical nuclear family: blown apart, all born iconoclasts, suspicious of each other, running through the family door to disappear and unable to reform in middle age. Your art speaks volumes to me. I just want you to know this, if you even care by now. I am 53y/o and bitter that Bush has ruined the world for what will be the rest of my life. Peace, girlfriend.
kaye @ Tue, 24 June 2008 06:59
I really like this video.
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