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Crossing Over
Hi all!

I wanted to share with you the trailer to a new film that I'm proud to be a part of. I'm currently serving as assistant to the director on a feature-length documentary following three transgendered immigrants from Mexico that are seeking political asylum in the United States due to emotional, physical and sexual abuses inflicted upon them in their home country. Today we released our trailer and began a fund-raising campaign. This is a truly important film that we hope can bring awareness to this group of women and others like them. You can view the trailer and read more about the film at the link below. I hope you'll help us spread word about the film and the cause.

- Ava
Posted on Wed, 11 July 2012 01:44 by Ava
Posted by Ava

A good example of the changing times (and minds) vs. conservatism
Santorum's exchange with a group of students at New England College’s College Convention 2012 ended with the Senator leaving the stage to boos, but not before a heated discussion with students about same-sex marriage. You can watch the back and forth below.

The exchange was also a good example of the divergence between the mindset of many in Santorum's generation and those in mine. While obviously there are still young people who are socially conservative and homophobic, the numbers seem to be decreasing, thanks in part to information dissemination and the ability of someone like myself, a young person who grew up in the conservative deep south, to experience more liberal ideas and culture via the media and internet. That being said, there is still a long way to go.

What bothered me further about Santorum's exchange was his inability to respect the questions and opinions of the students. That goes beyond difference in opinion and world-view. Change is scary to many and nothing represents change more than the youth. A candidate like Santorum will find it hard to gain the support of young people, not just because of his conservative obstinate world-view, but also because of his attitude towards the young and progressive of this country, namely his inability to listen or be questioned.

You can read further about Santorum's exchange on MSNBC's website
Posted on Thu, 05 January 2012 08:43 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Photos from tonight's Occupy Times Square event
All photos via the talented Spyros Papavassiliou

Tonight thousands gathered in Times Square to occupy together and demand an end to corporate greed and priority, including Spyros and myself. Below are some photos from the inspiring event. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Posted on Sat, 15 October 2011 11:34 by Ava

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