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New Viral Ad: Support our Troops
The upcoming election in November is crucial to our country and our soldiers overseas. George W. Bush and the GOP claim they support our troops, but are they telling the truth? Watch the ad and then on November 7th elect the candidates that truly support our troops.

Watch the video:
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Posted on Thu, 26 October 2006 11:19
Sue @ Thu, 26 October 2006 01:10
Ava, Your videos need to be shown to every person that still supports this President and republicans in office. Very Very Powerful!!!
Jolly Sapper @ Thu, 26 October 2006 06:22
As always, quick and to the point, thanks for what you do.
John King @ Thu, 26 October 2006 06:34
Can you be specific regarding the $10 million in cuts? I hear from both sides that this is true and this is false. Can you give me definitive examples and figures?
Alan Charles @ Thu, 26 October 2006 06:36

I am so thankful for your ability to cut through all the bs with video.

Hope your 16th birthday was a great one!
Ava Lowery @ Thu, 26 October 2006 06:52
Here you go John:

Bush Cuts Veterans Health Care Funding by $10 Billion Over Five Years -
Over five years, President Bush's 2007 budget cuts funding $10 billion below the level the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates is needed to maintain purchasing power at the 2006 level. Almost all appropriated funding for veterans goes to provide medical care and hospital services. [House Budget Committee, Democratic Staff; 3/21/06]
KuciNicH @ Thu, 26 October 2006 06:52
Cool Video.!!

How bout the 20 million for the victory party????
John King-GHEY
They have cut everything from education to medical, pay attention. On top of that they give tax money, our money, to the oil companys that just happen to be having record profits.

John do you drive a car????
And can you prove that????
Jennifer @ Thu, 26 October 2006 07:41
Wonderful! Wise beyond your years! Thanks for all you do!
Mitchell @ Thu, 26 October 2006 07:45
Just one nit to pick. The text for the budget cut goes a bit fast and the word 'cut' in the text should also be in red. Other than that very powerful and should be presented everywhere you can.
Thanks tongue
Tyler @ Thu, 26 October 2006 07:49
I have the same comment as Mitchell.
Ava Lowery @ Thu, 26 October 2006 07:54
I actually already made an updated version of the video(with making the "cut" text red) earlier this afternoon, but I haven't had the time to reupload it until now. it should be finished with uploading in a few minutes.
Wackiavelli @ Thu, 26 October 2006 08:00
Good work, Ava. Thank you and keep it up.
ali @ Thu, 26 October 2006 08:15
Thank you for your courage. You are really a remarkable young woman.
Derek @ Fri, 27 October 2006 12:19
You Rock, Ava! We love ya in Brooklyn
lizzie @ Fri, 27 October 2006 01:19
I will forward this to every one in my address book. It is brilliant and powerful. Thank you for your exceptional work.
Clif @ Fri, 27 October 2006 03:50
I forwarded this video and two others you made on to a couple of blogs for people to watch.

Keep up the GOOD work, and remember that the oath of every service member includes the words,

......"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;"....

Ava, you are upholding the spirit of that oath even if you have never taken it.

Thank You, from a veteran of Operation Desert Storm.
JR @ Fri, 27 October 2006 07:45
I really don't know who you are, but, keep up the great work. I am a 48yr old man who has been keeping up with this asylum king george is creating. To add to you knowledge the king has also cut the monies for PTSD, and any future studies. It just so happens that that is the number one problem in this false war. Now it turns out that the king is sending the PTSD suffering soldiers (people) back to the front lines. When will God punish this evil?
John King @ Fri, 27 October 2006 08:36
Hey, KuciNicH, thanks for the personal attack. I was looking for information to support Ava. Grow up.
linda wiles @ Fri, 27 October 2006 09:17
Ava, a powerful cut to the quick message. Thank You and I have already voted and no war mongers got my vote. Wage Peace, Linda
alapip @ Fri, 27 October 2006 06:08
this is your most effective creation yet. i hope someone from the DCC is active in helping to disseminate your videos to the appropriate blogs and especially the mainstream media.
G @ Fri, 27 October 2006 11:06
Thank you. I just found your site. Please keep it up and to all who are true patriots, like Ave, spread the word. Thanks.
ydd @ Sun, 29 October 2006 02:39
One year in real combat that exposes a young mind to the horrors of war is more than enough to leave permanantly scars on any sensitive mind. It is unconscionable to send infantry soldiers back into bloody combat over and over again, and then cut support for treatment of PTSD. From now on lets have a good reason before we send our young people to fight, kill and die. Keep up the pressure!!!!!!
rightiswrong @ Thu, 02 November 2006 12:55
Nice work, Ava! Ignore the comments posted here by the Right-wing shills. Real American patriots appreciate the work you do.

You Ava are truly a Great American and an inspiration to others who know that this war of choice is destroying everything that was great about our country.

More than 2,800 American Dreams have been shattered (so far) by Bush's war. How many more must die before America wakes up and retakes it's position as the moral leader of the world? -Rightiswrong
Panagiotis @ Sun, 05 November 2006 06:33
rightiswrong said:
More than 2,800 American Dreams have been shattered

Yeas and more than 100,000 Iraqi dreams, I am anti-war and all and I think you should support the troops but it makes me so angry when people are against the war just because US troops are dieing, I have yet to hear the arguement we don't have the right to be there to be there, we don't have the right to screw the world while we live happily ever after, instead I keep hearing the arguement more US troops are dieing, we have to get out.
LordMortis @ Sun, 05 November 2006 10:46
I hate living in a conservative area. The only way I can keep from going insane is by going on these sites and by subscribing to UTNE. *sigh* crying
LordMortis @ Sun, 05 November 2006 10:49
Of course, I don't have it nearly as hard as our troops overseas. So let's impeach that BASTARD in the White House and bring them home.
Tyrone @ Mon, 27 November 2006 03:50
Dear Alabama Star: Have you ever made a video using the song WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR. I think that would be a bold move.
Pat @ Fri, 02 March 2007 03:28
winkI read about you and your website in Mother Jones and it is not at all what I expected--I expected good, this is GREAT!!
This is smart, incredibly powerful and to the point. You have done an excellent job. I will be buying tags up so you can make that documentary. It needs to be done and you can do it!! Thank you for your work, please keep it up!
P.S.--I've already sent this out to my friends.
Rochelle @ Wed, 30 May 2007 09:27
I heard about this on nickolodian and wanted to see the site for myself. I wanted to thank-you for what you are doing for our country!
Mary sue Conde @ Wed, 10 October 2007 09:01
angry If president Bush sent his precious daughters over to the hell on earth war and they came back with no fucking legs, that would be another story all together..........
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