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NEW VIDEO: 3,000 Too Many

Watch Video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

Over 3,000 American troops have now been killed in a war based on lies. Thousands more have been injured. It's up to as Americans to make sure that the lies stop. We must let our voices be known and get American back on track. In November we voted for change. We must now make sure those elected stay true to their word. Join us in D.C. on the 27th of January and help bring an end to this war!
Posted on Sun, 07 January 2007 10:16
bee ron @ Tue, 09 January 2007 10:49
a good one. i love the "lie" with the pictures. :)
Jeff @ Thu, 11 January 2007 11:32
Keep up the good work. I am a retired US Army master sergeant.
zachary @ Wed, 17 January 2007 11:11
it is a very good video
JJ @ Sun, 28 January 2007 03:55
wow - ava - your work is always incredible, but this speaks volumes. Keep up the good work! Thank you for standing up!
Mone @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:14
sumone must stand up for whats right! thanx a lot wink
coffee @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:20
President Bush sincerely believed Iraq had WMD. If you say something you sincerely believe to be true,it's not lying.

Wanna know who else thought Iraq had WMD? Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Russia,France,Germany,Italy,Po
pan,The United Nations all thought Iraq had WMD.
haley @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:23
I think this video speaks a lot about what George W. Bush has done wrong and that everyone should know that!!! I feel so very sorry for the people who have lost loved ones because of George W. Bush's lies.Thank you for having the courage to stand up and tell the truth! ^-^ love, haley
Proud 1st Cavalry Wife @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:30
I can't even begin to express how HURTFUL this is to so many American military families. There are two sides to every story and every emotion. You represent one side.
haley @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:35
My dad just watched this and said it was great but hhe thought there was 20,000 troops that died. cryingI am sorry for all those troops.
Denise D. @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:48
That was a fantastic video! smile wink wassat tongue sad angry crying
Denise D.again @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:51
crying sad
Camellia @ Sun, 04 February 2007 11:59
just amazing. crying
jasmine @ Mon, 05 February 2007 06:32
i feel sorry for all those families who are related to those who are hurt. but even more the soldiers. crying
Ryan @ Mon, 05 February 2007 11:10
Just stop the damn site Ava. This is a waste of time. If you dont agree with Bush and rest of America just leave the damn country and stop trying to make controversy.
Faithe @ Mon, 05 February 2007 07:20
that is a magnificent video.
you have stood up for all of those who couldnt. as they say you have freedom of speech. you can put all you want on this website and dont let anyone tell you otherwise! amazing. wink
bubbles @ Mon, 05 February 2007 07:45
i liked your clip it is really sad i feel very sorry for the people and there familys. it worries me because i've heard rumors about how the war is trying to get over in the U.S.A
from bubbles crying angry sad
Amber @ Mon, 05 February 2007 08:41
This website is awsome! I first heard about it by watching Nicknews.I've never seen anyone so strong and brave to start something like this...When i first heard about you and this website I realized what was going on in this world today. I'm only 14 and I really want to help but I just dont know how. I just found out that my brother might be going to Iraq sometime next year and im scared sad THIS NEEDS TO END NOW!!!
tori @ Tue, 06 February 2007 12:29
i love this site. i support our troops fully, but disagree with the war. iagree our troops should be sent home now.
im doing this comment in secret at school but what ever. ahahah.
Mormon Patriot @ Tue, 06 February 2007 06:23
Ryan is right
i live in california and i can not take this crap you r spreading ok Our Beloved President does not have full power ok that means other people had to say yes to going into iraq ok stop blaming President Bush and just leave the country you freaking communist
Denise @ Tue, 06 February 2007 07:45
If you don't mind me,Mormon, do you by any chance know Ryan?Anyways I totally support you and Ryan smile wink wink wink winkTell me more about your oppinion
squeqy @ Tue, 06 February 2007 08:46
hey i think all that bush is saying is b-shit he can say whatever he wants but it's lie after lie after lie is it ever going to stop. sad angry crying
kitten @ Tue, 06 February 2007 09:01
Outstanding, keep up the good work. This is very good I love it. We have to stand up for what's right! way to go!
Denise @ Tue, 06 February 2007 11:23
Just give up Kitten!Ava can't do anything about it anyways!You can't just e-mail the president like that.Get out of your little fanticy world.mmeeooowww! angry angry angry @ Wed, 07 February 2007 02:40
A teenager that sees the world and wants it to be better. You are awesome Ava!!! Truth is on your side, the lies are on the side of the war profiteers who have made millions as a result of hundreds of thousands of deaths.
Batteryposiitve @ Wed, 07 February 2007 02:58
What a weak argument to say that GWB is not a liar because "he really believed what he was saying." The fact is that he has been wrong umpteenth times about matters which have cost human lives in the tens of thousands. He was not fit to run a baseball team, and he certainly is not fit to run the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth. He should be impeached, removed from office, stripped of the ability to hold any elected post save dog catcher.
pink x @ Thu, 08 February 2007 12:16
I'm sorry if Ava hurts y'alls little feelings with her animations, but sometimes, the truth hurts.

