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New Video: Thank You Cindy - Camp Casey Easter 2007

Watch the video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

Camp Casey is an amazing experience no matter what time of the year you attend. My Brother, Uncle, and I attended last August during the middle of a drought during 100 degree weather. We stayed a week and despite the heat, and some frustrations with our tent and being stuck in a tent with each other for a week, we had an absolutely amazing and truly life changing time at the Camp. My Mother and I attended again this past week for Camp Casey Easter. We met so many activists from all over the country who came to support Cindy and the peace movement. Cindy Sheehan has inspired us all to become more involved and I know personally she is one of my own role models in the peace movement. Thank you Cindy for all you have done and continue to do to inspire us. This video is just one small token of my appreciation.

Please stop by Gold Star Families for Peace and consider donating what you can to help Cindy and others continue to spread the word about this immoral war based on the Bush administration's lies.


Video created by Ava Lowery:

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Posted on Wed, 11 April 2007 01:52
Jr @ Wed, 11 April 2007 10:31
Well I typed a comment but it didn't agree with Cindy or You so your site wouldn't publish it - said it was too long? Figures just like all the Dems, if you don't agree don't recognize it.
Bottom line is you are hurting the troops more than you will ever realize.
From a Viet Nam Vet.
ayn @ Wed, 11 April 2007 01:04
um, jr, i'm guessing your comment was "too long." just repost it in a shorter version like the rest of us! mine are often too long as well- and i'm a democrat! everything isn't a conspiracy, though i can understand why you would think that way since you live in a world where conspirators run your country.

we have troops in our family. they aren't hurt by ava's videos or cindy's comments. they are hurt by repeated deployments that cause divorces and medical difficulties- all for a war with no purpose other than to enrich GWB.
btw- thank you for your service in viet nam. we appreciate you.
pink x @ Wed, 11 April 2007 04:16
yeah...some guy earlier said it was an evil librul conspiracy b/c he couldn't post a video in the comment box. whatever. *rolls eyes*

anyways, thats an awesome video! I'm liking the newer stuff with the actual footage instead of just pictures alot!
alancharles @ Wed, 11 April 2007 04:49
Jr, I too, am a Vietnam vet who served as a Green Beret during the 1968 TET Offensive.

I was a Republican from the age of 18 to the age of 58, when I changed parties 8/15/03 because of George Walker Bush.

I had supported ~ and voted for him in the 2000 election, but long before 9/11, I began feeling I had made a mistake, and wrote and told him he was the reason I was leaving the Grand Old Party.

Most of the people posting on Ava's site appreciate what she is trying to do. If you don't, why not mosey on over to someplace like and see what David Horowitz or any of the people shown on any of the other sites shown there let you post.
Nao interessa @ Thu, 12 April 2007 07:20
So Bush regime is stealing your democracy? If so, why on Earth
is your website still online? You have no idea of what is like to
live in a country without freedom of speech. If you were a Chinese,
Iranian, Cuban or North Korean blogger your website would be offline
by now, and you, well, you wouldn't be so happy I am sure. Greetings
from Brazil, little girl.
alancharles @ Thu, 12 April 2007 09:33
I often wonder where you folks come from. How is it you are even AWARE of this site? Go away, troll.


1c. Noun
A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others. Someone with nothing worthwhile to add to a certain conversation, but rather continually threadjacks or changes the subject. Trolls often go by multiple names to circumvent getting banned.
Nao interessa @ Fri, 13 April 2007 05:26
LOL Is it simple as that? So when you people are faced with the truth you simply say "go away troll"? Do you know why her website is still online? Because the Bush administration is not even close of a totalitarian regime. You folks don't have idea of what is like to live under a real totalitarian regime. Sheehan's buddy, Hugo Chavez, could give you guys a clue of a real dictatorship. Oh, and I am aware of this site because I speak more than one language, as opposed to you inbred rednecks...
alancharles @ Fri, 13 April 2007 07:17
Nao interessa, you write too much like Dave Gillie on the Our Choice video above to be a coincidence.

