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NEW VIDEO: California Dreaming?

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"Basically, um, it is like California with Baghdad as LA . . ." - Ann Coulter talking about Iraq.

The daily death toll in Iraq has risen above 100 a day and the civil war is only getting worse. California dreaming?

Posted on Fri, 09 February 2007 01:26
Samantha @ Fri, 09 February 2007 01:41
Good job, again, thanx for spreding the truth! wink

your fan, Sam!
pink x @ Fri, 09 February 2007 06:08
I'll watch it when I get home. WMP and Youtube are blocked where I am :(

Looks good though!
Amanda M @ Fri, 09 February 2007 07:36
Ava is an inspiration to all of the youth who will never settle for 'because I said so'. smile
jerry @ Sat, 10 February 2007 01:51
Ava, using Ann Coulter as your intro is
what separates you from the guys who get
the big bucks to do ineffective
high profile campaign ads. I know that I am late to finding out about you and
your work. Yea, I am impressed and get your film made and you got my support and you look OK, and you have that creative spark that you better not lose. I hope I see you again on TV and on C&L.
Good Luck...
Joe @ Sat, 10 February 2007 03:50
Is that supposed to be convicting, or what? Obviously a Republican president isn't going to remove troops from the Middle East, so is the democratic side going to "save" America? Who thinks some radical liberal such as Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton getting into office is going to help America? This war is completely necessary, why can't you see that?
pink x @ Sat, 10 February 2007 06:44
Hillary Clinton a "radical liberal"!! LOL, you 30 percenters bring a smile to my face.

BTW, Joe. You forgot the "Hussein" b/w
"Barack" and "Obama". Rupert Murdock or John Moody is gonna get ya... ;)
Joe @ Sat, 10 February 2007 08:49
I just got told. or something
Idk what the heck pink x is talking I'll just say that the war in Iraq is completely necessary. wassat
rightiswrong @ Sat, 10 February 2007 08:57
Hey Joe, get a fricking clue, will you? There is no necessity to our involvement in Iraq, they did not attack us, we invaded them without provocation. America has lost it's moral authority under the misleadership of this criminal Republican administration. Now, Iraq is in the middle of a civil war, we can not impose democracy on those who do not want it. If Iraq is to become a Democracy, its own citizens must be able to rise up and fight for it themselves. Why can't you see that or have you blinded by Right-wing talking points to the point that you can no longer think for yourself?
pink x @ Sat, 10 February 2007 09:09 30% have absolutely NO reading comprehension skills whatsoever.

I was addressing the right wing's obsession with calling Sen. Barack Obama "Barack Hussein Obama" in a LAME attempt to make him seem like a terrorist because they have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to attack him with.

And Hillary Clinton is NOT a liberal democrat. She is a DLC (Centrist) democrat, FTR.
ydd @ Sat, 10 February 2007 09:43
Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican?...The Iraqi war was a mistake that has cost this country dearly. Eash of the above have been involved in wars that were necessary, this issue is about getting out of a situation that was wrong and stupid to be involved in. Keep your eye on the ball Ava, don't get caught up in the fights of little people. Your cause is just and bigger than petty bickering. Your winning!!!KEEP ON KEEPING ON.
Joe @ Sat, 10 February 2007 10:18
I have a clue, I really do. Finding Saddam Hussein, was that good or bad? Iraq isn't a country full of poor people that can't defend themselves. Some are, of course, but what about the terrorist uprising? Shall we ignore that?
Denise @ Sun, 11 February 2007 11:40
Well,Joe,finding Saddam Hussein was both.Hussein did some really bad stuff to us.But he wasn't in charge of the 9/11.Some other dude(can't pernouce or spell his name)was in charge of it.And guess what,He isn't dead yet.And no we shouldn't ignore that.
Joe @ Sun, 11 February 2007 04:18
Ya Saddam was just one of thousands that have to be stopped. I don't think removing troops will help that situation
dennis grossman @ Sun, 11 February 2007 11:54
Anne Coulter: You see your own godlessness and think the world has truned away/You make evil into such richeousness/Foulest into fair/Is the anti christ a woman/She stumbles over grave yards in her eyes/in her mind shrugs/and the smoke rises from her body/the blood from her perfect sin.
Alan Charles @ Mon, 12 February 2007 08:33
Once more you have done even better than the last. I sent a link to this video to everyone in my address list, with a plea to my Bush supporters to open and WATCH this one! I can not believe they just don't CARE about the Iraqi people as long as THEIR lives don't change. Keep up the great work, Ava!
unclebob @ Mon, 12 February 2007 05:44
That's a very creative video. Yes, Ms. Coulter sometimes goes over the top with her comments. She is, however, extremely smart, and generally makes very good arguments.

