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New Video: Right-wing Love Letters

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Check out the new PeaceTakesCourage video. It was time once again to clean out the PeaceTakesCourage hatemail bag and share with you. Warning: This video contains poor spelling and foul language.

Posted on Tue, 27 February 2007 06:16
Dolly @ Tue, 27 February 2007 07:06
You certainly have courage and my respect.
Alan Charles @ Tue, 27 February 2007 07:39
Go get 'em, Ava! It's comments like these that show us all the abundant ignorace of the right wing folk who support this administration.
Errington Thompson, MD @ Tue, 27 February 2007 10:11
Of course, you are right. It is like in Star Wars (which was made wayyyyyy before you time). There is the force. You can tell the good from the bad because you are calm and at ease with the good (Democrats). You are angry and ugly and uptight with the Darkside (Republicans).
pink x @ Tue, 27 February 2007 10:20
wow....and i don't even hate Ann Coulter that much.

Those people have some serious anger issues.
Bryan in Idaho @ Tue, 27 February 2007 11:52
You are beautiful Ava, You speak Truth to Power!!!!! Its people like you that will save us all.....GOD BLESS
Joe @ Wed, 28 February 2007 12:00
Basically, those people don't know how to be intolerant in a loving manner. Somebody said "we will never have peace" and went on with vulgarity, but think about that. Will we ever have peace? The only logical answer is no.
Elvina Taylor @ Wed, 28 February 2007 01:46
smileYou are a wonderful breath of fresh air! God has blessed you with the intellect and heart that will expose this unjust war mongering cult!! You must know and believe that you give us ALL the energy to carry on let's get after it girl friend!!
WaltTrombone @ Wed, 28 February 2007 09:47
Yes, man has been at war since the beginning of time, BUT that doesn't mean we shouldn't TRY to have peace.

Keep it up, Ava!!!
Joe @ Wed, 28 February 2007 03:54
I'm not saying we shouldn't try to have peace. I'm saying its not gonna work out while there is still terrorism in the world, and any other rebellion like it. How long is it gonna be until every single "evildoer" is finally gone?
Barbara @ Wed, 28 February 2007 04:13
I read your article in Mother Jones. Keep up the good work.
Linda @ Wed, 28 February 2007 05:40
winkJust read your article in Mother Jones & had to check you out. YOU ARE A GREAT HUMAN BEING! Your parents should be so proud! I know I am proud of you! You remind me of my own 16 yr old dtr. Keep strong & goin' on!
Natalie Snyder @ Wed, 28 February 2007 05:42
wink Rock on, Ava. You're doing us all proud. You're half my age - and my new hero. Peace - Natalie
ydd @ Thu, 01 March 2007 06:53
We should fight terrorism! We now are not able to fight terrorism because we are bogged down in a senseless war in Iraq.
Liz @ Thu, 01 March 2007 11:01
You rock, Ava!!!
Just keep on doing what you're doing, girl. You are such an inspiration. smile
Diane Gianni @ Thu, 01 March 2007 11:03
Good for you! Don't let other people's ignorance cloud your knowledge of right and wrong.
Anita @ Thu, 01 March 2007 02:34
Don't let anyone push you away from the Truth. Stand firm, be fair, and allow God to work through you.

Many people are afaid to stand up and speak the Truth. Your courage will trickle down to others.

Let me know how I can help.

Robert @ Fri, 02 March 2007 02:41
I am glad that you have the opportunity to express yourself without repercussions. I believe that you are wrong,but I will defend your right to be wrong. That is what makes free speech a wonderful thing
Kitsune @ Fri, 02 March 2007 02:44
wassat It's too bad people like that never lay out what THEIR plans are for helping anyone or changing anything or doing anything at all besides spew bile. Sigh.

