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NEW VIDEO: How This Must End

Watch the video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

Over 3,046 U.S. Troops have died in Iraq. Thousands more have been wounded and tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed. We already know how this war must end. Now it's time for us to stand up and do something! Join us on the streets of DC this Saturday, January 27th, to tell the new Congress: Act NOW to bring the troops home! We the people have the power to control our country's path. It's up to use to use that power.

Visit for more details on the march.

Posted on Sun, 21 January 2007 12:47
stacy @ Sun, 21 January 2007 04:57
crying If only there was something that could be done. As a nation I feel like we try to forget that we are in war! We try to forget about the thousands of deaths and the sorrow of the families involved. Forgeting will not help!
Mark @ News Corpse @ Mon, 22 January 2007 12:13
I am so impressed with your creativity, but even more impressed with your passion and dedication.

I have a site (<a href="">News Corpse</a>) where I write about the media. There is a link at the top of the page to an article I posted about <em>"The Art Insurgency."</em> It is my call to incite an uprising of artists to fight back against an ever more repressive culture. I invite you to visit it.

And keep doing this important and evocative work.
joseph @ Mon, 22 January 2007 01:04
I'll be there with my family. My wife and I thought the video would also go well with "Superman" by Lori Anderson. Maybe a future one.

Peace & Solidarity, Joseph
Steve @ Mon, 22 January 2007 09:36
Maybe we should just start all over, from scratch. I think thats what we really need.
jurassicpork @ Mon, 22 January 2007 11:16
Since you made that video, Ava, ten more troops have died. It's impossible to stay completely up to date. I wisah I could afford to be in DC on the 27th, regardless of how cold it'll be.
ydd @ Tue, 23 January 2007 10:58
It is discouraging when everybody and all knownledge and wisdom says stop this carnage, and yet we seem to be ruled by a dictater. Don't give up, even one day shortened in that Iraqi hellhole will allow three or more young men or women to see their granchildren.
I once saw men die in Vietnam and now I shed tears remembering those men who unlike me, will never grow old with a wife or see their grandchildren succeed as you are.
andrey @ Sun, 28 January 2007 01:20
crying i wish their was no such thing as war only peace, sadly that will never be, humans are so cruel to each other
Edward @ Sun, 28 January 2007 08:29
How sad and misguided are the anti-war movement. I am a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and can tell you that pulling out US troops will not "end" any war.

Iraq has been at war with itself for 35+ years. Saddam had a monopoly on terror for that time. What we are seeing now is years of revenge being meted out. The only way to help the 99% of Iraqis who want peace and prosperity is to stay and help them.

Each casualty is sad. I had men die. But we lose more soldiers to motorcycle accidents in the US than we do each year in Afghanistan. I don't see anyone protesting troops' use of motorcycles.

If you want to change the world, don't bury your head in the sand and abandon those who need us. We didn't do it in WW1 and WW2, and we shouldn't do it now. The flag and Statue of Liberty should still stand for something. If you want to help, get the country on war footing, fund more aid to these countries, and help build them economically. Talk of pulling out is madness that demonstrates an emotional lack of understanding of the geopolitical situation.
Raymond @ Sun, 28 January 2007 09:18
angry"We the People" have had our say . . . "We the People" understand both the geopolitical and nationalpolitical situation . . . It is time for Haliburton Corp to be charged with embezelment and murder of innocents. On the news right now I hear another breaking story of diverted funds and overcharges related to this "War." If you do not understand what is being foisted upon this proud nation you are shoulder to shoulder with the "innocent" German Nationals of WWII. Be patriotic but do not be blind. See you at the pearly gates, hope neither of us gets turned away! @ Sun, 28 January 2007 03:37
I am so sorry that your web site has resulted in personal threats. I support your right to oppose the Iraq war. My problem is that many who do don't care about the war in Iraq. They simply care that America might succeed. Take a look at the groups and you find most with dark and sinister motives that have less to do with peace and more to do with ending capitalism, America, and our Republic.

