"Rejected by Hell, again"

"Rejected by Hell, again"

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I can't imagine being really bummed out by this.
But then FTR I don't believe in Hell.

From asiaone.com

Rejected by Hell, again

The Daily Chilli/Asia News Network
Saturday, Sep 03, 2011

I failed to visit Hell again which left me feeling disappointed. Might one ask WHY?!

But in the second attempt, the feeling of 'travelling downwards' was stronger and a reporter was almost possessed.

Led by Master Kek Eng Seng of the Tze Bei Guan Yin Dhamma Centre in Penang, a group of 54 people including about a dozen reporters participated in a tour to the afterworld last Saturday.

However, just slightly more than 10 people managed to reach Hell.

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Dissatisfied, I requested for another try and generous Master Kek agreed.

On Monday, three other reporters from Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press and Guang Ming Daily and I went for our second attempt at the master's centre.

Like the previous time, our eyes were covered with paper talisman wrapped in cloth.

Like before, I felt a stream of warm air gushing out from the top - Master Kek had explained earlier that it was my soul trying to get out of my body.

A while later, the darkness was gone and a light shone on me. It was so bright that I opened my eyes automatically. (This was strange because a person would normally close his eyes when the light is too bright.)

As I listened to the chants, the light went off and was replaced by total darkness again. Then, I saw circles and was flowing with them - one after another.

This process was repeated a few times and at one point, I felt that my feet were not on the ground and I felt that I was floating.

But the 'travelling time' was up by then.

After the blindfolds were removed, we could see that Cheam Sin Khai from Guang Ming Daily was sitting at the back of the room and he looked tired.

From a video recording taken by his colleague, Cheam was seen shaking his head and body very violently during the 'journey'. While sitting on the edge of the chair, he kept pushng himself backwards with his feet rapidly.
Cheam, sitting behind a China Press reporter before the journey begins, moves to the back uncontrollably.

He later told us that two 'people' - standing on his left and right - were trying to pull him to another place but he refused.

He could feel a third 'person' walking around behind him.

So, he was struggling and fighting the force.

Luckily, everything returned to normal as Master Kek called for our souls to return.

Later, Master Kek told me he saw my soul coming out of the body and was wandering around, not knowing where to go.

Then, it went back into my body minutes later.

His statement matched my experience. At one point, I did not know where to go because the light I was supposed to follow to Hell was gone and I was searching for it but failed.

However, Master Kek said I might not be able to reach Hell, but I could go to Heaven.

I do not want to speculate if there is a Hell or Heaven, but I did not get the feeling of travelling when I tried to perform the same ritual at home - without the chants and paper talisman, of course.

Master Kek - who claims to be a regular visitor to Hell and Heaven - promised the participants that they would see Hell and the number of attempts needed is not an issue.
Oh, GOOD! :roll:
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