Your appeal to the broken hearts of mothers, fathers, and children in Iraq is touching, and relevant. But please keep in mind that there are forces that want to massively increase the bloodshed, and the American forces are the only thing standing in their way.

There were weeping mothers, children, and fathers in South Viet Nam too. And when we left, they were slaughtered by the millions. We don't want that to happen in Iraq. If we leave too soon, it very well may.
Denise @ Mon, 12 February 2007 10:02
That is true Joe smile wassat
ydd @ Tue, 13 February 2007 12:17
millions slaughtered in Nam???
I'm confused!
choey @ Tue, 13 February 2007 12:50
Millions slaughtered in So. Vietnam after the take over?! WTF? Please, Uncle Bob, go read your history. And, BTW, if you're going to say, Oh, nevermind, I meant Cambodia, please go read your history again . US bombing and support for a corrupt military coup in Cambodia radicalized the Khmer Rouge.

And, BTW, the war in Vietnam was a civil war too. You'd think we'd have learned something after that one.

As to Iraq. We support the Shias, the Sunnis shoot our soldiers. We support the Sunnis, the Shia shoot our soldiers. What a great spot we have our troops in.

Let's support our troops by bringing them home. Let's support the war on terror by going after Al Qaida and getting Osama Bin Laden.
ydd @ Tue, 13 February 2007 02:47
weeping mothers, children, dead babies etc. came because France and then us continued a war. At least we thought we were stopping the spread of communism, what is our cause in Iraq?
Paigey @ Tue, 13 February 2007 03:42
smile Dear Ava,
You are doing something great.
Joe @ Thu, 15 February 2007 12:44
Hey ydd, our cause in Iraq is freedom from terrorism. If you remember 9/11, you should be able to understand that. Who wants that to happen again? Anybody?
ydd @ Thu, 15 February 2007 08:46
We were told the war was to destroy weapons of mass construction in a country that was totally contained by a no fire zone. Then we were told it was to liberate them from Saddam, give women equality and install Jeffersonian democracy. It is painful to admit the truth, but we are in trouble because a fool led us into a fools errand and then mismanaged that.
ydd @ Thu, 15 February 2007 08:50
By the way the terrorist were natives of Saudi Arabia and trained in afghanistan. I was all for stiking our boot up Ben Ladens rear end, but now I have to suffer the shame and humiliation of that snesring terrorist being free while we referree a civil war.
ydd @ Thu, 15 February 2007 08:55
Mass destruction, Save you the effort of correcting me. The mass construction was a way for Halliburton to rob our war budget.
unclebob @ Thu, 15 February 2007 02:10
I know my history pretty well. Millions died in SE Asia as a result of the communist takeover in SVN. After we left our promise of support to SVN was the last bulwark preventing that slaughter. When we turned our back on that promise, we left the people who depended on us to the mercy of warlords who indiscriminantly slaughtered them.

Blaming the US for "radicalizing" those warlords is a cop-out. People are responsible for their own actions. Pol Pot can't claim that the US made him do it.
ydd @ Thu, 15 February 2007 06:05
It's bleeding heart liberal pablum if Ava talks about the dying children in Iraq , but somehow you conservatives can cry for all the dead folks that will die because we quit sacrifizing American soldiers to make sure a civil war is fought fairly. By the way 60,000 GIs died in VietNam thats enough giving. We killed about 300,000 of them. I cried when I saw people hanging off helicopter rails when we pulled out of Nam, but 60,000 more dead GIs wouldn't have changed a thing and 1000 more American Coffins coming home from Iraq want change that situation. Just like in Iraq you can't decide who we were fighting in Nam. Was it Pol Pot, the communists, or Warlords? It was Viet Cong and NVA Regulars shooting at us.
We used to sing this song in Basic Training.
It's one, two, Three, Four... What are we fighting for... Don't ask me I don't give a damn... Next stop is Viet Nam
and its Five six, seven, eight open up them pearly gates... Be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box!!
Our's was not to reason why.
Lyric's by Country Joe and The Fish.
Lorca @ Mon, 19 February 2007 11:47
Ava - Thank you for reminding all of us that Iraqi civilians are dying every day for Bush and Cheney's war. I can't imagine that life was any worse under Saddam. At least then they had water and electricity. May God forgive Bush and Cheney because I can't.
barıŠ@ Thu, 22 February 2007 04:56
War and killing. It will only stop when people stop hating, the patently mental exercise of nursing wounds and stoking the fires of revenge. You can’t put out the fires of violence with gasoline. You must remove the fuel. There has to be an effort to understand and “to remember that all men, even our enemies are humanâ€

- Hacı BektaŠVeli

There is a site that is trying to educate the West and show them that there is a tradition of tolerance in the Middle East and that we need to come together for understanding. Maybe you could help them promote the site.

<a href="">Support world peace!</a>
Mark @ Thu, 22 February 2007 06:00
If our country was bombed and invaded without cause or provocation and we took up arms in the streets, are we terrorists or patriots? See?