When the war ends, as it will one day, they will move on to some other anti American tirade. Look at ANSWER, Code Pink, UPJC and the bunch and you find organizers who are not so much anti-war as they are anti-American. Those are the people that are so dangerous to America because they represent all that which they claim to oppose.
JJ @ Sun, 28 January 2007 03:42
Ava - this is one of your best, if not the best, animation that you've created yet. It demonstrates the needs and wants of our country at this time. It is a true call to action by our leaders. Thank you so much for not 'sticking your head in the sand'! (in response to Edward). And Thank You Edward for your service to our country...although your comander in chief is the very misguided and misled us and your country that you so defend in honor. Stand up like Ava, and ask the real questions that should be ask of a leader whom puts you in harms way, not defending this great land, but in conquest based on lies. Ava - your article in the Mobile Press Register was fantastic - keep up the good work, and thanks for asking the tough questions.
green guy @ Sun, 28 January 2007 07:08
The U,s,has been murdering people around the world sinse 1898.
It has proped up countless R.Wing dictatorship all over Latin America.It stole Hi.Killed millions in Phillipines,
Latin Countries have been invaded perhaps 50 times.
And the only country that has used Nuke Weapons on Civilians.
Vietnam was bombed and NAPALMED civilians since their war with France's Colonial war.
9-11-83,an elected head of state was murdered in Chile,on orders of the U.S.A Right wing Dictatorship was in Power for 16 years,and thousands were tortured and murdered.
There was a minimum of sectrarian Violence under Saddam,and he used his power Rusthless,however It was the U.S.That got them to really murder each other.
The Corporate Media,will NEVER tell anyone the Truth.
''We'' gave Saddam the Chemical weapons when they were fighting the Irannians,and the Know how to make them.
The Whole Iraqi,Infustutre was Privatised including the OIL.
And thats why they will FIGHT until they win,And Will.
The U.S.spends 10 Billion $ a month.Iraqi's maybe one penny for every 1000.00 $,You do the math
Tony D. Nelson @ Sun, 28 January 2007 07:39
I agree that our troops need to come home. But what we have to realize is that we can't pull out now. I don't agree with the war, but now that we are there, we have to finish it. If we pull out now, we leave a nation in shambles because of what the U.S. did. We must stay long enough to get Iraq to where they can defend their own government. If we pull out now, I'm sure Iraq would break into civil war.

About the deaths, 3,000 deaths is nothing. I agree they may have died in a war no one can explain, but remember it is war. Look at the total casualties from any other war in history. 3,000 deaths happened in an hour during some the battles in WWII.

Also, how can you say bring the troops home and also have a "Save Darfur" announcement on your page? What do you think it would take to save Darfur?

Sometimes I wish the U.S. would go back to isolationism and stay out of everyones business, but the truth is we can't. If we help someone, somebody gets mad, if we don't, someone gets mad. The U.S. is screwed either way we go!

