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NEW VIDEO - Christmas at War

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It's one week before Christmas. 2,948 American families will be missing a family member this Christmas due to this immoral war in Iraq. According to a recent study it is estimated that around 650,000 Iraqis have also died since the war begin. This Christmas we need to all take time out of our busy holiday schedules to think about those who have been killed in the Iraq war. It is up to us to make sure that this coming year brings many changes to help get our country back on track. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ - who taught love, compassion, understanding, and most of all PEACE. Let this holiday remind us that peace is a possible goal and that we have much work to do in order to achieve it.
Posted on Mon, 18 December 2006 12:39
Larry Piper @ Mon, 18 December 2006 06:12
being a 'spiritual' person, but not being Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc., i have no reason to hate or hurt anyone other than in possibly defending myself against their misguided stupidity.

i hope all who misuse their inherited ethnic, racial, religious differences will learn empathy someday, somehow.

if they could all be shown your videos, maybe it would exert a small push in that direction. although, so many, including 'our' President, so stubbornly cling to their arrogant ignorance. "sigh"

another poignant and pointed message, Ava. you still work well even though with one hand only. i hope the fracture is healing well and quickly.

happy holidays,
Bruce Larson*Moore @ Mon, 18 December 2006 04:36
The Last*One
(A Body Count)

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one, who carried a gun,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one, who fired a shot,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one, who took a life,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who marched for god and country,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who knew the reality and tragedy of conflict,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who came home in a body bag,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who sacrificed life, liberty, family and honor,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest the last one,
who spared my daughter, your son and our loved ones,

Beneath this white cross is laid to rest one of many,
who’s last breath cried out for mother and
asked for us to give peace a chance,

Imagine if beneath this white cross laid a stone inscribed,

“Rest in Peace†Casey Sheehan,

Imagine !

We All are Saying - Build Peace Today

©Bruce Larson*Moore

World*Peace - No*Compromise - The*Video
Tyrone @ Mon, 18 December 2006 10:11
You are still Alabama's brightest star. Just wanted to say hello again.
Philip Brzezinski @ Tue, 19 December 2006 01:15
Bravo!! Another video well done!!
Dennis Sutton @ Tue, 19 December 2006 02:43
After I left Vietnam in 1971 I vowed no child of mine was to ever wage war. I am lucky to have two wonderful children that are safe My heart goes out to everyone in this BUSH mess.
charley matera @ Wed, 20 December 2006 03:30
1. Peace doesnt take courage, it only takes peace. A Muste said "There is no way to peace, peace is the way".
2. When will we ever understand there is no honor in war. God does not side with one country or the other! As A Lincoln said "Rather than God be on our side, I would hope that we are on God's side." Our soldiers, God protect them, live with this false inspiration of "honor" as a daily motivation. That and survival. It is all monstrous and a fabrication we MUST start telling the truth about because George has NO CLUE!
3. I am today saddened and more apprehensive as we listen to the newss that tells us George is thinking about sending MORE, for a "surge", a decision he will not be "hurried" into. He is clearly lost. I hold my breath waiting for 2008, but I fear it will be too late.
venenu @ Fri, 22 December 2006 09:08
crying how many more lives, how much more destruction will it take for all of us to realize war is not the way to solve our problems...laments.
Susan @ Fri, 22 December 2006 05:31
Thank you for the beautiful rememberance of the true cost of war.
PattiS @ Fri, 22 December 2006 11:44
Everyday I see this war going nowhere. Its time for this war to end and needs to end. Its sad seeing the lives lost..innocent people caught in the line of an Christian song "Tears are a language God understands."
Jenny'O @ Sat, 23 December 2006 12:10
Dear Ava, I was brought to tears again. Your videos always do this to me. Someone so young to have such a heart and soul.
Bless you and thank you for doing your work. I know it is helping.
Jenny Lee
David D @ Sat, 23 December 2006 03:30

