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Posted by Ava

Join us tomorrow to demand an end to this war! Protest this war with us tomorrow in a massive march on Washington, D.C., or if you can't make it to DC join one of the solidarity events going on across the country. Tell the New Congress: Act NOW to Bring the Troops Home! On Election Day the voters delivered a dramatic, unmistakable mandate for peace. Now it's time for action. Together we will send a strong, clear message to Congress and the Bush Administration: The people of this country want the war and occupation in Iraq to end and we want the troops brought home now!

Join us in DC!
Assemble on the National Mall,
between 3rd and 7th Streets, at 11 am.
Rally 11am-1pm.
March will kick off at 1pm.

for more details visit:

Posted on Fri, 26 January 2007 11:24 by Ava
Posted by Ava

NEW VIDEO: How This Must End

Watch the video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

Over 3,046 U.S. Troops have died in Iraq. Thousands more have been wounded and tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed. We already know how this war must end. Now it's time for us to stand up and do something! Join us on the streets of DC this Saturday, January 27th, to tell the new Congress: Act NOW to bring the troops home! We the people have the power to control our country's path. It's up to use to use that power.

Visit for more details on the march.

Posted on Sun, 21 January 2007 12:47 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Martin Luther King, Jr. - "I have a dream"
Posted on Mon, 15 January 2007 11:10 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Video: Stand Up! - In Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Watch the video: Flash

Note: this video is a year old. Please keep in mind while viewing that the death toll of American troops in Iraq has surpassed 3,000 and the Iraqi civilian death told is estimated to be in the hundred-thousands.

I was looking through some speeches of Dr. King's speeches when I came upon "Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam." On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before Dr. King was assassinated, the speech was delivered during a meeting at Riverside Church in New York City. As I sat listening to the speech I came upon a section that sent chills up and down my spine:

"It is time for all people of conscience to call upon America, come back home, come home America. Omar Khayyam is right: 'The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.' I call on Washington today, I call on every man and woman of good will all over America today, I call on the young men of America who must make a choice today. Take a stand on this issue, tomorrow may be too late. The book may close. Don't let anybody make you think that God chose America as His divine messianic force to be -- a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems that I can hear God saying to America: 'You are too arrogant! If you don't change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power, and I will place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name. Be still and know that I am God.'"

There are good speakers. There are great speakers. But Dr. King is more than that. Dr. King is more than a speaker. He is more than a reverend. He is more than an activist. He is an inspiration. Dr. King is an inspiration to people of all races and nationalities. Listening to his speeches will make a person feel confident, strong, and ready for the challenge ahead of him. After listening to Dr. King it is as if something in your head says "All right. We can do it." Whether the challenge we are facing is racism, deception, war, or anything else, we can face it together. When I listened to "Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam" I realized that Dr. King's speech wasn't just about the Vietnam War, it was about people uniting for peace, justice, and humanity. With the speeches he left behind Martin Luther King Jr. still speaks to us today.
The spirit of Dr. King lives on in all of us.
It is up to us to listen and "Take a stand on this issue."

Posted on Mon, 15 January 2007 10:47 by Ava
Posted by Ava

NEW VIDEO: Mission Forgotten?

Watch Video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

George W. Bush - January 10, 2007:
"Victory in Iraq will not look like the ones our fathers and grandfathers achieved. There will be no surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship."

Mission Forgotten?

Posted on Fri, 12 January 2007 12:15 by Ava
Posted by Ava

NEW VIDEO: 3,000 Too Many

Watch Video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

Over 3,000 American troops have now been killed in a war based on lies. Thousands more have been injured. It's up to as Americans to make sure that the lies stop. We must let our voices be known and get American back on track. In November we voted for change. We must now make sure those elected stay true to their word. Join us in D.C. on the 27th of January and help bring an end to this war!
Posted on Sun, 07 January 2007 10:16 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Day of Mourning for Ford is My Day of Mourning for 3,003 U.S. Troops
I'm a news watcher. I keep the news on in my house almost 24/7. It's even on as I write this. Over the past few days the media has been closely following the death of former President Gerald Ford and his many memorial services. What strikes me as strange is that the media is giving so much attention to one man's funeral while ignoring the 3,003 funerals of U.S. Service men and women that have taken place due to the ongoing war in Iraq. George W. Bush managed to release a statement hours after Ford's death, yet here we are passing the 3,000 mark on the U.S. death toll in Iraq and Bush has not made any statement. He's busy vacationing at his Crawford ranch right now. A President who sends his country's Military to fight in a deadly war - especially one based on lies and deceptions - should be concerned with every single death caused by that war. Our so-called "Commander in Chief" is not. Instead we have a coward in the Oval Office who seems to be borderline sociopathic. I'm mourning today. I'm mourning the 3,003 American troops killed in the Iraq war and the tens of thousands more Iraqi's that have been killed. I'm mourning for our country - because it's not the same America it used to be. Rest In Peace vicitims of this war. We will not let you be forgotten.

