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Peace Takes Courage and Crooks & Liars: Civil War in Iraq
Check out the new animation that I created for Crooks & Liars.

Video -WMP
Video -QT

You can also check out the video on YouTube:

Posted on Tue, 18 July 2006 05:37
Sue @ Wed, 19 July 2006 03:11
Ava - you are truly an inspiration. Another excellent video.
buzzbomb @ Wed, 19 July 2006 05:41
Ava, just found your site, you have bigger cajones than all the bastards in washington put together. Keep up the great work. Nice touch with the Joe Strummer, one of my heroes. Glad he isn't alive to see how far we've sunk. Peace, Buzzbomb.
a2phil @ Thu, 20 July 2006 03:26
As I said on an earlier post(I think it was for the WWJD video) I think you should send your videos to your U.S. Senator and Congressperson. ESPECIALLY send them the WWJD video-I cried all the way through it.


a2phil @ Thu, 20 July 2006 03:49
I was watching "the 32%" videos and came up with an idea. Make a video of the best comments from the other 68%.

Nadeen Nabolsi @ Thu, 20 July 2006 05:49
You should do a piece on the war in the Middle East between Lebanon and Israel. How Israel has had thousands of prisoners and refuses to release them. How Israel doesn't care about its people or the Lebanese people. How the U.S. supports Israel with our tax money to kill innocent people. Most of all how our so called peace making President has the nerve to say "U.S. will not make military decisions for Israel†and we are the ones funding it. Why the Arabs are stereotyped as the terrorists in this war and the death count are over 300 Lebanese civilians to 20 Israeli civilians. Who are the victims here? Why does Israel have the right to keep the Lebanese prisoners? Why does Israel have the right to burn the whole country of Lebanon and its innocent people because of the two captured Israeli soldiers when they were the ones who refused to negotiate in the first place by releasing the thousands and thousands of Arab soldiers they have had for YEARS?

Keep up the good work!
Nadeen Nabolsi
F. Capria @ Thu, 20 July 2006 09:43
Another great one, thank you, Ava. I cried all the way through as well. God have mercy on all of us for what is being done.
I am REALLY impressed that you know Joe Strummer, a man who not only talked the talk but walked the walk, in his life and in his music; and I respectfully disagree with the earlier comment that said it's a good thing he isn't around to see this. I wish he WERE around to lend his gifted voice to the (hopefully) ever-expanding chorus of people like yourself that call these atrocities for what they are: Crimes against Heaven and Earth.
The Moderate Man @ Thu, 20 July 2006 10:57
I'm so proud of you, Ava. You're an exceptional young American.
JEAN Y PYKA @ Thu, 20 July 2006 12:37
Deb O'Roak @ Thu, 20 July 2006 12:47
I found your site via Michael Moore. Thanks for your bravery and candid portrayal of the effects of war. I feel so helpless as I sit in my comfortable home, putz in my garden in near perfect weather on the Oregon Coast, my grandchildren safe, my worries few in many respects. But I watch, I listen, I write my congresspeople, I demonstrate a little, and worry a lot because our country's leadership is going down the tubes and taking us all with them. I cry every day for all the lives lost in each and every war going on right now. I even cried when I saw a cow struggling to free itself from the rubble of a bomb in Lebanon. From the onset of the invasion of Iraq, nothing has gone right, nothing has been accomplished, nothing but needless deaths. We are becoming a militaristic country both economically and socially. But then, maybe we always A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. Peace.
Maya @ Thu, 20 July 2006 12:48
Awa You are amazing. Keep up the great work .To those who have the courage to see the truth in Awa's work, do something even if is little to save our democracy. We can start by being nice to each other inspite of our differences physical and philosophical. Don't let the politicians and corporations "divide and rule" us.
buzzbomb @ Thu, 20 July 2006 04:51
F. Capria, your right, I do wish Strummer was still here. We could use more people like him around and more of his music. Thanks for showing me the light. LONG LIVE THE CLASH
Martian @ Thu, 20 July 2006 06:03
My goodness, for a 15 year old, you sure do do alot. Hmmm, moderator on all the forum topics, animations, heck, this entire website. You must be some kinda alabaman. Oh, and did I tell ya, I'm from Mars.
Ellen @ Fri, 21 July 2006 03:05
Wow What a waste of 3 minutes. I am glad my son is fighting for your right to make these little screensavers.
a2phil @ Fri, 21 July 2006 04:45
Nadeen,you have a good point. Ava, if you do the video, point out that the U.S. sends Israel more money in military aid each year (on a per capita basis)than it sends in humanitarian aid TO ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD including Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami.