This is a great site, Ava. Good work!
stockpeople @ Fri, 02 March 2007 11:29
smileBeen hearing a lot about you..your website made me cry. You're work is amazing. you inspire me to hope that yours' is not a lost generation. THANK YOU!
Laura McCarthy @ Fri, 02 March 2007 12:30
smileAva, People like you are the hope for our future. I am the mother of a soldier who spent a year in Iraq. You have the courage of a soldier. Stay strong!
choey @ Fri, 02 March 2007 01:44
....and you're a way better speller than those nice folks in the minority too!
Pete @ Fri, 02 March 2007 04:31
It's sad but true 30% of the US population has an IQ less than room temperature and no spell check It appears that would be a Bushie requirement
Pop @ Fri, 02 March 2007 09:02
I read Ben Shapiro and think of the saying, "Children should be seen and not heard." Then youth like you come along and put the total lie to that saying. Your insight, compassion and courage are very inspiring to this old veteran of another ill advised war who saw way too many of his comrades shipped home in bags. So, believe as a child believes and the faith will always find you.
Pop @ Fri, 02 March 2007 09:17
PS. I should have added this for the benefit of the mouth breathing, knuckle dragger who appears to spend way too much time watching or listening to "Fair and Balanced" who asked how you felt when the Irags flew the planes into our buildings. The actual count of those flying into our buildings on 9/11 were: 0 from Iraq, 1 from Egypt, 3 from Yemen, 15 from Saudi Arabia. So this individual will not have to take his shoes off to count above 10, that totals the 19 hijackers.
BAC @ Sat, 03 March 2007 02:00
loretta @ Sat, 03 March 2007 08:14
I linked to your site from a story I saw on Buzzflash and wanted to say, after watching several of your videos--what an amazing young woman you are!
I certainly hope that our future ends up in YOUR hands.
loretta @ Sat, 03 March 2007 08:24 the way, who are you endorsing for 2008?
Rebecca @ Sat, 03 March 2007 12:16
Hey Ava, I'm a fellow teenager around the same age as you and I just read your article in Mother Jones. I'd just like to say that I'm very impressed with everything that you're doing, and whether or not someone shares the same beliefs as you, they still should have some respect for you. The hateful comments shouldn't stop you, they should just keep you motivated and drive you toward your goal. Keep it up.
ydd @ Sat, 03 March 2007 03:08
To Loretta. The answer to your question should be "the democrat that get nominated"
Diane @ Sat, 03 March 2007 06:45
smileI am so sorry that you have to be exposed to this trash. Keep up the good work! Thanks
Tara @ Sat, 03 March 2007 08:58
Tara @ Sat, 03 March 2007 09:01
smileI am so impressed with you, Ava. You are doing a very important and courageous thing. The rest of them can go shit in their hats....they are clueless! Please keep up the great work! THANK YOU!!!
Addie @ Sun, 04 March 2007 04:29
It's so sad to see that people can't see through the lies of this administration. I like the slogan..
Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's opened!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK Ava..Peace to you and yours..
kelly @ Sun, 04 March 2007 05:13
I left some comments on the "how this must end" video under Kelly @ 05 Feb 2007 12:20 pm. What do YOU the PEOPLE think about what I said? I seen no mention of my kind words in this video. Please leave your comments and I will check back.
Jason @ Mon, 05 March 2007 08:41
I read an article about your blog in Mother Jones and decided to check out the site. Keep up the good work.
drhammer @ Mon, 05 March 2007 12:12

Your "Love Is In The Air" video was a disheartening comment on ignorance and the state of discourse in our nation.

You, however, give me great hope.

Peace to you and your family.
ellese @ Mon, 05 March 2007 02:36
Oh my... on behalf of the part of humanity who does not take as good care of their freedom of speech as you do yours... I apologize, since they never will.

As a master's Broadcast grad student, it is so refreshing to see people who care and seek to express themselves using their resources.

People tend to forget that the biggest part of argumentaion is presentation, and that mindless shallow comments only serve to strengthen those they oppose... (or as we said in the early 90's.. "duh!!!")

Blessings to you as you seek out truth and represent it in your own thoughtful way.