If you don't like Ava's site, leave.

1c. Noun
A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others. Someone with nothing worthwhile to add to a certain conversation, but rather continually threadjacks or changes the subject. Trolls often go by multiple names to circumvent getting banned.
alancharles @ Fri, 13 April 2007 08:01
Nao interessa, (it does not interest)

Would that be the correct translation from Portuguese into English?

If it "does not interest," just go away, troll.
Nao interessa @ Fri, 13 April 2007 11:36
Well, I can see you can speak another language with the help of an online translator lol. But these translators usually do a poor job when it comes to translate idiomatic expressions. When I stated my name as "it does not interest" I actually meant "mind your own business". And no, I'm not going away. I will just leave when the "terrible" Bush regime gets this website offline and the little girl arrested lol lol
alancharles @ Sat, 14 April 2007 06:46
Perhaps you should follow your own advice and "mind your own business."

1c. Noun
A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others. Someone with nothing worthwhile to add to a certain conversation, but rather continually threadjacks or changes the subject. Trolls often go by multiple names to circumvent getting banned.
Nao interessa @ Sat, 14 April 2007 09:08
Hmmm, I can see her website is still running... I think Bush should take some classes with Sheehan's buddy Hugo Chavez and learn how to become a real dictator and steal the little girl's democracy for good...
giacomo @ Sat, 14 April 2007 09:41
thank you
ydd @ Sat, 14 April 2007 12:32
Some people like to talk real tough about inbred rednecks, but they are real short on face to face confrontation. In other words they are Cowards.
Nao interessa @ Sat, 14 April 2007 05:32
Well, inbred rednecks are all good people. They are usually Nazi (despite
the Native American blood running in their veins), they blame Jews for
everything and sometimes end up on death row for the rape and murder of a
little Black girl. Some of them, such as David Lane even become domestic
terrorists! Like I said, they are all good people...
Nao interessa @ Sat, 14 April 2007 05:53
I am sorry, I made a mistake here. David Lane is son of a prostitute and he doesn't know his father's name nor his father's race. Therefore, he is in fact a redneck, but he definitely is not an inbred one.
alancharles @ Sat, 14 April 2007 06:26
from comes this definition of a troll we would all do well to remember and just ignore those like Nao interessa who don't really want to have a civil discussion but who just want to post their comments on Ava's site, as evidenced by the comments about rednecks and David Lane above.

* from

An individual who chronically trolls in sense 1; regularly posts specious arguments, flames or personal attacks to a newsgroup, discussion list, or in email for no other purpose than to annoy someone or disrupt a discussion. Trolls are recognizable by the fact that the have no real interest in learning about the topic at hand - they simply want to utter flame bait. Like the ugly creatures they are named after, they exhibit no redeeming characteristics, and as such, they are recognized as a lower form of life on the net, as in, "Oh, ignore him, he's just a troll."
Nao interessa @ Sat, 14 April 2007 09:03
Any questions about Trolls? Ask Alan, the green beret gone red! lol.
ydd @ Sat, 14 April 2007 10:10
Nao sounds like a Jersey Archie Bunker type. But then all Jersey folks are not ignorant rascist like Nao or Archie. So what about it Archie? But I can see that I have been drawn into the same rascist rhetoric as Nao which is why I should know better as a southern gentleman.
Nao interessa @ Sun, 15 April 2007 09:54
You got me wrong, dude. I am not a "rascist" (check your spelling). Gosh,
English is not my first language, even so my spelling is better than yours.
Go figure, eh? Jersey Archie Bunker type? What is it? lol.
Kyle @ Sun, 15 April 2007 01:01
The funniest thing about the comments from trools like Nao is they actually think their negative comments are going to shame us into doing what we know isn't right (like supporting a war that has nothing to do with the war on terrorism). Nao, we understand that there are others who aren't intelligent enough to think for themselves, and will believe anything from the GOP. You need to understand we believe what we believe because of what we see, hear, and read. Nothing you can say will ever change that.

