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New PeaceTakesCourage Video: "Progress" in Iraq
New Video: "Progress" in Iraq

Watch the video:
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Posted on Mon, 14 August 2006 01:21
lizpolaris @ Mon, 14 August 2006 09:30
Keep it up, Ava. Concise truth is the best counterpoint to White House administration propaganda.
Carol @ Mon, 14 August 2006 09:46
Ava, Maybe there are too many peopel viewing right now or something, but I'm using WMP and can never view this beyond the part in the middle where the woman is carrying the little girl in the dress with the injured foot.

The beginning is great though!
Ava @ Mon, 14 August 2006 10:21
Hi Carol, I'm not sure what the problem could be. The file is working fine for me when i download and watch. I'll try to figure it out though. Thanks for letting me know!
Jessica @ Mon, 14 August 2006 11:30
angry Ava you're doing a great job. As long as there are people like you and us to keep spreading the truth. Maybe those who cannot think for themselves will finally come around.
Lisa S @ Mon, 14 August 2006 04:10
wink Ava:
Just wanted to say how very impressed I am that a teen-age female is so politically astute! You are a shining example of the potential for the youth of this country. Lord knows, we need you all now more than ever. I shudder to think where we are headed if we do not get this under control - and fast!
Olivia @ Mon, 14 August 2006 08:56
BYour video is beyond sad and grievous... but I heard today that the Sunnis are now begging the US, whom they had opposed violently, to PLEASE stay in Iraq and defend them!
So, now that we are needed, how can we leave the country we destroyed?
Burnt Page @ Tue, 15 August 2006 03:46
Blessed you are Ava... I am proud to stand next to you to the this movement.

Burnt Page
Burnt Page Films
Defenders Against Media Neglect
Andrew @ Tue, 15 August 2006 08:40
We'll put it this way. It's sad when even Bill O'Reilly admits that the war is going badly, albeit for entirely the wrong reasons.
j.cro @ Tue, 15 August 2006 10:26
Keep up the fantastic work.
Malgoska @ Tue, 15 August 2006 10:53
I did not intend to start my day with tears, Ava. I am angry beyond description, at all those bloodthirsty bastards in our "government". They live in a bubble. They don't see the suffering and death they caused. Why do we need all those worthless yellow-bellied cowards in Washington? They do their killing with other people's hands. They cause immesurable suffering, yet they do not suffer. Worse, they stuff their pockets while the world bleeds to death.
Is it time for a revolution yet?
wtaylor @ Tue, 15 August 2006 11:21
Dear Ava,

I want to smile because someone so young has such insight into what is going on. But I am sad because of what our country is doing, and I wonder what the future holds if we can't see what is happening.
Gary @ Wed, 16 August 2006 11:19
george and his pals have only 887 days remaining.
I hope we can survive!
Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration for all of us.
Fade @ Wed, 16 August 2006 12:58
Damn its painful to see those images, and even moreso when I realize that even after we leave there will continue to be violence, but at least Americans won't be killing them and won't be being killed. This whole war was such an absolute waste.
Tony @ Thu, 17 August 2006 03:35
I agree wholeheartedly with everything you're saying, but then again, so does everybody else who will see this animation. You're not changing anyone's mind. You're not "driving pro-war Bushies batty". You're not doing anything except preaching to a crowd that won't do anything except nod and pat you on the back for being so very politically conscious
at your tender young age. Oooh, how special and original you are for stringing together some statistics and photos and putting some ironic music over the whole thing! Give me a break. I'm 14, and it doesn't take a hell of a lot of guts to throw on a Che Guevera shirt and listen to Green Day anymore. That's the cool thing to do. But while you reiterate the same points and show the same admittedly heartbreaking photos for the same complacent, agreeable audience,the Washington fat cats are still ensconced in their plush offices, knowing that the people who put them in office and who will do so again don't care about what some blogger is posting on the "Internets." Try saying something new.
Ava @ Thu, 17 August 2006 03:45
Tony, considering the fact that I get hatemail on a daily basis and have conservative blogs and website writing about PeaceTakesCourage, I think that people with other opinions are seeing what I'm doing too. My website isn't just about changing minds either. It's about inspiring other people to get out there, voice their opinions, and make a difference.
Rob @ Fri, 18 August 2006 01:37
Ava, I heard you on the Mike Malloy program tonight and decided to check out your site. The animations are moving. It's sad you're getting hatemail, but that only means that you're doing good work. You're right--peace does take courage. Thank you for your courage.
Steven @ Fri, 18 August 2006 05:15
Dear Ava,

I too heard you on the Mike Malloy show tonight, had some doubts about someone from the south being capable of critical thinking but I am pleased to find your introspective website.

