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New Video: John Edwards - You Work for Him, He'll Work for You

Watch Video: YouTube | QuickTime | Windows Media Player

EDIT: John Edwards has dropped out of the race, but this video will stay up. Why? Because now we need to make sure that John Edwards is our next Attorney General. It may not have the ring to it that Mr. President had, but it still sounds nice, Mr. Attorney General John Edwards. ;)

Photos featured in the video were taken by Jonathan Walczak, Jay Trevari, Peter Smith, Ben Strand, and George P. Stern. You can find them all here:
Posted on Tue, 29 January 2008 02:57 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Why I Support John Edwards
2008 is my first time voting, and I'm excited to be involved in such an exciting and important election. I have been asked by many people who I am supporting for President and who I am endorsing as the creator of I was a supporter of John Edwards in 2004 and I am a supporter again in 2008. Why? While I could go on for hours about why John Edwards is the candidate I support, I can easily sum it up in 5 reasons.

1. I am a 17 year old who will be voting for the first time in this upcoming election. I want a future I can look forward to. I want a future where my country isn't bogged down in debt and where we aren't in a disastrous war. I want a future where I can afford to go to college and where I can feel secure in the fact that I have a President who is MY President, the President of the average every-day Americans. John Edwards is that candidate.

2. John Edwards is populism's candidate. As he has said, the gap between America's richest and America's poorest is absolutely shameful. I believe that John Edwards is the best candidate to help low income families and the working class in America.

3. Americans need health care NOW! Every American should have access to affordable health care. The fact that this country has people that are ill and dying because they don't have access to health care is a failure on our part. I think that John Edwards will help heal this wound.

4. The war in Iraq has got to end. I want a President who will pledge to work to bring our troops home as soon as possible. John Edwards has done this.

5. JOHN EDWARDS CAN WIN! Our country is in a desperate state right now and we have absolutely got to make some changes. John Edwards has proven that we will make those changes and he also has proven that he can win the general election so that he is able to make those changes.

I support John Edwards as the nominee for the Democratic Presidential Candidate, and I'll be voting for him on Super Tuesday and supporting him as long as he is running. Go John GO!
Posted on Tue, 22 January 2008 01:11 by Ava
Posted by Ava

In remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
"We've got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord." -- Martin Luther King, Jr. April 4, 1968

I've Been To The Mountain Top (Part 1) -

I've Been To The Mountain Top (Part 2) -
Posted on Mon, 21 January 2008 05:37 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Know an Iraq War Veteran that wants to tell their story and be heard?
I'm planning the final filming for my documentary about the Iraq war and it's Veterans. If you are an Iraq war Veteran, have a family member who served, or know a Veteran who would be interested in doing an interview please contact me via email at or by phone at (334) 524 - 6193. My goal is to hear about the war from those who witnessed it first hand. I want to hear about the good and the bad of the war.... both sides of the story. We are planning our final filming now and would love to hear from you.
Posted on Sun, 20 January 2008 05:21 by Ava
Posted by Ava

To the spammers, the Bush supporters, and the people who come here to disrupt
I highly suggest that when posting a response to my blog or a response to another commenter you take the time to write something out that is of substance, something that isn't just filled with personal attacks and insults. If you cannot seem to do this you will be banned from posting on this site. It isn't because of opposing views, but rather because of your lack of having an open mind or the ability to have a discussion without coming here to personally attack. I get it. You think that I and the people who comment on my blog are "liberal loonies." I also get that you're scared as hell of us and shaking in your boots. Why? Because you take the time out of your day to send me hatemail, spam this website, and post on message boards and other blogs with posts created for the sole purpose of personally attacking me and those who come here to discuss and debate(something you seem to be unable to do). In the words of your beloved President "Mission Accomplished." You don't see us going to pro-Bush or pro-Iraq War websites spamming the comments with pure filth. I wonder why?

Now, I am more than open to any republicans, conservatives, or war-supportive folks to come here and comment... if they come with solid arguments, an open mind ready to debate and discuss, and without personal attacks and mocking. I have run across very few of these people on the internet which makes me believe they are a dying breed, but if there are any of you out there I say "welcome" and I hope to hear your input. Until then though I'm just going to enjoy some of the "1960's hippie crap" music that has been shared over the comments.