Keep up the great work Ava.
ydd @ Sun, 15 April 2007 02:06
Only a bigot(is that spelled right?) would use the type language you use. You used to couldn't spell rac(s)ist but now you are one.
Nao interessa @ Sun, 15 April 2007 04:57
Hmmm, I think English is not your first language either...
CoCo @ Sun, 15 April 2007 06:58
Nao interessa, Funny thing about translators, they work in exactly the same operating formats as IP address locators. You are certainly not Brazilian and you you are also certainly not well educated. Anyone who would wish for the arrest of a 17 year old girl for expressing her right of free speech, is also certainly un-American. You have the right to express yourself, but as far as civility goes, you do not have the right to attack another person for their views. Bring yourself out of the mire with the rest of the pigs, and conduct yourself as a human being, you'll get more respect.
CoCo @ Sun, 15 April 2007 07:11
Hey, M.Y.O.B. exactly what interest do you have in President Bush's policies, living all the way down there in Brazil? And just how do you know so many of the idioms used by Americans? I think you're just upset because someone cares enough about their fellow human beings to try and do something, and you are just a worthless individual who only cares about your own self gratification; having people read your ignorant posts and hearing what a vile creature you are, full of racism and bigotry. Gives you a real sense of power doesn't it, honey? I bet you'd find it a lot more gratifying to go where people agree with you. You could probably whip them up into a real fervor. Like your hero, Hitler.
alancharles @ Sun, 15 April 2007 08:10
CoCo, if there is one commonality I have seen from trolls posting on liberal websites, it would be their venemous hatred of everything we stand for.

If you'll notice, they never address any issues; all they do is spew their vitriolic comments and wait for one of us to respond so they have an excuse to come back with more vitriol. There can be no civil discussion with them because they didn't come here to discuss our differences civilly; they come here because they believe they can spew their vitriol without fear of reprisal because of the perceived anonymity offered by the internet, but as you proved to Dave Gillie on the 3/19/07 update and now to Nao interessa, they are not quite as anonymous as they might wish to believe.

They can't go to the rightwing sites and post because most rightwing sites don't allow comments; they want to control all content, unlike Ava, who allows us pretty much free reign to say whatever is on our minds.

Most of us who visit this site and those like it are of the same opinion. We will never be able to compete with the vitriol being broadcast on talk radio 24/7, so the best course of action is to just ignore the trolls as if they aren't here.
Nao interessa @ Sun, 15 April 2007 08:50
Hey COCO, how can you say I am not in Brazil?
Is my English that perfect? I am flattered :-) Are you tracing my
IP address? I am sure you are not, otherwise you wouldn't say such
stupid thing. I really am in Brazil and I care about politics
everywhere because we all share the same Planet. Got it? That's okay,
though. You are probably not smart enough, otherwise you wouldn't call
me Nazi. As far as I know White Nationalists are pretty much against
Bush for numerous reasons, one of them the Iraq war on behaf of Israel.
So, you pinkos say the war is for oil, and the Nazi say it is for Israel.
Who's right? Who's wrong? Who's lying?
CoCo @ Sun, 15 April 2007 11:36
Alan, I see you're right. I had too much faith in humanity, I truly hoped by pointing out their ignorance and having a good look in the mirror might get them to see what they are. So, I will stop trying, some people are vile and can not be reached. Good luck to you all, I'm thankful you are able to reach some. Thank you Ava, keep up the good work! There are many who appreciate your message.
ydd @ Mon, 16 April 2007 09:02
You folks are right. What draws me into a dialouge like this is that this guy does a real good facimile of a nazi skinhead type, but you have to admit he may be smarter than them. Whatever, words or actions, he seems dangerous to me. I have to be confident that Ava is plenty smart enough to deal with this creep if need be. So If I comment anymore Nao will be an object to study not a person. Thank you much for your voices against this useless war.
Nao interessa @ Mon, 16 April 2007 10:41
You pinkos are so funny! Living in Brazil I deal with people like you
guys all the time. You guys claim yourselves educated people but all
you can do is call those who disagree a Nazi, ignorant, troll, and make threats like "I have your IP address". You are a bunch of liars, like this girl claiming to live in a totalitarian country and free as ever to run such website. "Peace Takes Courage". In USA? Yeah, right.
Robert @ Mon, 16 April 2007 11:01
I love that you guys have the opportunity to talk. You guys make me smile. While you are screaming at one another we are here giving you the right to do that. That is what make America the greatest country in the world. You can say whatever you want and you won't even go to jail.