(ps... great editing! timing is indeed everything)
Lore @ Mon, 05 March 2007 03:55
I am amazed and impressed with your endeavors! It is so encouraging to see that the next generation has so much to offer our country and the world!
As stated by others, it is the ability to create discourse that allows freedom of thought and expression. One of the founders of our nation, Arthur Rogers, felt that extended to religion, also. Remember to never take the hate mail personally and keep your perspective in spite of those with limited expression. That is a rare trait these days according to some of the 'NEO CON' media! Maybe that is something that our nation will learn from this debacle!
Terrorism is a mind set - it isn't a country, it isn't a religion, and it isn't something that war can stop.
Just as we have home grown terrorists here (I still say Eric Rudolph taught Al Quaeda the two bomb trick), there is no easy answer to those who have no respect or tolerance for different views.
I wish you the best of luck for the future!
Lore @ Mon, 05 March 2007 04:04
Whoops! Roger Williams, not Arthur Rogers! I keep mixing that up!
My cat says 'hello' too - she keeps walking over the mouse! smile
Bill @ Mon, 05 March 2007 08:37
Keep up the good work GIRL! It is very seldom these days when one finds an individual who has the intellectualism to voice their opinions and be right. You remind me of my daughter who is a degreed chemist and everyone said she could not do it. However, her Dad, me is a degreed chemist and chemical engineer and we did it together. Some aspects of chemistry that she would come up with even her chemistry professors had to research and found she was right. Speaking your mind is a very powerful tool. This is true if you research what you are going to speak about before you speak of it. You as an person have done extremely well. Keep up the GOOD WORK. Hope you go to college and set the world on fire like my daughter has. Bill
Montzie @ Tue, 06 March 2007 09:30
I think you are right too!
Linda @ Tue, 06 March 2007 09:47
Why, of course you are right Ava honey.
That is why you will prevail in the end. Stand strong. America needs strong, brilliant women like you to survive.
Tony @ Tue, 06 March 2007 03:36
laughingit goes both ways....there's idiots on both sides....just go to democrat underground and compare....I.E. Who does he think he's bushitting anyway? And how many times does he think we might fall for his bushit? Un compassionate, phony ba$tard!

He is so full of himself. It's really rather sickening!
Beth Gehring @ Tue, 06 March 2007 05:43

Ava! Wow! I just read my mother Jones and went immediately to check out your site. I am so proud of you! Keep up the amazing work that you are doing! You are definitely right! Thanks for carrying the torch!
Mark @ Wed, 07 March 2007 04:46
Ava, I greatly respect your courage in the face of such ignorance. I was especially amused by the hillbilly who thinks the Iraqi's flew the planes on 9/11. It is important to remember that this war is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It is an American issue that most Americans find abhorrent. I'm proud to be a tree hugging peace-nik who votes. That's the key. If Americans opposed to the president's policies had taken the time to vote in the presidential election as they did in the mid-term, we would not today be stuck with "the decider".
Tina @ Thu, 08 March 2007 08:28
All I can say is "you go girl"!! It is amazing how out of touch with reality people can be when it is staring them right in the face. Keep up the good fight and know that you are an inspiration...Peace
holly @ Fri, 09 March 2007 11:28
angrythey don't know what they are talking about!There is no way in hell that we are the reasons for things that go wrong in our world! It is becuse of people like them that other countries hate us and are terroising us! Bush is one of the WORST things that has happened to us! I am very proud of you, Ava, people like the people on this site might be queer tree lovers but at least we know right from wrong! We are the good people, they just don't know it yet!
holly @ Fri, 09 March 2007 11:36
i, myself have taken some pretty harsh things from speaking my mind before but nothing like they said to you! I have to say that "you are one tough chick" "show them whose boss" "tell them whose right!" US! WERE THE RIGHT ONES!
matthew loughran @ Sat, 10 March 2007 04:21
I like your site from what i have seen so far. i read the article about you in mother jones. all i can say is you are doing a great thing with the site.
I moved to galveston texas 3 and 1/2 years ago from the ny city area and i was working in downtown ny city on 9/11.
I saw the south tower hit by the plane on 9/11 and many people die and live in fear. I now feel that this administration not only knew 9/11 was going to happen but that it was a part of their larger plan for iraq and the control of the middle east. this lying nazi bush administration is causing death and destruction all over the world. everything people do all over this country to stop this damn iraq war from your site to activists in olympia washington stopping the striker vehicles from being shipped to iraq will bring this war to an end. impeaching bush and fat ass cheney would also stop the war too
Anonymous @ Sun, 11 March 2007 12:09
You know, I never thought I would live in a country where the government could (and would) tap your phone, open your mail, and view your financial records without a warrant. Where if you speak out against what's happening, you are labeled unpatriotic (and possibly put on a 'watch list.' Where the profits of big business come before the health and welfare of the public. But sadly, that's where we are. Thanks for what you're doing and keep up the good work!

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