Have a good weekend.

Posted on Sat, 12 January 2008 05:32 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Hampshire Primaries
McCain is already the projected winner for the Republican party and the Democratic nominee is still up in the air between Obama and Clinton. You can get updated results as they come in here:

Sen. John McCain won New Hampshire's Republican primary Tuesday, defeating former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and climbing back into contention for the party's presidential nomination. On the Democrats' side, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton battled in a race that was too close to call. "We showed the people of this country what a real comeback looks like," McCain said as he savored his triumph. "We're going to move on to Michigan and South Carolina and win the nomination." Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won in Iowa, was running third in the Republican race in New Hampshire. Clinton, the former first lady who finished third in Iowa, was mounting an unexpectedly stiff challenge to Obama in the nation's first primary. With votes counted from 13 percent of the state's precincts, she had 40 percent to 35 percent for Obama, seeking to become the nation's first black president. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina trailed the two Democratic leaders.

Via CNN:
Sen. John McCain will win the New Hampshire GOP primary, CNN projects. Among Democrats, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in a tight race, early results show. With 12 percent of precincts counted, Clinton had 40 percent of the vote to Iowa caucus winner Obama's 36 percent. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards had 17 percent. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson had 4 percent, and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich had 2 percent. Edwards will finish third, CNN projects. With 9 percent of Republican precincts reporting, McCain had 37 percent of the vote. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was second with 28 percent, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, the winner of last week's Iowa GOP caucuses followed with 12 percent. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had 9 percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul had 8 percent.
Posted on Tue, 08 January 2008 08:40 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Merry Christmas to All
"On earth peace, good will toward men." --- Luke 2: 14

Prayers for peace on earth starting with an end to the war in Iraq.
Posted on Tue, 25 December 2007 12:16 by Ava
Posted by Ava

5... 4... 3... 2... 1.... Launch! Ava's Army is Now Live!

Stand Up. Speak Out. Make a difference.

Ava's Army is launched! Please welcome Ava's Army where you get the chance to say what you're thinking. Ava's Army is blogging and networking site with the goal to inform and empower young people. Too often we as young people have our opinions and views ignored when it comes to political issues and current events. Right now we are seen as the generation of pop culture but together we can change that and become a generation of activism and passion about the world around us and the issues that effect us on a day to day basis. Here at Ava's Army your opinions matter and can make a difference. The only person who can keep you silent is you. Never let anyone shut you up.

Want to start blogging and contributing to the site? First you have to register which you can do here:
After you register and log in select "New Blog Entry" from the menu. It's as simple as that.

What blogs get featured on the front page? Featured blogs are chosen by the Ava's Army mod team and me. These blogs may be chosen because of their popularity, subject, or the blogger's writing. We try our best to be fair and rotate our featured blogs so that the same bloggers are not featured every day and all bloggers get a chance. If you have a blog you'd like to suggest to be featured on the front page contact us with a link and the reason you think the blog should be featured. Find out more about the site by reading the about page.

Hope you all stop by and happy blogging! smile

Posted on Wed, 12 December 2007 07:01 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Calling all politically minded people under the age of 30! will be launching on Tuesday. What is Ava's Army exactly? Ava's Army is a blogging and networking site with the goal to inform and empower young people. The site will officially launch on Tuesday, but right now I'm reaching out to young politically minded people to sign them up to have their own Ava's Army blogs before the launch. Anyone under 30 that would like to have their own Ava's Army blog can go ahead and register at: /

If you register please be sure to read over the About section of the website, specifically the sections on how to start blogging and customize your profile. Your name and a link to your blog will not appear on the "Bloggers" list until you make your first post. Feel free to go ahead and start posting now, but posts will not be featured on the front page until launch. Read more on the about page here:

Thanks all! I'm looking forward to hearing from fellow young activists.
Posted on Mon, 10 December 2007 10:52 by Ava
Posted by Ava

And now for a little poem about Bill O'Reilly
One of our beloved posters at the forum and a good friend of mine, bee.ron.x3, wrote this lovely poem about the culture warrior himself. Enjoy and pass on to others, of course be sure to properly credit Bronwyn for her wonderful work. wink