SSG Robert E. Barnes
Balad, Iraq
Ava @ Mon, 16 April 2007 11:07
Robert, keep in mind that I can see IP addresses. You are not in Iraq. You aren't even posting from any type of military property at all. Do not impersonate our troops over in Iraq.
ydd @ Mon, 16 April 2007 11:32
Maybe one lesson we can learn is the power of slurs. I identify myself as a white south alabamian that gets a little perturbed over words like inbred rednecks (I curse you Faulkner). Keep up the good work, Peace Takes Courage.
alancharles @ Mon, 16 April 2007 11:42
Bless you, Ava!
Dawn @ Mon, 16 April 2007 01:27
This site disappoints me. I came here to see how Camp Casey 2007 went, how many people showed up, etc. Instead, I find people who say they stand for peace calling others names, fighting against others... I guess in my naivety I was expecting to unite with Nelson Mandella types. I can find this type of dialogue all over. When we stop fighting with others, then we truly stand for peace.
ydd @ Mon, 16 April 2007 02:04
Touche, Dawn...I'm not sure Mr. Mandela was as much about peace as maybe Racsism. So lets get our troops out of Iraq.
Nao interessa @ Mon, 16 April 2007 04:33
Hey COCO, Ava can see IP adresses. She can ensure you I am in fact posting from Brazil, or at least that my IP is from Brazil. When it comes to Internet IP adresses don't mean so much for tech-savvy users...
CoCo @ Mon, 16 April 2007 06:21
Ava, good job! I was hoping the clue about the IP address would lead you to install one, but I see you are a wise girl and way ahead of me. Keep up the good work and thank you for your site!
Robert @ Tue, 17 April 2007 09:16
Ava, I am not in Iraq?? Are you for real. I don't mind that you have the chance to post your ideas, but I don't like being called a liar when I am here in Iraq. So maybe you should do a little more homework on who and where I am.

SSG Robert Barnes
Balad, Iraq
Robert @ Tue, 17 April 2007 09:24

Enclosed you will find my miltary address. Apologize if you want.

SSG Robert E. Barnes
Balad, Iraq
Ava @ Tue, 17 April 2007 09:41
Robert, your IP address puts you well within here in the US - not even on a military base. You may have been to Iraq but according to your IP address you are not there now.
alancharles @ Tue, 17 April 2007 10:15
The simplest way for SSG Barnes to confirm he is in Iraq would be for him to send you the email address of his Commanding Officer so you could write and confirm his military address.

