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New Radio Intervew Tomorrow!
Peace Takes Courage has reached Adelaide, South Australia! Tomorrow afternoon at 3:45(EST) I'll be on "Breakfast with Peter Godfrey." The show comes on Radio Adelaide(Australia) 101.5FM. Those of us who aren't in Australia can listen live on the station's website:
Listen here

Posted on Sat, 01 July 2006 10:48 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Vote online for John today!!
Your vote alone can bring $5,000 to the campaign. He is one of the final 40 candidates in the Mark Warner Map Changers competition. Just go to this website, register, and vote for John Laesch. You can vote for a total of 10 candidates.

Also, if you have a few extra bucks, head over to his website and donate:

I was lucky enough to be able to meet Mr. Laesch at the Yearlykos Convention. He's nice guy who I know will defeat Darth Vader(aka Dennis Hastert) so get over there and vote for him NOW!

Posted on Thu, 22 June 2006 02:33 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Not Just A Number - New Animation
White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was asked if President Bush had any reaction to the death toll for U.S. troops in Iraq reaching 2,500. Snow responded: "It’s a number." I decided to take a look at the number in the new Peace Takes Courage Animation.

Not Just A Number -

The death toll in the war in Iraq is not just a number. Over 2,500 families have lost U.S. troops to this war. How dare they say those lives lost are just a number?!

Posted on Wed, 21 June 2006 12:36 by Ava
Posted by Ava

NY Times Article about Peace Takes Courage
Could a 15-Year-Old With a Laptop Be the New Campaign Media Guru?

Published: June 14, 2006

Daily Kos's convention - the in-person gathering of the nation's most-read online political blog - was practically carpeted with presidential candidates. But perhaps the most notable presentation came from Ava Lowery, a 15-year-old from rural Alabama, whose homemade video was shown at the convention on jumbo television screens.

Ms. Lowery's video, set to the Queen song "We Will Rock You," contrasted the "liars" and "leakers" in the Bush administration with "those of us who choose to stand up for truth and justice." Her handiwork, which can be seen at (Ava Lowery's video), is a bit over the top. But it shows that a 15-year-old with video software and Internet access can now create and disseminate a professional-quality political ad.
Read more 60 Comments
Posted on Wed, 14 June 2006 12:50 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Peace Takes Courage at the YearlyKos Convention!
I'll be out of town for a few days while I'm attending the YearlyKos Convention in Las Vegas. The YearlyKos Convention is a Netroots Community Convention, in Las Vegas from June 8-11. At the convention there will be a number of events, speakers, panels and networking sessions. The Keynote Speaker will be Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid. Other prominent elected officials, bloggers, thinkers, writers, will also be attending, and speaking.

If you haven't already seen in, check out the promo I did for the convention:
Posted on Thu, 08 June 2006 11:19 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Article: The People's Senator: Carl Sheeler

The People's Senator: Carl Sheeler

When Americans think of politicians today, they tend to think of people who are not like themselves. We don't have many politicians today that we see as being that average American who we connect with - a person that truly speaks for us. Carl Sheeler is that average guy who speaks for the average American. Sheeler is an antiwar Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator in Rhode Island. He is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served in the first Gulf war. Sheeler ran in 2004 as an Independent, against a four-term Republican State Senator in 2004 garnering 41% of the district's vote even though he had entered the race late. Mr. Sheeler is one of the few politicians left who seems to have a grasp on what the American public truly wants. He cares what the average American thinks and he truly represents the ideals that he claims to stand for. He is a man of integrity, courage, commitment, and patriotism. Peace Takes Courage is proud to endorse Carl Sheeler for U.S. Senator. On September 12, vote for a candidate that truly represents us.

I was lucky enough to have an interview with the future Senator from Rhode Island. He took some time out of his day to answer a few questions for us.

Click here to read the interview
Posted on Thu, 08 June 2006 11:13 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Audio from the "Portside with Burt Cohen" interview.
Here is the audio from my interview today. I was a guest on "Portside with Burt Cohen." I was on to discuss the website and the animations.

The audio lasts for about 50 minutes and it 22.9MB - sorry for the file size, but due to the length it's a large file. The quality of the clip is not very good because it was recorded from streaming audio on the net. Let me know what you think!

Posted on Tue, 06 June 2006 08:11 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Radio Interview tomorrow
Tomorrow (June 6th) from Noon to 1 I'll be a guest on "Portside with Burt Cohen."

