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Posted by Ava

New Video: END THIS WAR!

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The name of the video pretty much says it all. It's time we start demanding answers and accountability. Only then can we end this war and begin to get America back on track. As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families today, please remember to keep the thousands of American and Iraqi families that have lost loved ones in this war in your thoughts and prayers. Bring Them Home!!!

Posted on Thu, 23 November 2006 02:00
Karen & Roy Bernhardt @ Thu, 23 November 2006 12:32
Alwin @ Sun, 26 November 2006 10:16
I like this clip, because it shows a bit more reality then the news here in the US. I hope I could get it down to my computer somehow for my presentation in my history class.
Alwin, German student in El Paso, TX
bernadene @ Mon, 27 November 2006 10:04
Very good, Ava. dramatic, one of your best yet. Music is fitting as ever. keep up the gdod work; and please continue getting photos off the internet, and elsewhere, we need to have these images preserved. your work and dedication will pay off. keep the faith and the energy for your extremely important work. thnaks again.
Lily @ Mon, 27 November 2006 09:49
Ava,GOD BLESS YOU, keep up the good work,we have to pray for our troops and the Iraqi people. This video is so impressive, I wonder if the Bush Administration will have any credebility again.
Raymond @ Tue, 05 December 2006 05:46
I feel ashamed as many people in Iraq and America feel left alone.
Give them back there loved ones.

Ava I send you a message of love!
John @ Wed, 06 December 2006 11:23
Please vote to stop this war!!
john doe @ Thu, 07 December 2006 10:50
Bush should be in Iraq with his soldiers or he needs to bring them home. angry
Alan Charles @ Tue, 12 December 2006 06:16
Ava, I send links to your videos to everyone in my address list in the hopes they will be touched and take a moment to write their representatives in Washington to ask them to do all they can to bring our troops home.

You have a gift. Don't ever stop using it.
Dwane Rogers @ Sat, 06 January 2007 01:15
Keep up the great work to end dumbya's illegal invasion of Iraq!
emax @ Tue, 16 January 2007 10:15
keana @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:01
i tottaly agree with your cause ever since the war started i've bin wishing it away.....
Meghan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:07
This is the most saddest thing in my life .I am only 10!This war should have never happen in the first place. If the do have a war they should really bring the people that are peaceful and bring them to U.S.A.
cristo @ Thu, 05 July 2007 12:16
bush is so stupid! this war has gone on long enough. enough of our people have died. before you know it at least 1/3 of people that died in 911 will die at war, and not one of them will be bush or his family. we have real issues in this country that need to be dealt with, he needs to let these people fight there own pointless war, and bring ours HOME!!!...I mean what is he REALLY fighting for.. do the math. angry
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