Posted on Tue, 02 January 2007 11:22 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Video: We Will Remember

Watch Video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

The year of Republican corruption and scandals in review. We will remember these politicians. Happy New Year to all! I pray that this year will bring a fresh start to America and a chance for us to redeem ourselves. Peace!

Posted on Sat, 30 December 2006 01:44 by Ava
Posted by Ava

When are you coming home?
6 year old Heather Martin sings a song for her Brother Shaun who is serving in Iraq. This has me all choked up and crying like a baby. We MUST end this war!

Posted on Sun, 24 December 2006 05:02 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Rolling Stone Mag: Ava Lowery and PeaceTakesCourage on "Honor Roll"

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine - "Year Book '06". Peace Takes Courage is on page 95 of the issue in the "Year's Greatest Mavericks" section along with people like Al Gore and Steven Colbert! Check it out:

Click on image to see full page

Posted on Tue, 19 December 2006 09:06 by Ava
Posted by Ava

NEW VIDEO - Christmas at War

Watch Video: Windows Media Player | YouTube

It's one week before Christmas. 2,948 American families will be missing a family member this Christmas due to this immoral war in Iraq. According to a recent study it is estimated that around 650,000 Iraqis have also died since the war begin. This Christmas we need to all take time out of our busy holiday schedules to think about those who have been killed in the Iraq war. It is up to us to make sure that this coming year brings many changes to help get our country back on track. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ - who taught love, compassion, understanding, and most of all PEACE. Let this holiday remind us that peace is a possible goal and that we have much work to do in order to achieve it.
Posted on Mon, 18 December 2006 12:39 by Ava
Posted by Ava

NEW VIDEO: UFPJ - Keep Hope Alive!

United for Peace and Justice asked me to create a short video to help promote the massive march in Washington, D.C., that will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2007. It is my honor to help promote this soon-to-be historic event. It's time to call on Congress to take immediate action to end the war. Join us in D.C. on the 27th of January and help bring an end to this war! For more details visit:

Watch the Video: Windows Media | YouTube

Posted on Thu, 07 December 2006 07:55 by Ava
Posted by Ava

Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage
I just finished watching the movie "Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage(The Final Days)"

A bit about the movie:

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days (German: Sophie Scholl Die letzten Tage) is a 2005 German film by director Marc Rothemund and writer Fred Breinersdorfer. It is about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl, a 21-year-old member of the anti-Nazi student non-violent resistance group the White Rose, part of the German Resistance movement. She was found guilty of high treason by the so-called "People's Court" and executed the same day, February 22, 1943.

The movie was very well done and I recommend you see it. Watching the movie I got chill bumps more than once when listening to the Hitler supporters. The arguments were very similar to those used in defense of Bush. They claimed anyone who spoke out was a "traitor", "aiding the enemy", and "dishonoring the troops." We must make sure our society does not reach the end of the path it is headed down right now - a path similar to that which Germany went down. It's important for us to keep speaking out and never be silenced by those who lead our country. Power is in numbers, which is why we must let it be known that the majority does not support an unjust war.

Sophie Scholl's last words were "Die Sonne scheint noch," meaning "The Sun still shines." We will not be silenced and our society can not afford for us to back down.

Posted on Wed, 06 December 2006 06:22 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Video: END THIS WAR!

Windows Media Player | YouTube

The name of the video pretty much says it all. It's time we start demanding answers and accountability. Only then can we end this war and begin to get America back on track. As we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families today, please remember to keep the thousands of American and Iraqi families that have lost loved ones in this war in your thoughts and prayers. Bring Them Home!!!

Posted on Thu, 23 November 2006 02:00 by Ava
Posted by Ava

New Video: Still Doesn't Get It

Watch the video:
Windows Media Player | Youtube

More than 100 Iraqi civilians are dying in Iraq on a daily basis. 45 American Troops have died in the first 16 days of November and 2,865 have died since the war began. While the Bush Administration still won't admit that there is a deadly civil war raging on in Iraq the rest of us are left wondering how and when our troops will get to come home alive. The war is getting worse yet Bush still doesn't get it, but we can make sure this new congress does. Write or call your Senators and your Representatives to let them know that the American people want a real plan for ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home safe.

Click here to find out how to contact Senators

Click here to find out how to contact Representatives

The music featured in the video is Ave Marie performed by Perry Como.
Posted on Fri, 17 November 2006 01:01 by Ava

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