How about get Bin Laden, America's sworn enemy, or would that ruffle too many feathers in Saudi Royal Family.

Good work Ava, I've just learned of you from the Mother Jones article. Keep it up.
Pat @ Thu, 22 February 2007 07:04
I am a 77 year-old grandmother and I think you are doing a wonderful thing through your website. I am sending your web address to everyone I know.
Thank you for your courage.
David @ Fri, 23 February 2007 12:45
I would just like to say that the following comment is going to take up multiple comment boxes. I appologize for the length, but I think it is imporants. Thanks
David @ Fri, 23 February 2007 12:48
I will state that I consider myself liberal. I am apposed to the war and I believe we have made some very big mistakes, but it upsets me that anyone who brings up a supporting statement about the war, or simply implies that it is not completely evil is accused of being a "heartless conservative." Because somebody can see both sides of the spectrum does not make that person cruel, or even conservative for that matter. It makes them enlightened. We liberals are called "radical liberals" because we have a reputation for seeing only one side. Yet in fact, I rarely hear conservatives insulting liberals. It seems the other way around. I am not saying that we are completely to blame or that conservatives haven't done their fair share, but why contribute to it. It seems so much lies within somebody's political preference. How can we make ourselves the victim and accuse them of stereotyping us as "radical liberals" when we see them as "heartless conservatives?" We are just as bad as they. And what's with the cheap, shallow blows. "30 percenters" and "you conservatives?"
David @ Fri, 23 February 2007 12:55
You guys are seriously giving liberals a bad name. Not one person who spoke a different opinion on this blog attacked any individual or even the morals of being a liberal. And yet because their opinion is different we feel the need to attack them. We call them one-sided and intolerant, but I think we really need to take a step back and look at ourselves. We have come to believe that our way is the right and only way. But isn't this what we claim to fight against? How can we care so much about people in other countries and yet have so much spite for those in our own. Now true, we are not being killed. But how can you say you want peace when you attack someone who does not share your opinion? It is simply hypocrisy. How can we try to make peace and concern ourselves with another country when we can't find it within our own. I know my comment has little to do with the war, but I think it is important. Please don't take this as an accusation or an attack. I only write this out of concern that we our losing sight of our morals, not only liberals but as a country. What ever happened to peaceful protest and tolerance? Tolerance is a two-way street. You can't accuse someone of a crime that you are committing yourself. Be the difference between petty arguing and making a change.
David @ Fri, 23 February 2007 12:58
Don't lose sight of what we base ourselves off of. Rise above. If anything, don't stoop to anyone's level. I think Ava is doing an incredible job of this. She places her opinions and arguements out on the table, but does not bash those of others. Ava, I think you are doing a really great thing. Keep it up. It's people like you that change the world, and our world is in so desperate need of it. Thank you for all you do. I would also like to mention that although it may seem in this post that I believe that you can only be either liberal or conservative, or that I am wrapped up in the whole matter, this is not true. I don't mean this in any way to be an attack on people who consider themselves liberal or conservative, or even to make it an "us" and "them" situation (I would only be hurting my cause), but really a concern for people in general. The only reason I say "we liberals" and etc. is because it seems to relate with the people on this page and it seems the most effective way to get my point across. However everyone is guilty of it. As a country there will always be disagreement in opinion, but can't we learn to tolerate and peacefully protest rather than argue?
David @ Fri, 23 February 2007 01:15
ydd @ Fri, 23 February 2007 10:53
Robert Frost once said that "a liberal is a person who won't take thier own side in an argument". This time on this issue of the Iraq war lets be clear that we want our soldiers out of Iraq.
john @ Fri, 23 February 2007 05:05
people get too hung up on details, and it distracts from the most basic concept to be focused on: human life transcends all; trivial political motives and agendas included. remember Gandhi.
johnpirate @ Fri, 23 February 2007 06:56
you have found your voice. Use it...Use it...Use it.
In the presence of great injustice; agitate, agitiate, agitate -
Fredrick Douglas
You go girl; we are right behind you...
Ash @ Fri, 23 February 2007 10:25

You really do need to get a clue.
Len Nysted @ Sat, 24 February 2007 12:50
You are a very astute and courageous young lady; God bless you for that which you are doing.
R Cirlante @ Sun, 25 February 2007 02:30
To Ava; give em hell... the cost of war is significant regardless.

To Joe; Oh my god! This war is completely necessary!? Dude turn off the FOX News channel and expand your horizons.