Get over it.
Denise @ Sun, 11 February 2007 11:54
No you need to get over it!!!! angryYou're right, truth does hurt.The truth is,is that no matter how much we or she tries, nobody can do anything about it!!!! angry angry
pink x @ Thu, 15 February 2007 09:10
No, the truth is that this war is illegal, immoral and is an utter disaster. The Iraqies arent "greeting us as liberators" nor are the streets strewn with flowers and candy. As much as it pains me to say this, Saddam was the glue that held that country together. Now, with him gone, Iraq is in utter chaos.

And that's the truth. You neo cons, get over it, and realize that y'all are in the minority now. We see through your lies. You can't fool us anymore.
Sixties Marcher @ Fri, 23 February 2007 09:59
Peacetakescourage gives me great hope for the future.I love the comments - but notice that the Bush supporters can only repeat cliches. There's not an original thought there
Eleventh Earl @ Fri, 23 February 2007 10:04
Brilliant work - we must do everything we can to get the truth out there and to oppose this sick twisted lying abomination and the war it has foisted upon the world.
sandy @ Tue, 27 February 2007 01:35
ava, your site blew me away. this administration just lies spreads fear keep up the great work. it makes me proud that at your age,you have the isight and courage i'm 76 yo and admire you
Lisa @ Tue, 27 February 2007 04:24
What you are doing takes courage,creativity, and intelligence. Don't let the few ignorant ramblings of the right wing naysayers ever get you down. There are far more of us against the war and really have been for a long time. You are a positive role model for others and we need that as much as possible. Keep it up Ava!!!!!
Beth Cooper @ Sat, 03 March 2007 02:53
What's even more upsetting is that these are only the lives of the military that are being counted! How about all of the contracted soldiers that have died and the press that have been kidnapped and killed. I watched a senate meeting on "Today in WA" where mothers, wives and family members of men that had been contracted i.e. "hired" by a company 5 tiers below Haliburton yet still a direct relation of Haliburton and these people had gotten nothing in return. Their husbands and sons went there and were killed within days of arrival because unlike the military they weren't even given a map of the red zones and also did not have proper armor or weapons. Then to add insult to injury when trying to get to the bottom of what happened they were given the runaround and weren't even able to find out how their loved ones died. One mother was sent her son's arm and then 11 months later finally the rest of his corpse so she could bury him whole. So actually there are more like 4000 dead already if you count all of the contracted soldiers. Thank you for what you are doing. You are a brave Angel...
B Cooper Studio City CA
Donna @ Sat, 03 March 2007 04:30
You are an amazing young woman and it fills me with hope when I see your commitment to peace and justice. It will be young people, like yourself, who will change our world. Thank you.
Teresa @ Wed, 07 March 2007 05:54
i'm glad that you are around--you make me proud of us again..proud of the age of intelligence.
emma @ Wed, 07 March 2007 08:13
i only wish that i had the courage and the creativity you have. never give up in your fight. for every hurtful comment you have received, just know that there are 10 encouraging comments right behind!! smile
Robert @ Mon, 12 March 2007 08:40
To Pink,

To say that Sadaam was the glue that held Iraq together is rather luidicrous. To praise Sadaam as some sort of hero to the world is more distrubing. This was truly an evil man and the fact that he is gone is a wonderful thing. He used chemical agents on his own people. He had rape rooms. Do not dilute yourself as to what this man was and do not underestimate how the Iraqis need us here now.

