VIDEO: I Am New York / I Am The Nation

VIDEO: I Am New York / I Am The Nation

Postby Ava » Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:58 pm

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This is a project for my freshman film class, Digital Frame & Sequence. In the class we take photos and make short videos. For this project I decided to contrast wealth and affluence in New York City with the city's poverty and dead end streets. Often people visiting or living in New York are distracted by the glamor and the rush of the city to notice the things around that matter the most - the people. When I first arrived in the city I was surprised when I would see homeless people sleeping on steps and the sidewalks at night. Now I find myself passing by without noticing because it is so common. This video only represents a tiny fraction of a large problem in New York and other cities.

- Ava

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Re: VIDEO: I Am New York / I Am The Nation

Postby Rick345 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:45 pm

It is odd and a shame how quickly we become accustomed to the homeless but, that is the nature of being human and doesn't speak very well of our species I'm afraid. Its a timeless universal affection.

As for your video I hate to sound negative but, my critique in short is its good but, I've seen you do better. The main problem I had with it was if the secondary theme is the richest city in the world has a problem with homelessness to the point that not only are people destitute but, the homeless are largely ignored to the point of becoming invisible OK good theme but, some of the stills didn't make it so obvious these people are homeless or rich and that the fact would hit you in the face still by still. Ever still should tell a story so obvious it hits you in the gut and some of the still lack that quality. For what its worth if I were your professor I'd give it a B maybe but, I've seen your A work you can do better. Just my heartfelt opinion. And when its all said and done what grade did you get on this project BTW?

My detailed cirque of the video.

:14 Is that man homeless or just a city worker doing something this picture doesn't give a clear message of riches or poverty.

:20 what does the for rent sign suppose to signify? OK it seems like a poor neighborhood but, I can't be sure.

:26 I like the contrast and the significance of this still; the homeless man sleeping in a park completely invisible to his fellow NYer.

I like the sequence from :28 to :35 the picture of Washington match's the song and the pictures of obviously homeless people in contrast to the list of American greats in the song.

I don't get the guy with the cane at :36 he doesn't seem to be homeless though maybe he is he doesn't seem to be rich but, maybe he is. In short he doesn't add anything to the theme of the video he's just there.

The girls with the sign and the oblivious homeless man fallowing and the pics of Wall street and up until 1:31 is very good each pic tells a story of either affluence almost to the point of obscenity living side by side with the reached poor who for all intents and proposes are invisible to those around them.

Then comes 1:31 is he poor or just resting on his stoop? It isn't obvious. It just doesn't seem to fit.

from 1:32 till the end is all good.
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