To David; so you rarely hear conservatives insulting liberals!!!!???? I don't even know how to begin to address that one! It's NON-STOP! Why not start with Ann Coulter. I am SICK TO DEATH of being told I'm not patriotic or listening to so called "conservatives" bloviate about who does or does not support the troops while they continue to under fund them and cut benefits. AND Please point out some merits of the other side of the "spectrum"... because in my mind anyone with one eye opened can see that the neo cons are pursuing an agenda that has nothing to do with the succession of reasons de jour and the delusional 30 percent that still worship them are little more than obedient lap dogs. No reasoning on their part, just slobbering devotion. So please, someone explain that side of the spectrum for me, I'm willing to listen. But you'll need to provide facts, quote credible sources etc. and that's a problem. I'm not interested more of the same unsubstantiateable rubbish and talking points that continues to come out of this administration so save that stuff for the click.

Republican? Democrat? It's time to fight for humanity and that's something that's missing from both platforms. In politics it's about dollars not people...
Lora @ Sun, 25 February 2007 02:41
Hi Ava,
I read the article in "Mother Jones"
and then went to your web site. I hope that more people find you. We need the courage to speak the truth and you are a breath of freash air. Keep up the good work, your not alone.
David @ Mon, 26 February 2007 01:18
Hey I was just trying to give advice to keep an open mind and be adapt to listening and seeking to understand. But I guess most people are just on the defense, eh? That's what I take from "peace takes courage", courage to listen, unserstand, and admit that you are not always right. I admit that I was probably making a false statement in saying that conservatives don't oppress liberals. I will back down. I should have said that we should just not stoop. Thank you for pointing that out. I just wish people would understand that peace isn't only on the war and political front. But I guess there can't even be peace on on a blog page... about peace. I appreciate good natured debate, but I believe it has gone beyond that. hh well. I don't think I have the stomach for these issues. Enjoy your arguing. And Ava, once again thank you for being brave.
Kbob @ Mon, 26 February 2007 02:03
David, you spent about a thousand words or more arguing how Liberals need to be more "open minded." And all of a sudden, you don't have the "stomach for these issues"?! With all due respect, when the situation is as serious as it is, then debating the issue with a "good nature" does not do any justice to the situation at all.

I won't question your Liberal claims, but lecturing Liberals on how to act like Liberals does not exactly help your argument. Do not buy the NeoCon stereotype that Liberals will not fight back. That is the sort of thing that gives pundits like Ann Coulter the forum to call us "Godless." Should we simply say, "Good point, Ann. I'll take that on point and get back to you"?!

The only thing better than speaking softly and carrying a big stick is speaking LOUDLY and carrying a big stick. Do it correctly, and you won't need the stick at all.
bill deruyter @ Mon, 26 February 2007 05:42
Thank you Ava, for your courage to speak up.It's hard to believe some of the comments from Americans that state that this war is a necessary evil.This kind of thinking has a lot of citizens worried about the future of America. This war cannot be won as any 10 year old will tell you. The costs in human lives and certainly the monetary costs will ruin us as a nation. So keep up the fight,Ava. Let me know what I can do to help.
Jack @ Mon, 26 February 2007 09:20
I believe that the fate of this nation is revealed in Chalmers Johnson's "Sorrows of Empire" Fate of US
1 Loss of liberty
2 Continuous War
3 Loss of Truth
4 financial ruin and bankruptcy (like the Soviet Union)
Sarah @ Mon, 26 February 2007 11:21
After watching the part of this movie that had Iraqis carrying coffins and seeing the funnerals American soldiers had I was struck by how similar we both are. We maybe from different cultures but that is no reason to sit by and watch people die....
Bridgette @ Tue, 27 February 2007 01:36
I just read about this site and its amazing author in Mother Jones. At a time when the high school drop-out rate and apathy amongst our youth is reportedly on the rise, I am inspired and rendered hopeful that the leaders of our future are, in fact, worthy and capable.

As a scholar of the Political Economy of the Middle East and the proud daughter of 2 retired military officers (one a Vietnam vet,) my heart suffers daily the plight of both our soldiers and the Iraqi people (more than 55% of whom were younger than Ava when this war started.)

If you have not seen it already, I must recommend Sinaan Antoon and Adam Shapiro's "About Baghdad" which is an amazing documentary subtitled in English...if you understand Arabic, it is even more heart-breaking. Go to

Continue with your great works, Ava. I am proud to be your fellow American.

Peace, Bridgette
Anita @ Thu, 01 March 2007 01:43
COngratulations on bringing attention to an incredible problem today in this country. You are doing what many adults are too cowardly to do - Take a stand against what is wrong. I hold everyone who voted, and continues to support the republicans, directly or indirectly, responsible for the blood bath going on in Iraq now, the unnessary loss of lives of both American youths and Iraqi civilians.

I am hoping this is a wake up call, for every thinking member of this society to realize that even your silence is a vote for the current situation.

Speak up, cast your vote, get others to vote, do whatever is in your power to create a power of peace that is greater than the evil force of hate that has been unleashed in the world today.

It is our only world.

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