You can listen live online by clicking here
or by visiting WSCA's website here:

Posted on Mon, 05 June 2006 12:51 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Haditha: The Blame belongs on Bush, not the troops
Posted on Thu, 01 June 2006 05:08 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Animation - YearlyKos Promo
I was asked to create a promo video for the Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas from June 8th to 11th. You can check out info about the convention at the website -

The promo is on the front page of, but the direct link is:
Posted on Tue, 30 May 2006 11:28 by Ava
Posted by Ava

We Will Never Forget - New Animation
Hi everyone, I just uploaded a new animation.

We Will Never Forget -

This Memorial Day we should honor the fallen by demanding the truth from the Bush Administration. At least 2,464 U.S. troops have died in this war based on a lie and thousands more have been wounded. We must demand our troops be brought home.

Posted on Mon, 29 May 2006 08:03 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Memorial Day is here yet again
Memorial Day is here yet again. This is the 3rd Memorial Day that U.S. troops will be spending in Iraq. As we take the day off tomorrow and spend time with our friends and family, do not forget the 2,464 U.S. troops that have died in this terrible war and the thousands more that have been wounded. Their patriotism and honor will forever be remembered and appreciated. We cannot allow the Bush Administration to continue using our brave American men and women to fight in a war that he lied about. We've been in Iraq 3 too many Memorial Days, and it's up to us to make sure that we are not still there this time next year.

Support our troops. Demand they be brought home, and demand the truth.

Animation: Memorial -
(I created this animation last year so the numbers are off.)
Posted on Sun, 28 May 2006 09:31 by Ava
Posted by Ava

The Red Alert - Peace Takes Courage
I had an interview with The Red Alert last week and the article came out today. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Ava Lowrey, like so many Americans, has family members stationed in Iraq. When she decided to do some research and find out the reasons behind the Bush administration's decision that American intervention and occupation was necessary, she wasn't too happy with the results. Disgusted by the web of lies that she discovered, she decided to add her voice to the protest, and began making stark, arresting animations that she posted on her own website, Peace Takes Courage. These animations often consist of a slideshow of disturbing photographs from the frontlines and beyond - wounded soldiers, weeping civilians, all the sorts of things that you seldom see on the evening news. And, apparently, some people think you should never see them.

Since starting in early 2005, Lowrey, now 15 years old, has made over 70 animations, with topics ranging from John Bolton's appointment to the mishandling of Hurricane Katrina, but never straying long from the war in Iraq. Her steady voice against the war eventually attracted the attention of Cindy Sheehan, who wrote a flattering article about Lowrey and her site. This almost certainly helped spark the conservative backlash, which quickly reached depressing depths of anonymous bullying and hysterical vitriol. One e-mailer wished for Lowrey to "fucking die and get raped while your corpse rots in the sun." More examples shouldn't be necessary. Unbowed, the teenage peace activist continues to make her animations, and even has her eye on film school.

you can finish reading the interview here.

Posted on Tue, 23 May 2006 12:01 by Ava
Posted by Ava

"When I Came Home" - This war has got to end!!!
First check out this website and the trailer for an upcoming documentary about Herold Noel. He is an Iraq War veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and lives out of his car in Brooklyn. Using Noel's story as a fulcrum, the documentary examines the wider issue of homeless U.S. military veterans-from Vietnam to Iraq-who have to fight tooth-and-nail to receive the benefits promised to them by their government.

THIS is why we Must end this war. These are our fellow Americans. They are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and friends. They have given up their lives to defend this country and now they are living on the streets, but failing to find jobs, and not getting the respect that anyone who has served deserves. But that's not all. There is a monsterous man in the White House is taking advantage of them to fight his war that he lied about and playing our fears to gain support. We let this happen. You, me, and everyone I know. WE LET THIS HAPPEN, and now we must make sure this comes to an end. It's time for us all to stand up and do something instead of just sitting around and waiting for our leaders to do something, because they aren't. Write to your Congressmen and Senators and let them know that America is ready to get back on track and end this war. Check around and see if there are any local protests or vigils soon and attend. Write to the media to tell them America wants them to report TRUTH and REAL NEWS instead of bird flu scare and celebrity babies. These may seem like small things but together we can do something about this!
Posted on Mon, 22 May 2006 12:44 by Ava
Posted by Ava

PeaceTakesCourage at the CodePink 24-hour vigil
My Mother and I will be at the CodePink 24-hour Mother's Day vigil outside the White House this weekend representing

Jodie Evans asked me to speak at the event, so I'm really excited about that. I'll also get the chance to finally meet with Cindy Sheehan in person!

From the CodePink site:

Declare peace on Mother's Day with CODEPINK! We will be gathering in Washington DC for a 24-hour vigil outside the White House on May 13-14, and will be joined by amazing celebrity actresses, singers, writers, and moms, including Cindy Sheehan, Patch Adams, and Susan Sarandon!

Posted on Thu, 11 May 2006 06:13 by Ava

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