The Culture Warrior

A large, pompous angry man filled with rage
Sits inside of your television screen
Angry at the world, this man is no sage
But merely self-righteous, seething and mean

Fox News Channel; a haven for his ilk
With the "War on Christmas" continual
"The Secular Progressives deserve milk
Nor cookies for their efforts perpetual"

With Murdoch his master, the old man pleased
His face as red as fire on coals
“Watch out for Stephen Colbert," colleagues wheezed
"Before he steals your poor, old viewer’s souls"

“SHUT UP!” he bellows, “Now switch to Hannity”
He himself a victim of vanity

Thanks Bronwyn for sharing with us!
Posted on Sun, 02 December 2007 07:52 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Video: Up the Road

Watch video: QuickTime | Windows Media Player | YouTube

Almost 4,000 U.S. Troops have died in the war in Iraq, and for what "noble" cause? Honor our fallen and demand answers and a safe return for the remaining U.S. Troops in Iraq.

The holidays may be the toughest time of year for our troops on the front lines and the families and kids they’ve left behind. Please consider making a donation to the USO to help get a care package to a G.I. in Iraq this Christmas. You can donate by visiting:

Posted on Tue, 27 November 2007 08:55 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Men in Black

This remarkable animated short film below was adapted from Colby Buzzell's book My War: Killing Time in Iraq. The piece was created by director Richard Robbins as part of his award-winning documentary Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, which evolved out of a National Endowment of the Arts project to gather the writings of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to interviews, the film features dramatic readings of letters, memoirs, journals, essays, poetry and fiction. Operation Homecoming played in almost 20 cities around the country, and the TV version was broadcast on PBS in April.
Posted on Sun, 25 November 2007 08:33 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Veterans Day
This Veterans Day we must demand proper treatment of both our Veterans and our active duty troops. The VA has been short-changing mental health programs when PTSD problems are growing, and the Bush Administration has proposed 10 BILLION dollars in Veterans health care CUTS over five years. Enough is enough! Support our troops and Veterans - Bring them home and help them get the benefits they deserve!

Watch Video: Quicktime | Windows Media Player | YouTube

Thank you to all of the Veterans who may read this for your service.

Posted on Sun, 11 November 2007 10:38 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Press Release
Peace Takes Courage

Contact: Ava Lowery

Phone: 334.524.6291
November 07, 2007



(Alabama) - An Alabama teenager who has become an internet sensation has taken down her most popular video about the war in Iraq. Ava Lowery, 17, has taken down the video "WWJD"(what would Jesus do) which shows images of Iraqi children affected by the war in Iraq along with the Beatitudes and the song "Jesus Loves Me." Lowery has taken down the video after the father of the boy (now an adult) who sang the song requested his son's voice not be used in the video.

Lowrey made the WWJD video at the age of fifteen. The video has now been circulating the internet for over nineteen months and has received millions of views and media attention from several news organizations. The father who requested the video be taken down did so after hearing about the video from the Laura Ingram show. Lowery made the following statement on her website after taking the video down.

"From the beginning, I've been shocked and dismayed that so many Christians were angered by my video. As a Christian myself who lives by Christ's mandate "Love your enemies," I felt the song "Jesus Loves Me" and the Beatitudes were appropriate when viewed in light of man-made war. There can be no doubt that Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, and chastised his disciples when they took up the sword.

I am now asking all children of faith who believe in peace and love to send me their version of "Jesus Loves Me." The child who I choose will be properly credited in the video, and will be featured on my website as the first member of "Ava's Army," a new organization for young people who believe in peace."


If you would like more information on “WWJD” and Peace Takes Courage, or if you would like to schedule an interview with Ava Lowery, please call (334) 524 6193. You may also email Ava at You can also visit the official website of Peace Takes Courage at and visit the website for the upcoming "Ava's Army" organization at
Posted on Wed, 07 November 2007 01:06 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Happy Halloween
Hope everyone has a good and safe Halloween. Get the candy ready for all the kiddies!

Posted on Wed, 31 October 2007 09:01 by Ava

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