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Posted by Ava

NEW VIDEO: UFPJ - Keep Hope Alive!

United for Peace and Justice asked me to create a short video to help promote the massive march in Washington, D.C., that will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2007. It is my honor to help promote this soon-to-be historic event. It's time to call on Congress to take immediate action to end the war. Join us in D.C. on the 27th of January and help bring an end to this war! For more details visit:

Watch the Video: Windows Media | YouTube

Posted on Thu, 07 December 2006 07:55
PattiS. @ Sun, 10 December 2006 11:54
My eyes have seen the truth and the truth has set me free..I see and seen how this country is slowly falling apart and I see the men women and children dying everyday in Iraq. We must do something about this as country and show our leaders that its time FOR A CHANGE time for our troops to come home. This war was based on a lie and the lie has costed so much death and sadness.
Stay courageous and true Ava God bless you,
Michael Perkins MFSO-MN @ Mon, 11 December 2006 01:36
Ava; You do some truly inspiring work and have a wonderful heart,please get well so you can come back w/ more of your trademark video's
Bruce Larson*Moore @ Sun, 17 December 2006 06:30

Imagine leadership controlled NOT by political, corporate, religious or lobbied agendas, BUT rather leadership supportive of the true needs of the people, leadership that fosters relationships rather than revolutions, leadership that builds hope rather than hopelessness, leadership founded by the people, for the people and of the people, NOT by a select few who claim knowledge and understanding of geopolitical workings and agenda, BUT rather leadership by people who actually work and live within the consequences and affects of the agenda driven special interest policies created to manage the leadership and flow of power, resource and economy.

Imagine leaders who come from the ranks of the people affected by such policy.

Imagine a world whose business is to use the tools of wealth and power to build a relationship of humanity controlled by the peoples desires of health, happiness, truth, justice, global and environmental harmony.

Imagine the true realization of the American Dream.

Imagine all the leaders working to benefit all the world.

“ I’m not the only one, perhaps some day you’ll join us, and the world can live - The Peoples*Dream - as one.â€

Support*Truth - Not Agenda

We*All are Saying - Build*Peace Today.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
World*Peace - Profit">The Last*War
Bruce Larson*Moore @ Sun, 17 December 2006 06:39
opps, your blog dont like quotations and some special characters ;)

so here's that last line and link again, sorry ;(

I am not the only one, perhaps some day you will join us, and the world can live - The Peoples*Dream - as one.

Bruce Larson*Moore
World*Peace - Profit
The Last*War
Raffaele @ Thu, 12 April 2007 07:56
Hope's always alive, otherwise we shouldn't live day to day. a war can kill the hope, but it can also wake up, and 'take courage' to it if that's put out. we must end this war: i'm thinking Usa, Uk and my Country, Italy, are living an awful dictature, being in a terrible lie told by our dirty politicians.
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