Your tax dollars at work... sad

timinyuma @ Sat, 22 July 2006 09:25
Ellen- I too fought for Ava's right to freedom of speech and am very pleased with her "little screensavers". Maybe you could waste another 3 minutes and really watch her work. It is important to our liberties that all views are expressed and considered.
Diane @ Sat, 22 July 2006 01:35
This is a very moving video. This is my first time to your site, but I expect to be back alot!
Karl .... an Evil Republican @ Sun, 23 July 2006 03:40
yes ! Let the Socialist Revolution Begin !!! The line starts to the Left ! Put on your blindfold and await the Bullet from the Peoples Rifle !! Oh yes the bullet will be Billed to your Survivors ! Mao Loves You laughing
Ted @ Tue, 25 July 2006 12:27
Ava, you really need to start getting used to a burka(a loose enveloping garment that covers the face and body and is worn in public by Muslim women). If you think radical muslims want peace with us, get ready to start wearing your burka. In fact, I think that if any muslims out there have a burka they can send to this young woman, please do. She must get familiar with being subservient. Oh, and by the way, Ava, you will need to stop this website too. Women aren't allowed to work, according to Sharia law.
Mike R @ Wed, 26 July 2006 05:44
When I watch your vids, I think of how great kids can be. Its too bad that many more adults can't be more like children. Keep up the work and don't let the 32% get you down, They don't know any better.....Mike...Edgewood Wa.
Star A @ Thu, 27 July 2006 10:24
Ava, your work is exceptional and your efforts to be highly commended. I'm saddened that so many Americans, who purport to stand for freedom and liberty, seek to quiet those who are using those freedoms to express their point of view, as you are.

50 years from now, how will this war be regarded? No doubt as a waste of American lives and money, just as Vietnam was.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ava. I'm proud to see one of your generation unafraid to stand up and speak out. I hope you inspire others to do the same.
joeE @ Sat, 29 July 2006 09:34
Good work. Please spread the word about some very important analyses of what is truly behind the current foreign policy of the U.S. Books: Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse" which documents that the reason the US invaded Iraq was to KEEP the oil there from being pumped (and thus driving down OPEC's prices); Morris Berman's "Dark Ages America: the Final Phase of Empire" and of course, Noam Chomsky's latest DVD, "Imperial Grand Strategy" and an older DVD about him where he explains how the media is complicit in corporate governance of foreign policy, "Manufacturing Consent".

The only way to get Americans to fight the corporate control of our government is to be aware that it is happening and to be aware of WHY it is happening. You can't fight what you don't understand.

Keep up the good fight.

dennis grossman @ Fri, 25 August 2006 12:03
Isnt it strange how everything they do is forseen in a strange way. Never surprising. This administrations abuses of power and villanous greed. This never added up. This war/ Their PNAC/ thier lies and domestic failures. Only because they are an ongoing piece of work. We are just the screams and indignations of their wake. Yet I cant help but think...almost see the greatest chance ever we have had for real peace. For a real government. For an end to all war. We stand at the edge yet I believe without god that god is with us. Thank you Eva for the hope you feel and I believe you convey even through the terrible images of this war.
Adam @ Sun, 19 November 2006 02:36
I was pretty impressed by the video. So impressed i'd like to have it in our documentary film: Terror 360

Let me know if you're interested..
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