SSG Robert E. Barnes
Balad, Iraq
romeo @ Mon, 12 March 2007 10:43
it's sad to see where have your country gone.a promised land now hated by all over the world.because that cowboy of yours.i'm from croatia, fmr republic of yougoslavia, and we've always been in some kind of war and unlike you guys, on our doors. our grandfathers, fathers and now close friends have been killed or injured.war is just exeptions.go home.make your loved ones happy.end the war.peace ava.
Robert @ Tue, 13 March 2007 09:12
War is just wrong no exceptions? Really now!! Let's think about this for a minute. So if we went to say that war is wrong no exceptions, then the Third Reich would control at least all of Europe. My Grandma was from Slovenia also from the former Yugoslavia. She has told me about war, intolerance, and suffering. Let's be a little more realistic with your opinions.

SSG Barnes
Balad, Iraq
sandalfun13 @ Tue, 13 March 2007 11:45
smile Its so nice to see ruffled feathers on those who feel a draft sneaking in through closed minds, i've been to iraq twice and would report that there is nothing moral, just or right about what we them us or those guys are doing, it's chaos, the only sense of progress we've made is what the news molds and chooses to show us all, Thank you for showing an alternative view if nothing else i am gratefull for your work and dedication
David Torres @ Wed, 14 March 2007 03:58
Bravo, Ava! The light of truth dispels the darkness of deception. Keep shining your courageous light.
Saeed @ Sat, 17 March 2007 10:44
Coffee, the WMD inspector told Bush that there were NO WMD. even if everyone thought Iraq had these weapons non of then thought war was the answer.
Retired Soldier.
Mike @ Sat, 17 March 2007 11:59
Thank you Ava, I am very impressed with you at your age. What amazes me is that you do not have to fabricate anything to see the lies, just look back at all the news reports and articles and you can see george lie and lie again to the American people. It really must take an idiot to keep beliving the lies at this point, insanity is what it is.
Diana @ Sat, 17 March 2007 01:44
Earlier today, I saw you on tv, and now I just finished visiting your blog. Thank you for reminding me that the little I've done is not enough.
MHG @ Sat, 17 March 2007 03:25
Thank you Ava. You keep on keeping on. Remember that the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. Maybe there have been "just wars", maybe not. But this is not one of them. What did 9/11 have to do with Sadaam anyway? It wasn't Iraqis on those planes.

You know, "Jesus don't like killin', no matter what the reason for. Your flag decal won't get you into Heaven anymore." - John Prine
Susie Gegenhuber @ Sat, 17 March 2007 04:26
Ava, this is wonderful. I am in tears.
You are so right. I will do what I can to help. Money counts, I'll send a contribution. Bless everyone, no exceptions.
Independent thinker @ Fri, 11 May 2007 09:24
angryi totaly agree with this site i saw it on nick news i i support it fully the government is wrong for wat they are doing
Robert @ Sun, 24 June 2007 12:54
wassat To SSG Robert from a former SSG.
I don't believe Pink praised Sadaam. I think it is pretty much a fact that he held the country together by keeping it under his thumb. Was he a bad person, of course he was. But are the Iraqi people better off now? You'd be hard pressed to convince me of that. As for gassing his own people, do you ever think about who (what government) gave him the chemical weapons? As for torture and rape, seems like we aren't totally innocent in that field either. Maybe you should start researching the reasons we are in Iraq instead of listening only to George and "The Dick".
Robert @ Sun, 24 June 2007 01:04
Bravo Ava!
Keep up the great work. For every Coffee, Ryan, Denise and Mormon Patriot there are ten who know better. More and more people are becoming aware that they were sold a huge lie at the start of the occupation of Iraq. It took years for some of them, but as the Bush approval rating shows only about 1 in 3 still believe his BS. To me that just proves some people are slow learners.
annonumous @ Thu, 19 July 2007 05:12

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