Obama and the constitution

Obama and the constitution

Postby cyntino » Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:17 am

Veteran PTCers it's been too long since I've exchanged ideas here. Here is a recent exchange between pm and myself.
Peacemonger wrote:My answer certainly has not changed. But by this point in time, I doubt very much that anyone even remembers what the Constitution is. Or was. Or even remembers hearing about it. Not Obama in any case. He seems to have forgotten all about the Constitution the day he left his position teaching it and entered the world of politics.

Back in the days when Obama was still a freshman senator and was tapped for the presidency, my first impression of him was Mr. Clean. But that all changed when he started campaigning in earnerst. I remember reading the transcripts of his speaches to AIPAC and how he shamelessly sucked up to the israelites. I remember how he said he would expand the war on Afghanistan, and his threats on Iran.

And most of all I remember a young woman who knocked on my door one afternoon long before even the primaries were held. She asked me if I knew of the aspirations of Barrak Obama, the "fresh new face" in town, and if I would like to hear more about him. And I remember thinking that if this silly woman could be campaigning for a wanna be tyrant like Obama, I already have a lot more information about him than she obviously possessed.

And you know something? I was right. Obama is a worse tyrant than Bush ever dreamed of being (although not the simpleton that Bush was/is). In a three-way runoff between Bush - Obama - Mussolini, I would choose Mussolini first, Bush second, and Obama last. (Keep in mind, Musolini is at least already dead, more than can be said for the other two tyrants).

What do you think about obama's respect for the constitution?
"When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning and losing are equal"-Sun Tzu
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