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Posted by Ava

Peace Takes Courage in the Rolling Stone!
If you pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine and turn to page 40, you'll see PeaceTakesCourage!!!

Posted on Sun, 09 July 2006 04:13
Pax @ Mon, 10 July 2006 02:35
You GO, Ava!
Never stop what you are doing. Our country needs you. God bless you and your work.
a2phil @ Tue, 11 July 2006 01:34
Your parents must be proud of you
John Furie Zacharias @ Tue, 11 July 2006 08:14
I was moved by your flash animations -- not only because of their content, but also because it gives me some hope that someone younger than me is not living ignorantly blissful in the Bushworld Matrix. ;) Good for you!
Maritza Robles @ Tue, 11 July 2006 08:31
Congratulations on the mag! Our country is lucky to have you. Keep up the great work!
mhmm @ Wed, 12 July 2006 10:13
i would like to first congradulate you on all the amazing animations you have created and all of the publicity you have recieved for them. I couldnt agree more with how you express your opinion and get your voice heard. I, along with most people, hope for peace eventually in the world. But we need to remember that peace goes two ways. The US cant just sit back and forget about the twin towers, the pentagon, and etc. What kind of president would bush be if he didnt take action? i hate wars, and i know they're completely immoral and unethical, but the whole talking out your problems isnt exactly a rational solution. Its kinda like having a teacher thats too nice, students keep pushing her just to see what they can get away with. But if the teacher doesnt take action, she will continue to get stepped all over.... and thats my 2 cents
ydd @ Wed, 12 July 2006 11:12
congrats on the R.S. recognition.
In response to mhmm. I haven't really noticed Ava saying much about war in gemeral, but thats beside the point.
Most of the nation rallied with pride around the President in the justified attack on Afghanistan. Had it stayed at that we could respond with the same might to Iran, and S. Korea. Instead we attacked a country that was already on its knees due to our superior airpower and containment. God help us to undue the mess our leader has put us in.
Marie @ Thu, 13 July 2006 07:09
You are awsome. You have a gift given to you by God and I am sure he is proud that you are using it. God Bless you Ava and protect you and your from all harm. May he put his loving arms around you. You are a peacemaker.
Jennifer @ Fri, 14 July 2006 03:34
Great job! I wish I was this productive when I was 15!
MITCHELL LEVITAN @ Mon, 17 July 2006 09:59
Genius is wisdom in youth.
lala @ Tue, 18 July 2006 02:17
mhmm misses the point-- Iraq has nothing to do with 9-11. The main players in the Bush administration, who are involved with the Project for a New American Century--including Bush's brother Jeb, have advocated the occupation of Iraq since the first Gulf War. They didn't get their way then, so they used 9-11 as an excuse to go in now. They never cared about Bin Laden, Bush said himself he didn't think much about him and now they aren't even funding the search anymore. 9-11 will never be avenged while these guys are in power because they only care about controlling the oil.
Gerry Constantinou @ Mon, 04 December 2006 10:45
God gave us a Gift, one of His (her)Angels,AVA you were blessed the minute you were born,your parents I'm sure are very proud of you,so are all who aspire for Peace on earth.God Bless You.
Pamela Smith @ Tue, 19 December 2006 09:03
Ava, God has so blessed you with talent and with a conscience to do what is right. Thank you so much for using your talent to reach the world and to change minds. I know that you have touched souls. We are so proud of you. God bless you always.
Capucine @ Thu, 07 June 2007 10:10
I live in France but I feel concerned by the american situation, and I do appreciate what you're doing, because the power of Bush and his actions are worrying for the whole world. In France our new president Sarkozy is like a "Bush-II", and it's terrifying...
Good luck and courage !
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