This phonetically challenged president has sucessfully exploited stupid racist fear and hate. This is not a partisan issue. Bush and his neo-nazis are drunk from the blood of lambs, the pattern of lies should be clear to anyone with reasonable intelligence and conscience. When the occupants of our government become harmful to us and destructive, it is our duty to depose them, bring them to justice and hold them accountable for wwhat they have done. Amy, I fear that they have already denied you of your future. I too have tried to educate the "proud to be stupid elements", you must leave them be. Since they have sold thier souls to the false prophets of hate, fear and hate is all they will ever have. The Almighty spirit is with you and I am with you. Please take care ok?
Mark @ Fri, 18 August 2006 02:05
Ava; Your insight is profound in this video just as it was in your discussion with Mike Malloy. Don't allow negative comments from those that hide and exist under rocks, and that forage for the blood of others distract you from your goal of the grand awakening. I would like to make a comment to all; please contact Judge Anna Diggs Taylor and thank her for the courage and strength that she demonstrated in upholding the Constitution of the United States!
Dave von Ebers @ Fri, 18 August 2006 10:36
Ava, you totally rock! I'm 44 years old and I'm not nearly as articulate (nor as technically savvy) as you. I've put a link to your site on my blog, "The Fifty Amp Fuse" (, and I recommend your site to anyone I can.
ayn @ Sat, 19 August 2006 12:33

ava was doing this long before it was cool. she was doing this while people like you were claiming that she was a terrorist and anti-american.

true courage is standing in the face of adversity. ava has exhibited that courage.

so what is it that you are willing to stand for in the face of name-callers like yourself?
ydd @ Tue, 22 August 2006 11:23
Hey steve, I'm a bleeding heart liberal white democrat from way down south. So are many of our African American brothers. I understand your flustration but I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear any Jersey Archie Bunker comments. The minority of Bama folks who vote Democrat in the neaxt eection will still represent an awful lot of Americans, so give us a break.
ben conant @ Tue, 29 August 2006 06:38
smileThankyou Ava. I wish more people where as enlightened as you are. Keep on Rocking in free world!!
Lisa @ Mon, 04 September 2006 11:03
Ava, as a veteran of this war I salute your efforts. Our country needs to know the level of violence we have brought to that country. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Wonko the Sane @ Thu, 07 September 2006 10:39
Thank you. I'm in awe.
Robert @ Fri, 15 September 2006 01:43
Every american should be proud of what you are doing. Your work is fantastic.
David @ Sun, 24 September 2006 09:59
I am no american but I don't need to be one to appreciate the quality of your work and the noblesse of your intentions.
Berit @ Sun, 24 September 2006 11:46
I am an American and I have been disgusted since the election in 2000. We need more information like this out there! We need more people like you! Thank you and keep up the good work.
thetruth @ Thu, 28 September 2006 07:51
What a great video.. almost made me cry.. FIGHT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS BEHIND THIS.. FIGHT UNTIL THE END.. angry
Linda @ Sat, 14 October 2006 03:27
You keep going Ava. Yor wonderful. Remember, sunshine is the best disinfectant. Impeach the "Dark Side" Regime.
Michael @ Tue, 31 October 2006 06:14
Thanks Ava ... Keep shining the light.
Meghan @ Sun, 04 February 2007 09:12
Ava,I hope some day you be a president of the United States of America
Steven @ Mon, 05 February 2007 03:29
sad If we want this war to end we need just about everyone in the country to realist what it is like there. What ever happen our government? doesn't the people have, or was that a lie
Steven @ Mon, 05 February 2007 03:34
wassat The last sentence is meant to say Doesn't the people have the power, or was that a lie.
Mormon Patriot @ Tue, 06 February 2007 06:31
OK first of all if you were ever the president i would personally blow up the white house now i dont want you to take this as a death threat but if you where the president i would be a rebel to kill you
Mormon Patriot @ Tue, 06 February 2007 06:39
ok what if just one of the people we kill would have cause another 9/11
if iraq dies so what
if america dies everyone loses
KTorvalds @ Sun, 20 May 2007 10:46
what most people fail to realize, even those who know the truth about the war on iraq, is that this is part of a much larger scheme. The best video I have found so far that goes into detail about it is Who Killed John O'Neill? which can be found at . This is a good one, just to get the idea across that SOMETHING isn't right.... but there needs to be more videos, documents, etc. which detail exactly WHAT is not right. Keep up the good work Ava! Also, I will be publicizing my findings as well, as soon as I get my website up. for now, I have my myspace page....
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