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Posted by Ava

New Hurricane Katrina video
I just finished up a new Hurricane Katrina video.

Video - Windows Media Player
Video - Quicktime

Also please remember that victims of Hurricane Katrina are still struggling to recover almost a year later. At least 1,836 people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their homes. Peace Takes Courage has put together a list of organizations that are still working to help victims of the storm. Even the smallest amount helps, so please donate.

Please visit for information on how you can help Katrina victims.

EDIT: The video is now up on YouTube -

Posted on Wed, 23 August 2006 07:33
RKRM @ Wed, 23 August 2006 08:27
who sings lord he's gonna leave me all by myself?
David @ Wed, 23 August 2006 11:27
Very well done. But it made me very angry. As it should make everyone very angry. angry
YDD @ Thu, 24 August 2006 11:18
I was moved to tears.
Suzanne Giancola @ Thu, 24 August 2006 02:31
Thank you for reminding all of us of this tragedy, and that people are still suffering, and who was responsible for the suffering!
I have a personal friend that was there. His accounts of being in the Salvation Army building for 5 days with little water and food, the sweltering heat, the bodies foating down the roads and not knowing when they were going to be rescued was the most horrific thing I had ever heard.
We all need to remember that our "elected officials" failed us. Stand up people! Don't allow something like this or the Iraq war happen again! For our children's sakes!
Pennie @ Thu, 24 August 2006 03:29
smile Wonderfully awesome video. A link is going on my blog right now. I was down there after the hurricane to do animal rescue.
I'm ashamed of how not a damn thing has been done in some of these places to help rebuild.
Thank you...thank you...thank you
Jason Story @ Thu, 24 August 2006 03:51
Ava - What a brilliant, true, and sad portrait of reality; a reality that still exist for many of Mississippi and Louisiana residents....I went to Biloxi and New Orleans not long ago....and even after a year the scope and range of this tradgedy can not be captured by a news clip; but, your animation does the best job I've seen thus far at examining the Bush Administration's failure to respond or CARE! I cried when I was there and talked to the local people and I cried watching your animation; I cry for what is happening to our country and at what has NOT been done; even after a year. Please, no matter how many threats; no matter how many fear tatics are lodged your way; keep up the good work! Thanks.
Philip Brzezinski @ Fri, 25 August 2006 04:19
I saw that guy who lost his mother in hurricane Katrina...

If that was me, ol' King George's Secret Service bodyguards would have to take me out to keep me from kicking in his front door...
Patrick @ Fri, 25 August 2006 03:25
Just a point of reference for anyone who might be visiting this page. Here's the facts on the issue. Very clearly laid out by MediaMatters:
Dwaina @ Fri, 25 August 2006 09:59
Truly haunting. I cried when I reached the clip of the man who lost his mother (and I agree with Phillp on his statement). Thank you especially for including info on how people can still help. I'm going to make another donation today.
lorca @ Sat, 26 August 2006 03:37
Ava, you are a truly beautiful soul. George Bush may not ever be held accountable in this life, but he will be held accountable in the next life.
KingCranky @ Sat, 26 August 2006 02:41
On the 1 year anniversary of Katrina, August 29, it's important to remember all the devastation wrought by a storm and compounded by the completely ineffectual federal rescue & relief operation

In that spirit, a few sites-Shakespeare's Sister & mine-are trying to get a blogswarm of posts about how the Govt failed it's the most vulnerable citizens in the most shameful ways possible

We know this Administration and it's retinue are going to try and get past the katrina anniversary ASAP to get to the 5th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks

It may seem pointless in criticizing the Administration's lack of shame, sometimes the outcries work for the greater good-After the storm, W signed an executive order that allowed employers in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to pay the prevailing-NOT minimum-wage

The resulting public anger & fury caused W to back down in a hurry

For further info from SS-who says send her a link if posting Katrina related pieces for the August 29 anniversary

And for an essay about Rememberance & Accountability

The very least those who died, suffered, or were scattered from their homes-because of the Govts failure at all levels-deserve is the attention we can bring to their stories and lives
bernadene @ Sun, 27 August 2006 09:53
great Ava. moving and poingant as always. i wonder what happend to the little boy that couldn't wake up?
Ron @ Mon, 04 September 2006 08:21
And just how many millions designated to levee restoratiom was spent by the "fine" goverment of Louisiana? I used to live there, 15 years, I know...
BH in QC @ Mon, 11 September 2006 08:56

I never thought I'd live to see Americans starving to death in an NFL stadium.
Tyrone @ Tue, 12 September 2006 03:17
I was in the dome, no one was starving to death, no rapes no murder, a bunch of lies by news people and our mayor. Its our fault for not taking responsiblity for ourselfs. We could have gotten out but did listen to the government. I learned from this and have given up looking for help and have gone back to work. My kids are better off now becuase I stood up and took responslibly for me, not relying on anyone to help me again. Go Bush!
ydd @ Wed, 13 September 2006 04:07
good for you Tyrone......
but like your daddy bush, you don't give a damn about those that were not as lucky as you.
Lieke @ Thu, 05 July 2007 12:21
the song with the lyrics, Lordy, don't you leave me all by myself is by Moby, the song is called In This World
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