P.S. I do admire you guts for being a 16 year old on here duking it out with half of a nation!
BayGirl in Spanish Fort @ Tue, 30 January 2007 11:19
Ava, How sad that a young girl who should be having fun at age 16, is caught up in such turmoil! Your mother would be doing you a greater service, if she is really "homeschooling" you , to actually be at HOME with you, teaching you how to look at all the data objectively. There are 2 sides to every story, and seeing things from other people's point of view can teach diplomacy. (Something you could stand to learn) Making people mad and ranting about only 1 side gets you nowhere - didn't we learn that from all the marches and riots of the 60's? (oh, you weren't around then!) Why don't you spend your time and energy on getting a real education? You are a bright and passionate young girl but you won't find a real education on the internet - sorry! Or a real life - get some friends and have some fun! Life is short.
By the way - I am a Christian and WWJD? He'd protect those that can't protect themselves. The Iraqi's need us. You might feel differently if you were a 16 yr old girl living in Iraq. Lucky to be in the USA, aren't we?
Cameron Sanders @ Thu, 01 February 2007 11:29
Why does our goverment spend 30billion dollars on warfair in three years to save another country. We have so many starving familys and not only that there are homeless kids that have no food. Bush is so in to politics and the war that he forgot about the people of the United States. Look at New Orleans; its' a warzone over there. It looks just like the middle east. The ppeople over there have still not been taken care of. They are starving. Poverty is bad enough already. Bush I'm talking to you. OUR PEOPLE NEED HELP ASAP.
angry angry angry
Diana @ Fri, 02 February 2007 06:24
To anyone so much in a dream world that you believe we actually are helping these poor Iraqi people, where have you been. We are the cause of all of this. As GWB statements were found to be lies another lie would surface. He finally admitted right after the elections that he actually went over there for oil. Where have you been.For every child in Iraq that happens to survive, he grows with hate for us for the murdering that he sees from us. How would you feel if we were invaded and occupied by a country and seeing are citizens murdered and our country in ruins. How would you feel. What has happened to some in our country. They treat this like an arcade game. These are real people. Our kids are dying, our money is being stolen by corruption and we are murdering innocent people.As for the statement about the people effected by Katrina. One of the worst deaths is by dehydration. Some of our babies died that way along with many others. GWB didn't even try to get there. That is the kind of person we are dealing with. We have no right to say that other countries governing powers are sadistic.crying
monkysrule @ Sun, 04 February 2007 08:59
i think this whole war is bull i think gwb needs to check himself there is a war going on and he acts like there is not angry he needs to rethink his actions crying for god sake there are tiny babies kids and parent dying and for what for us no for theirselvs no for no reson at all angry
animefreak @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:06
i just have one thing to ask if we take our troops out of iraq wont all the tarriests just come here...? That means that our contry will end up like iraq and we will all be killed just like them crying
Jessica @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:07
I think that you are an amazing role model, and this video is an a reality check for a lot of people who like to just go through life blissfully ignorant of the pains and sorrows our president has forced upon the country. Thank you for doing this and I wish you luck and success in your cause.
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:07
I think that Diana's comment is one of hte stupidest things I hav ever heard. How can you say that American soldiers are hurting Iraqi people. Sorry Diana but where have you been. We are helping these Iraqi people. I am pretty sure that Americans are not driving around in car bombs blowing people up, I think that are the Iraqi's. We are helping them not killing them, and where do all of you anti- war people have any right to say anything, are you in Iraq helping our country....... NO
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:11
Anybody hav anything to say to that?
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:14
Sorry guys but we are not in one of your little make believe worlds where everybody is nice to each other and no one kills. Get back to reality. If we did not go into Iraq, the terrorists could hav got there hands on Nuclear bombs, and another day like 9/11 could hav happened.
Sabrina @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:17
I think you are doing the right thing. I totally agree. I saw the video and it made me think what this war is doing to loved ones. I would not like someone in my family getting hurt or dying. You keep fighting and by the way I saw you on nick! I really agree.
Ryan again @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:19
Sabrina, dying is part of war, there is no other answer get with it.
Erika @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:23
Hi Ava!
I really agree with you. All of these poor people that want to save their country are really hurting their family's heart and their own by fighting in the war. I believe that you can make this war stop. Think about it right now there are people getting blown up. People from families are worried. Is this ever going to end? you tell me.
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:23
Eva- This site is a waste of time. I highly doubt that Bush come on this site and reads it. And if he did i highly doubt that this crap would change his mind about the war. You are wasting you time on a decision you are wrong about and you don't understand along with all the anti- war brainwashed kids. Do every1 a favor and just stop. wink
Anne @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:25
i agree with ryan and animefreak we need to saty in iraq this is one of my fav. songs please lisen to it
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:29
If we didnt go to Iraq, i am pretty sure 9/11 would hav happened again. Eva isnt that right?
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:34
Denise D.@04 Feb 2007 09:45p.m. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:34
I totaly agree with you Ryan.People do die and thats sad.But why do we always have to fight with Iraq?!Prabably the only reason we fight with with them is because they fight with us.But why?!Somebody please tell me! wassat
Ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:38
Why am i wasting my time giving you comments, when i know your site is making a difference at all. Well Ava i hope you get back to reality and relize taht in the world we live in, there is no other answer, you need to stop wasting you time and put it in something that actually helps people. That goes for all of you anti - war people. JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 10:07
What is your problem Ryan?! angryPeople can make a diffrence if they wanted to,But I still agree with you.We can't just go out in the middle of the field and say stop
Denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 10:22
Are you going to say something,Ryan?Somebody please talk to me sad
ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 10:32
She isnt making a difference atall
denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 10:40
Thanks 4 typing 2 me.youre right,she isn't smile wink
ryan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 10:46
how can u not agree with the war we are americans and we must all stick together
denise d. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 10:52
true dat smile wink
denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:01
how old are you anyways?
Denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:06
hello?! wassat
denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:16
nevermind sad
Grace @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:51
cryingI hate what people are doing. This is sad,I'm going to take this up with my church.
mike @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:54
i follow you all the way. i think that they should bring them back and put them on are streets to stop there murders and etc.
Hermione @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:57
Darn! again u r focusing on wat u dont want not wat u want... u are creating more war in Iraq!!! focus on peace! saftey of our soilders!~ law of Attraction my friend... law of attraction! smile
Jessica @ Mon, 05 February 2007 12:15
I don't know about u but this needs to end! angry all that is happening is kill kill kill! crying thats not gonna help at all sad if we want this to end we have to say what we want! smile why does'nt Mr.Bush send down one of his loved ones and see how it feels!! angry angry angry angry!

angry crying smile remember me,
Jessica Son Of God The One We Love
Karen @ Mon, 05 February 2007 12:23
angryRyan you and this war are stupid!!I hope you read this so you know how STUPID you are. Just go away with your stupid self
Mormon Patriot @ Mon, 05 February 2007 01:55
"Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in disbelief."
1 Nephi 4:13
Ryan @ Mon, 05 February 2007 08:25
Karen the only person that is stupid is you. FU!!! You people don't know what you are saying. You can't get out of the war now anyways, but if you dont want war over here, we hav to fight and risk peoples lives.

PS: From that one chatroom, this is FREEDOM!!!!!
Ryan @ Mon, 05 February 2007 08:29
Eva, please unbanish me from your chatroom, I dont think it is right you just banish me becasue I dont agree with you. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!! I am sorry for using personal attacks and i wont anymore if you let me in.

PS: This is Freedom
Ryan @ Mon, 05 February 2007 08:33
Hermione, wtf are you tlaking bout, where does law of attraction hav nething to do with this. Go back to Harry Potter Herminoe.

PS: This is Freedom
Ryan @ Mon, 05 February 2007 08:39
I would really like to know how this site and this blog are making a difference. I would really like all of you to tell me. I need a good laugh. laughing

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