From what I can determine, Balad is an Air Force Base about 70 miles north Baghdad so his Commanding Officer should have time to either confirm or deny SSG Barnes is part of his unit there.
ydd @ Tue, 17 April 2007 11:29
If Sgt Barnes Has some kind of offshore address and is indeed in Iraq, Then he should come clean and stop playing games. Either way his purpose is to do harm to our cause, not to contribute to the conversation. Constructive criticism doesn't hurt. Ava is a brave American patriot fighting for the future of the country she will be stuck with after those much older have lived our life and gone on. Fight on and keep the faith
CoCo @ Tue, 17 April 2007 08:11
Well said ydd! And as far as the non-citizens posting on this site, If you are not a national of a country, your only interest should lie in supporting the preservation of rights of those people, as these directly benefit you, as well as Humanity. All other opinions should remain neutral, for they serve no one's interest other than your own. I'm proud to hand this nation over to the youth like Ava. She is civic minded and humane. What more could we ask for?
alancharles @ Tue, 17 April 2007 11:04
CoCo, what scares the bejeebers out of too many of our posters is shining the light of day on the lies that have been told to (a) put America into this unnecessary war, and (b) the lies that are being told to keep us in it.

The reason they respond so violently to Ava's videos is because they realize her videos are exposing those lies to anyone who happens to visit this site and, like their talk-radio heroes who constantly harangue their guests on-air who begin exposing those lies, all they know how to do is attempt to change the subject.

They seem to believe that sporting a cute little yellow ribbon on their car is "supporting our troops," while WE believe "supporting our troops" involves (a) not putting them in harms way unnecessarily, (b) not gutting and cutting the pay and benefits of active-duty military, and (c) not ignoring the wounded when they return from duty.

I am so proud of what 16-year old Ava is accomplishing, while we have elected representatives from both parties sitting on their hands while good men are dying and being wounded every day for a war that need never have been started. We need to be pounding out letters to those representatives reminding them the American people spoke in November, and what they said was "we want our troops back home."
CoCo @ Wed, 18 April 2007 12:11
Every word is absolutely true! But, I know another reason they fear the truth. In order to have peace they must look at themselves and see they have failed to follow the word of God as presented by both Mohammad and Jesus. That message was PEACE. That message was not to follow the word of the cleric, but to follow your hearts and your mind. Neither Jesus, nor Mohammad wanted people to worship them, they wanted the people to embrace the message. Instead, people have deified Jesus and wear the symbol of his humiliation, the cross. They display pictures of him with his crown of thorns. WWJD: he'd roll over in his grave and cry. He sacrificed himself for the ideals he believed in. He was explicit, he was not the king of the Jews, he was angry with the temples for collecting money and perverting the message of God, therefor he said to not make public displays of your piety, he let John baptize him because he felt he was equal in his devotion to God. Jesus was a wonderful man, like Dr. King, John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Buddha and all the other messengers of peace. It saddens me that the faithful ignore this message. But, Alan, there is always hope. For if we lose hope, what are we left with? Despair! The human spirit will never succumb to utter despair. It is too strong, it is too righteous. Peace will eventually win out. For no war was ever won through violence, peace was achieved through understanding.
alancharles @ Wed, 18 April 2007 05:50
Perhaps that is why Ava named her website "Peace Takes Courage."

Winston Churchill once made a great speech of only 5 words; "Never, never, never give up."

We must continue our support for Ava's work and continue pounding our keyboards writing letters to our elected representatives to do what we elected them to do instead of wringing their hands doing nothing.
StevenT @ Wed, 18 April 2007 07:49
CoCo, Jesus made is very clear "I am the Way, the Truth,and the Life, nobody comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)He not only claimed to be the Son of God but he IS the Son of God! Comparing him to Mohammad, Gandhi,etc. is a disgrace. He isn't rolling in his grave, because he isn't there(he lives). I will be praying for you though.
ydd @ Wed, 18 April 2007 10:26
whatever we believe about Jesus or any other religious system is not the purpose of this web site. My first impulse is to speak out loud and clear for what I believe spiritualy, but I am going to resist and say thank you for the support the cause of this site. Lets get our troops out of Iraq so they can worship or not worship whatever they desire. Keep up the good work.
alancharles @ Wed, 18 April 2007 10:46
Thank you ydd. I agree we should be focusing on first things first, which is indeed getting our troops out of Iraq. They (and we) can then sort out our religious differences afterwards.

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