Edward snowden: traitor or hero?

Edward snowden: traitor or hero?

Postby cyntino » Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:40 am

Peacemonger wrote:
cyntino wrote:It's been forever since I posted here too but I do respect you for criticizing bush AND Obama. You are not a hypocrite either.
Well at least we have that trait in common. Probably not much else though. :wink2:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my assumption is that you probably agree with the people who think Edward Snowden is a traitor rather than a hero. (I know this is off-topic, but there seems be to only you and I here anyway, so it probably doesn't matter all that much.) In any case, I am interested in hearing your opinions on the Prism caper. I doubt we share the same opinion, but I have come to realize that one can often learn more from people we disagree with than those whom we agree with.

Hey I wanted to make this a new topic that others can follow if they ever come back...but given the fact that snowden did what he did on the heels of great mistrust from the government's response to Benghazi, IRS, ap wire taps, and a scandal regarding department of state internal investigations, I can understand that people may think he's a hero. However, I see classic traits of a traitor. For one, do you think it's odd that he would reveal classified information to criticize civil liberties but do so in china? China is by far America's most prolific intelligence threat so I'm think its more than just a coincidence that he would reveal any top secret programs there. I also think the program referred to as prism is likely a program protected by the fisa courts with oversight from the congressional intelligence committees so its rare but it has checks and balances from all three branches of government, but back to snowden. I think over time most of the intelligence leaked by snowden will likely have nothing to do with civil liberties in America. In fact, because he's in Hong Kong the mss has probably already debriefed him. Hell even the svr showed interest in snowden when they offered to consider asylum in Russia. Are they concerned about civil liberties in America? Tellingly, snowden failed at many things in life ( military, special forces, etc...) and that's relevant because many traitors exhibit textbook indicators of disgruntlement with their employers. What's your take on it :-k
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