Thank you. A very powerful site. I just sent the link out to a long list of supporters as well as a select list of coworkers, many of whom have argued from a religious persective that this war was the right thing to do. I may be fired, but I will not cease to try and steer my country back to the high rinciles that could make it great again. We're lost right now.
geri T @ Sun, 24 December 2006 03:23
Bless you for your very poignant reminder of what Christmas is about for the least fortunate amongst us. You do important work.
Terrible @ Sun, 24 December 2006 03:50
Another great video Ava! Thanks!
wijg? @ Sun, 24 December 2006 04:38
You are bright and compassionate. Your parents must be proud! Thank you for all you do.
Dave @ Sun, 24 December 2006 06:29
Ava, your video ends appropriately with "We must end this war." But it should be the question "How will we end this war?" With this administration leaning toward sending more troops, the only way is if we take action. Bush said the Democrats won the House and Senate majorities because "the American public wants us to work together in a bi-partisan way." What he fails to comprehend is that we want an end to Iraq War. The polls say that and we said that in the November elections. If he continues to refuse to hear this message, we must do whatever it takes get him to reverse his position, even to go so far as impeachment. He has proven he is irresponsible for his actions and his decision making. He must be held accountable. Like an irresponsible teenage driver, he's lost his driving privileges and his keys need to be taken away before someone else gets hurt. Crossing our fingers for two years and hoping nothing happens is like sticking our heads in the sand. Are we really willing to rely on this president when the next crisis comes along? By then it will be too late.... Thanks.
Christian @ Sun, 24 December 2006 08:07
It isn't just Iraq. It is Sudan, Venesuala, Cuba, Korea, Guatamala, Somalia, Kosovo, Kiergistan, and many other places around the globe.

Focusing on Iraq is understandable, but the American Empire has committed offence after offence around the globe for the past 50 years. It has military bases in every country around the world. It is rapidly moving into space.

All this is led by the European bankers, whom are about to plunge America and the world into a new Depression and then buy out all that remains.

Time to wake up people. It is not Bush and Cheney. It is the financial elite that controls and dictates what happens. They have been doing so for hundreds of years.

Get out of debt and stop voting. Turn off your TV, start a garden and join a local group interested in surviving off the land. Love your wife or husband and teach your children how to think, not what to think.
Ali @ Sun, 24 December 2006 08:30

Thank you for what you do. You exemplify courage and determination. Peace and love.
amilius @ Mon, 25 December 2006 03:12
With these words, "Choose for others only as One would choose for One's self", Jesus taught the Law of Grace.
This is the Law of Grace:
All Choice generates Benefit for Purposes of Appreciation.
Gracious choices generate benevolence for sharing.
Ungracious choices generate instructive consequences that remind One that a more gracious choice was missed in the taking.
Both benevolence and instructive consequence might be graciously appreciated.
The Golden Rule guarantees gracious behavior when honored.
All of the instructive consequences we regret are the result of ungracious choices we have allowed. It is time to choose differently.
Ava, thank you for the powerful simple gracious message you have shared with the world.
One does not disenfranchise a people in their own land without inviting consequence to One's self in One's own land.
The most powerful words for Peace are:
We would love to share with you from what we have if you would so choose.
Who among our leaders do you hear saying this?
We are all One. One designed it this way before 'we' came into being.
Namaste. Amilius
Bob @ Mon, 25 December 2006 06:18
The use of the song "Silent Night" was perfect. It is a song Christians sign about the inner peace that comes from the birth of one who came to save the word. The words are ironic now when we think that the Iraq adventure was, among other things, supposed to be a way to bring peace to that part of the country through a "birth" of democracy. Instead Iraq is an unending night of unholy terror. If we are Americans who love our country we should feel nothing but shame now, whether we supported the war initially or not. This Christmas, morally righteous Christians should find it hard to sing this song and feel peace.
Captain G @ Mon, 25 December 2006 09:17
Ava; This is a wonderful video. I'm currently serving in Iraq and find your videos heartful and sincere, two things this current administration doesn't have. Images like this touch the heart and soul of all us soldiers. We can only hope that people back in the states see what is happening and the struggle we have. Certainly our politicians don't see it. Thank you.
Matthew @ Mon, 25 December 2006 11:56
Another very well done and moving video. It really drives home the universality of the grief and suffering caused by this war. Thank you for the timely reminder.
robynne d @ Wed, 03 January 2007 08:11
None of us birthed our babies to sacrifice their lives meaninglessly or for them to be the agent of death. All Mothers love their children, and when children die, the mother's herat breaks, and the world starts to slowly die. sad
Samantha @ Fri, 09 February 2007 01:50
This is my class and i am resenting what they want to say, THANK YOU!
You are a hero! thanx a lot for showing us this!
brittney @ Sun, 18 February 2007 08:25
smiledont let anyone stop you. keep up the fight. it is evergoing. you are my hero. <3
Nicky @ Wed, 14 March 2007 09:00
sad I always say I want this and that for Christmas but now I realize these kids just want to be fed and be able to wake up in the morning. It's sad the way ppl treat other ppl it's like were 're all out to fight each other and then there is no one to pick us up when were're down and hurt. I look up to you and don't EVER stop fighting for what is right.
Effie @ Wed, 21 March 2007 12:18
Ava, your video made me cry... Please keep up the good work.
MUPPET/CHANGE1995 @ Tue, 05 June 2007 12:29
Peace does take courage, and courage is one of the many powers we all hold. We do have the power to do something about this situation. Also, you go Nicky! VOTE FOR OBAMA!
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